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      The Première of “The Big Lie II – Starmer and the Genocide” is being shown via Zoom this coming Sunday, 10:30a.m. on “Not the Andrew Marr Show” (NTAMS). You can register to view the film here:

      The film has been made by Platform Films, who also made part I of “The Big Lie” about Jeremy Corbyn, available to watch for free: (59 mins)

      Also on Starmer’s election battle with Andrew Feinstein in Holborn and St Pancras:

      Meet Keir Starmer’s WORST NIGHTMARE (7:49mins)

      The anti-apartheid activist who could stop the UK’s likely next PM (1 hour 50 mins). Normally I don’t watch YouTube videos longer than about 15–20 mins (one exception is Norman Finkelstein), but this one is worth every minute of your time. Very inspiring.

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        Neil, thank you very much.

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        David Warriston

          The words ‘Starmer’ and ‘Genocide’ are apparently censored from The Guardian newspaper.
          Last night I commented on the England football match and noted Kane and Bellingham’s tendency to fall down before they were actually challenged. They were ‘taking the knee faster than Keir Starmer’ as I put it. This did not seem to cause any problem at the time.

          However a reply later accused me of racism, to which I pointed out that ‘taking the knee’ was no guarantee of a person being non-racist, as the Starmer position on the genocide in Gaza surely made clear. This morning these posts have been ‘whooshed.’ No connection between Starmer and Gaza is permitted in this media, and that censorship may be extended legally following the upcoming election.

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