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    I used to watch the videos with English subtitles from Russian TV stations. About eight or nine months ago, the subtitles stopped appearing.

    I used to enjoy these videos of well-made discussion programmes, like 60 Minutes and others, and learned a lot that UK sources don’t want to tell – like the success of the Kirch bridge, the good relationship between Russia and China, and about the individual regions and people of Russia.

    I was first attracted to these Russian sources by Maria Zakharova’s speeches and presentations; and, in all, by the difference in truthfulness between these and Western sources. I don’t like lies, and listening to bullshit makes me uncomfortable.

    I emailed [email protected], but received a message from mailer-demon to say their inbox was full(!). I wondered if there was interference in emails sent to .ru addresses. Likewise, I wonder if YouTube has censored Russian media output with subtitled translations.

    Tatyana, would you please email Vesti about this. If the reason for the ending of subtitles is because of pressure from the West through YouTube, then there are alternative video outlets they could use, like and; though, of course, I’m sure Vesti will already know about these.


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    thanks for asking 🙂 I wrote to another e-mail published on Vesti (they have one for advertising enquires, I hope sales people keep their inbox always working)
    I wish I could help more, but I don’t watch TV.
    I bookmarked this thread, and I’ll return with the answer, if any

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    Thank you, Tatyana.

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    I received a short reply from the advertising department employee. The answer is actually very short, three letters only 🙂 But it makes clear that the issue was resolved, so the inbox [email protected] must be functioning already. Please check if there are any aswers to your letter

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    Thanks, Tatyana,

    I think, from the message Mailer-Daemon sent me, that my email was not received by Vesti. I will try again.

    However, the point I was mainly making was that videos with English subtitles of Russian TV programmes had stopped appearing on YouTube. I wondered whether this was because YouTube had been instructed to ban them. If that were the case, then there are other outlets for videos, as I mentioned.

    The larger point is that, without the translations, English-speakers are much less able to follow news of events in Russia or hear the Russian point of view on happenings in the world – particularly where Russia is accused of carrying out poisonings, bringing down airplanes, enabling chemical attacks or, basically, just annoying the West in their imperial ambitions.

    Thank you for contacting Vesti.

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    I just wrote a letter to [email protected], hope they answer soon.

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    Sorry to use you as a translation service but what does Совершишеся exactly mean. Is it fulfillment or commitment?

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    first, you may have omitted 2 letters, please check, the sense depends on every. It must be Совершившиеся
    If it is Совершившиеся then the meaning is ‘those who finished their action(s)’ active voice, past tense, plural. This is descriptive word formed out of the verb ‘to happen, to finish’ in the most general meaning.
    The exact sense depends hugely on the context, if you could give the whole phrase I could help.

    Happy to be of service, you’re welcome 🙂

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    Thanks Tatyana
    It is a title of a piece of music by the Crimean composer Alemdar Karamanov and his works usually have some religious connotations:

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    Oh, it’s clear now, it is ancient-russian. * we still use a special language for church sermons, Church-slavic – Церковнославянский.
    It was the last word by Jesus Crist before he died on the cross

    John 19.30
    When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, It is finished: and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost.

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    And, the correct spelling in church russian is Совершиш<b>а</b>ся
    ” Егдá же прiя́тъ óцетъ Иисýсъ, речé: соверши́шася. И преклóнь главý, предадé Дýхъ “

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    Thank you so much Tatyana for taking the time. I am very interested in 20th century Soviet/ Russian music. A lot of it is still to be discovered and this Youtube recording is used only Russian and little explanation.

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    That’s awesome, SA! Best of luck discovering new jewels 🙂
    As to me, my feelings to church and music are best described by this song

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    I discovered some retro music last week. It’s your British Hetty and Jazzato band, who led me into this

    Just amazing richness of tembres, diversity of musical instruments and the unique melodies – compared to over-simplified modern music.

    Another jewel is Mina

    Even made me to refresh some Italian, to remember the words. The second week this song haunts me! Though strange is the presentation of the singer. She reminds of the New Look by Dior, and at the same time she moves like Elvis Presley. Ah, I forgive all of the artistic disharmony due to her voice.

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    I’d say never watch RussiaToday or any governmental channels cause they are full of propaganda

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    @Tatyana-I think you may like this if you like the retro music youve posted.

    It is Crapa Pelada by Quartetto Cetra

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    oh, thanks for the video, Ingwe! The voices are excellent, but I must say I cannot catch the emotion behind this music. I had an impression of passing by the door of our music school, where singers warm up their throats befor the performance 🙂 Vocalise, they call it.
    Waht is the song about?

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    The song is about despair over going bald. I think. ?
    My Italian isn’t great. As good a subject as any in this crazy, Trumpian dystopia.

    Crapa Pelada

    Ladies and gentlemen, i want to tell you
    the story that drives me to despair
    For seven months now, I have watched my hair fall out
    Now i’m bald, disappointed, sad;
    I don’t know what to do about it.

    But listen to what he says,
    that poor sad man!
    Don’t complain,
    just try to sing
    this song with us!

    Crapa Pelada made tortellini
    he didn’t give his brothers any – oh-oh-oh-oh
    His brothers made an omelet,
    they didn’t give any to Crapa pelada


    Crapa pelada made tortellini
    he didn’t give his brothers any – oh-oh-oh-oh
    Crapa pelà, Crapa pelà, Crapa pelà, Crapa pelà, Crapa pelà.
    Badabaddà badabbadà badabba babbarara pirulirulirulirulì
    Crapa pelà, Crapa pelà, Crapa pelà, Crapa pelà, Crapa pelà.
    Paaaaaaa pararappappa pappa paraparapà.

    And this song makes you forget
    just those things that sadden your heart and make you sigh.

    Who knows if I will ever get my hair back?

    Try, try again!

    I have tried and retied every sure and suggested cure!
    Quinine is a must, but my head is still bald; still bald.

    Come on my friend, don’t despair!

    With bulbomicillina with bayrum and petrolina i tried and retied, but i am still still bald.

    Why? I don’t know
    Who knows why?

    Why? Why? I don’t know!

    Parapappa parapappa tarattatà parapà parapappa parrappappà parappa pararara pam.

    Is it you?

    Crapa pelada, Crapa pelada,
    Crapà Crapà Crapà Crapà.
    Bidibadi bidibadi bidiba bidiba bidibà bidibà bidibà bidibà
    parappappà parappa pappa pappa pappappà
    Crapa pelada made tortellini
    he didn’t give his brothers any – oh-oh-oh-oh

    Crapa pelada,
    with a wig
    perhaps you can recover!

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    ah, I see now why I couldn’t catch up the emotion 🙂 it’s because I’m not going bald, that’s why! well, it rather makes me happy 🙂
    Thanks, Ingwe, thanks for the wonderful morning mood!

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    It’s seems that neither of us has heard back from Vesti.

    I think the most likely answer is that YouTube has been ordered not to show Russian current affairs programmes with English subtitles.

    I guess the US wants any responses to its actions to be hidden behind ‘The Blue Tarp’ –

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