Posts calling other posters “stupid” should surely be moderated, no?

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    To maintain reasonable discussion, posts calling people names, or otherwise insulting them should surely be removed by moderators?
    In the comments to “Fascist Judges”, this has not yet been done.

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    You seem to be referring to this comment, which started with:

    Don’t be stupid Roger, how old are you ?

    It was posted in response to a comment of yours which began:

    Craig Murray’s account of the Belgrano sinking is nonsense.

    There is little distinction between the colloquial meaning of these two remarks: talking nonsense is effectively the same as being stupid (as a transient state, not a persistent trait).

    The exchange is within the parameters of acceptable discourse. (Had Craig responded to you personally, his rhetoric could well have been considerably less polite!)

    Considered in the context of the kind of pointed ad hominems that were flying around in the blog comments several years ago, this exchange is mild by comparison. There has been a significant improvement in the tone of debate since then, but we don’t need to sanitise every trace of disparaging remarks or vernacular banter.

    So don’t be a snowflake.

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    If we go down this route we will be following the current trend to cancel everything we disagree with and start rewriting novels and books. This is a downward slide to censorship.

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    This comment was directed at Roger not the moderator?

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    There is a clear distinction between attacking an argument or a position (by describing it as nonsense with reasoned follow-up) and calling a person “stupid”.

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    But Roger, your correspondent didn’t call you stupid.

    He was telling you not to be stupid!

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    Pigeon English

    Some of those/us “lefties” are so ‘woke’ and such snowflakes ?

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