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    Fat Jon

      Well it would seem that the truth about the Steele Dossier may get more of a public airing in the future, as Donald Trump is trying to sue Orbis Business Intelligence over the dossier.

      If this action does go ahead, the UK High Court will hear the case at some future date. However, and unsurprisingly, Orbis is seeking to have the case struck out before it can be tried. Their reasons are that the case is being brought too late, and is simply being promoted for an improper purpose.

      I’m no fan of Trump, but in this instance I do wish he succeeds in going to the High Court; mainly to see how the UK media react to the idea of women being hired to pee over him in the Moscow presidential suite.

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      Fat Jon

        According to the Guardian, Christopher Steele’s witness statement to the preliminary hearing states that his dodgy dossier was declassified by Trump on this last day in office as president. Steele maintains that two of the Russians named in that dossier have never been seen since (although he doesn’t also mention that neither has Sergei Skripal, unless Skripal is one of them – and cannot possibly be named for national security reasons, aka UK security services’ total embarrassment).

        The Guardian also goes on to hint of a close relationship at the time between Christopher Steele and Ivanka Trump, and revenge for that is part of the reason for the Trump legal action.

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          I am not well enough informed about this case. I really discovered its details only on Murray´s blog.
          Photos can be deceiving. The shadow under the nose left-side is important too. Based on such low resolution I would not dare make judgements myself. Unfortunately her hands are not really shown. Hands mostly are overlooked and are much more telling than face features (think actresses and face lifting, you see the true age looking at their hands unless hand doubles are used which in public is not possible). On these bad images there seems to be similar odd finger forms in both images, long with oddly shaped little hills but that again is probably the image quality only.

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            A new lawyer appeared representing the Skripals. However the man has apparently never met them.
            More from John Helmer via naked capitalism:

            “British Government Invents Phantom Skripals to Refuse to Testify in the Novichok Inquiry”


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            Fat Jon

              Curiouser and curiouser.

              What really annoys me is how much taxpayers’ money is being wasted by the government and their security service lickspittles, on endless legal procedures which are just going to end up telling us nothing.

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