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    Bruce H

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I have made occasional posts to this forum and just noticed that I couldn’t see them anymore. Is this a technical problem or have I said something to offend? I can’t recall using abusive language and have always tried to remain polite so is it the contents that are considered unacceptable?

    If the latter then please let me know so I won’t need to waste my time writing here. A pity as I am an admirer of Craig Murray and have read his books. I think he has been very badly treated.

    Yours Sincerely

    Bruce Hooker.

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    Hi Bruce.

    Were the missing comments posted using the identity ‘Bruce H’?

    There is no record of any of your comments having been deleted or blocked. Nothing from you is awaiting moderator approval, and you have no comments in the Trash list. I have also checked the admin logs, and there is no action recorded on anything posted from your IP connection. As there are no clues in the server logs, it seems your comments didn’t reach us. It could be worth checking whether there is a systematic problem with your connection or the browser settings on your device.

    I’ve looked over all your comments since 2018, and didn’t see anything objectionable. You’re very welcome to continue commenting, but it might be a good idea to keep a copy of anything you post in case it vanishes again. You could try reposting it via a different browser.

    I’m sorry we can’t be of more assistance.


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    Bruce H

    Yes they were all posted using Bruce H… maybe it’s me that’s going bonkers. They showed up on the threads but since I couldn’t see them. If they haven’t been deleted or anything then that’s the main thing. Thanks for your reply.

    Best wishes to you all and especially to Craig Murray,

    Bruce Hooker.

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    Bruce H

    My humble excuses, I’ve found the posts I thought I’d lost, they all were all on a much earlier article so it’s not my posts that have gone but my brain.

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