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      Russian-speaking blogger Sharij says it’s not only the agricultural land, but also Western companies applied to develop Ukrainian natural resources like coal mines, lithium, and others. He says more than 100 applications were given, and most likely Ze will grant permission. It’s about that 13 trillion worth resources about which Lindsey Graham spoke.
      Anatoly also says perhaps the wicked plan for Ukrain is to make people poor, so that they work in that coal and lithium mines for food, and, as many men are killed or flew the country, most probably Europe will arrange a ‘migrants zone’ there.
      Like Europe lost its African colonies, so they intend to built a new one instead of Ukraine.

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        After Chancellor Scholz ended his speech in honor of Mr. Z. with “Slava Ukraini” there was an exchange at the press conference. (It is interesting nobody cares he said this, while Nazis are allegedly taking over Europe.)

        The entire article on the affair:

        “Government spokesman on Chancellor’s exclamation “Slava Ukraini!”: “Context has changed massively””


        “On June 11, Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz concluded his speech at the so-called “Ukraine Recovery Conference” and the visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj with the controversial greeting “Slava Ukraini”. According to the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb), which reports to the Ministry of the Interior, this slogan was first introduced in April 1941 as an official political greeting by the “Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists” under Stepan Bandera, which is generally classified as fascist and fanatically anti-Semitic. At the federal press conference, NachDenkSeiten wanted to know from the government spokesman what motivated the Federal Chancellor to decide to use this greeting with such historical connotations. By Florian Warweg”

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          🙂 🙂 OMG!
          Here’s an excerpt from Wiki:
          “the phrase became widespread in the 1930s, becoming the slogan of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN). The OUN, during its second congress in Rome in August 1939, officially adopted the greeting “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Leader!” in combination with raising the right hand. A similar gesture was also made by the NSDAP (Germany), the National Fascist Party (Italy), the Ustasha (Croatia), the Falangists (Spain), and the Glinka Guard (Slovakia). A number of political scientists and historians believe that the greeting was copied or based on the Nazi salute.”

          Herr Scholz will apparently go further and perform this greeting in full, including the salute, as the Ukrainians say, “your hand goes from the heart to the sun”. Cannot wait!

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          michael norton

            Tatyana, food will be the next big thing. So much degradation of the soils, part of the “Green Revolution” was using Methane as a feedstock to make fertilisers. Pesticides and Herbicides, kill the fungi and microbes and the worms and bettles. So, top soil that has been exposed to “Modern” farming methods, since the 1960’s has essentially turned to dead dust. The World only has so much good growing soil, Ukraine has some of the World’s best. No doubt once the Americans get their hands on it, it will soon become a dustbowl.

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              Mr Olaf “Liverwurst” Scholz (c) Ukrainian Ambassador Melnik
              he was the Bürgermeister in Hamburg, right?
              I know it was in Hamburg, another Ukrainian Ambassador, Maruschinets, was eating his Mein Kampf birthday cake

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                …the lady Ambassador in Hamburg who would follow Mr. Nazi birthay cake demanded 2 years ago that Ukrainian kids who had fled to Germany should not be put together with African refugee kids in the same school class since that would cause serious trouble with the Uki kids cultural identity and obstruct their intellectual progress. She did a few other things like insulting German cultural ministers. But since she is Ukrainian rules don´t apply to her.
                Frankly considering their diplomatic and political personnel that is publicly exposed I have zilch sympathy for Ukraine. Fortunately I got friends from there who are normal. After all I too can´t stand German politicians who are known abroad.

                But German elites have great talent in choosing allies.

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                  For some reason NYT has now published the Istanbul documents from March 2022:

                  “Ukraine-Russia Peace Is as Elusive as Ever. But in 2022 They Were Talking.
                  the pdfs are the noteworthy content here. Thy are in the end of the long piece:

                  May be this happening in conjunction with Putin´s speech yesterday, where he is again mentioning peace and his conditions.

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                    Yes, as we all knew all along, the west sabotaged the talks, even if Ukraine would not of course agree to everything Russia put forward there could obviously have been a peaceful solution to the conflict. Instead the west steered Ukraine into war with thousands of dead ukrainians.

                    Under the document terms, Ukraine agreed to a status of “permanent neutrality” in exchange for security guarantees from the US, UK, France, Russia, and China. It also supposedly vowed to not join any military blocs and terminate any agreements incompatible with its neutral status.

                    Kiev also was to recognize Crimea as Russian and the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics as independent states, as well as restore the infrastructure destroyed in the region by its forces between 2014 and 2022. The document also set limits to the amount of heavy military equipment Ukraine could have, although Russia said that it did not in fact “provide for reduction in Armed Forces,” according to the outlet.


                    and in other news the west will still not pick peace over bloodshed:

                    Kiev must not capitulate – Macron
                    The French president has insisted that any deal to end the conflict with Russia must not revolve around Russia’s terms


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                      No clue how they intend to pull this off without destroying European civil society in the long run.
                      I will try to find and collect the available military evidence and intelligence on RU attacking Europe.
                      (We have Danish and Swedish statements I think. But I never searched for it systematically.)
                      Because obviously all this is built on lies.
                      But since reporters working for big outlets don’t like to read, only collect cheques, you can claim anything in a press conference. People will never countercheck it, if it’s long enough and littered with ridiculous footnotes.

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                        “Dennis Kucinich: America Prepares for Global War and Restarts the Draft for 18-26 Year Olds


                        “(…)I call to your attention a Democratic amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which was slipped into the almost trillion-dollar Pentagon war spending bill, by voice vote, in the House Armed Services committee.

                        The Democratic Amendment to H.R. 8070, the National Defense Authorization (NDAA) reads:

                        Section 531. Selective Service System: Automatic Registration. SEC. 3. (a)(1) “Except as otherwise provided in this title, every male citizen of the United States, and every other male person residing in the United States, between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six, shall be automatically registered under this Act by the Director of the Selective Service System.”

                        This amendment is in the NDAA legislation and there is no pending amendment to strip it from the bill. So, when the NDAA passes, as early as this week, Congress will have taken steps to make automatic conscription the law of the land.(…)”

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                        michael norton

                          “More than 90 countries and international organisations are attending the summit, aimed at creating the broadest possible backing for a process that could help end the war in Ukraine.

                          Russia has not been invited, and its biggest backer China is not present, leading some to cast doubt on the summit’s effectiveness.”

                          Mr. Putin has told Ukraine what his demands are, Putin said the war will stop very quickly if they agree to his modest demands No more extreme right wing nutters in their armed forces, no NATO, no more shelling Russia, allow Russian to be spoken in Ukraine and sign a pact that Ukraine will not seek to gain Nuclear Weapons or host troops from other nations on its soil.
                          They must give up hope of the five regions that Russia now claims as Russia.

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                            There’s something wrong with this summit in Switzerland.
                            They decide without Russia what they think Russia should do.

                            We have a saying: “They married me without me.”
                            It looks exactly like the bride really wants to get married and is having a celebration without the groom. Some people gathered, probably had a nice meal and a drink, expressed a lot of compliments and support for the bride, some even signed the guest book, congratulating the newlyweds 🙂
                            However, some guests decided not to play along with this comedy, while others decided not to attend the event at all.
                            So in the end, is the bride now considered a married lady, and does the man appointed as the groom now have to perform marital duties?

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                              This summit is an armaments fair and fund-raising exercise, as well as an attempt to show up non-participants and those who dissent from the Western narrative. It will achieve nothing of substance but headlines, whilst making countries feel good about themselves – including Ireland, sadly.

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                                Also, Zelensky’s presidential term ended on May 20. So,the bride is now “after expiration date” and the event is actually nothing more than a media campaign, I think.
                                The question is, if any negotiations or any plans appear today, who is the Ukraine’s legal representative mandated to speak on behalf of all the Ukrainians?

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                                michael norton

                                  Apparently U.S.A. is proposing to construct its biggest European military base, just across the border from Ukraine, in Romania.

                                  I guess that would be a trigger for Russia?

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                                    Jack et al.
                                    May be of interest, albeit with WSWS I am sometimes unsure.
                                    I have to read it carefully and check the sources referenced.

                                    “Nordic military operations highlight NATO’s preparations to attack Russia from the north”


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                                      Thanks for the link. Personally I appreciate WSWS even though I do not follow them as such.

                                      Yeah, here in Sweden the warmongering media, politicians take pride that nordic/Sweden is likely to be a vital scene in the coming war with Russia, because these warmongering have their set sight on that there is going to be a war, talk about self-fulfilling prophecy!?
                                      People have lost it. As in other western nations the only political groups here protesting is the Communish party and far-right AFD-type of groups.

                                      Like the baltics and Germany, Sweden is just that type of land that act cocky because they know Uncle Sam which they in turn believe actually care for them and will protect them in case of war. But americans could of course not care less about baltics, swedes, germans, the americans only want access to the soil here to carry out their own military, geopolitical interests.

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                                        Everyone’s saber rattling now, Jack.
                                        Our warships are now visiting Cuba, including nuclear submarine “Kazan”, this thing has ten torpedo tubes capable of launching hypersonic missiles “Zircon”.
                                        The Ministry of Defense says that it is necessary to indicate the military presence, you know, there are fireworks planned in honor of the meeting, military exercises and all this boys toys.
                                        The Americans say that they are not worried, but have already sent the nuclear submarine Helena to Guantanamo Bay, apparently they also want to see the fireworks.

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                                          I think that is good move by Russia – Rusia must make clear that they will not be pushed around anymore, a long overdue measure, because, if the US could openly aid Ukraine with weapons that is then used to kill russian civilians in Russia proper, the least thing Russia could do is send military in the viscinity of the US border because obviously, the americans only respect force, strength.

                                          I came to think of this incident, where US started to provoke Russia in the Black Sea, until one day, Russia responded:

                                          Feb 1988: “USS Caron getting rammed by the Russians in the Black Sea”
                                          Video –

                                          From what I know these type ^ of american provocations ended. Enough said.

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                                            on Istanbul negotiations:

                                            via naked capitalism John Helmer´s latest on that subject contains a few “caveats” (I am always unsure of him – being highly interested in his expertise, but often he stops short of delivering a real answer, provoking even more questions):

                                            Entire piece here, with a good preface by Yves Smith:

                                            In fact, Putin had been unable to convince Russian military and intelligence chiefs that the terms he had authorized for initialing would be enforceable and would not betray countrywide public support of the announced goals of the Special Military Operation.

                                            Confirmation that Putin had been “micro-managing” the negotiations in Istanbul through Abramovich appears in the New York Times report of the process from Ukrainian and other sources. “ ‘Colleagues, I spoke to RA,’ Ukraine’s lead negotiator, Davyd Arakhamia, wrote on April 10 [2022] in a WhatsApp message to the Ukrainian team. ‘He spoke yesterday for an hour and a half with his boss.’ RA was Roman Abramovich, the Russian billionaire who played a behind-the-scenes role in the talks. His ‘boss,’ Mr. Putin, was urging the negotiators to concentrate on the key issues and work through them quickly, Mr. Arakhamia wrote. (A member of the WhatsApp group showed that message and others to reporters for The Times.).”

                                            In the New York Times version, based on a March 17 draft of terms, no Russian source acknowledges the backlash Putin faced from the General Staff and the Security Council after the full extent of Abramovich’s role became clear from the terms Putin had told his negotiators to sign in Istanbul. After two weeks of internal debate, Putin was forced to back down, and the terms he and Abramovich had conceded on March 31 were revised. The Ukrainian sources feeding the New York Times reporters told them “we had no interest in continuing the talks.”

                                            What is missing from this Ukrainian and American narrative, as well as from the public Russian versions, is that Putin retreated from the terms he had agreed with Abramovich. The role played by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the published narrative, repeated to the press by Israelis and others, had been a minor one.

                                            Last Friday, Putin hinted that the General Staff has opposed his concession terms. “I haven’t spoken about this publicly either but some of those present here know about it. After the Russian army seized part of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, many Western politicians offered their mediation in a peaceful settlement of the conflict. One of them was on a working visit to Moscow on March 5, 2022. We accepted his mediation efforts, especially since he said during the conversation that he had secured the support of the leaders of Germany and France, as well as high-ranking US representatives.”

                                            “In course of our conversation our foreign guest wondered – an interesting moment – saying if you are assisting Donbass, then why Russian troops are in the south of Ukraine, including in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions? We responded to the effect that it was our General Staff ‘s decision [sic] on planning the operation. And I will add today that the idea was to bypass some fortified areas built in Donbass over the eight years by Ukrainian authorities, primarily for liberating Mariupol.”

                                            “Then our foreign colleague specified – a professional man, to be fair to him: are Russian troops going to stay in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions? And what will happen to these regions after the Special Military Operation has attained its goals? I answered to this that in general I do not rule out preservation of the Ukrainian sovereignty over these territories, provided Russia has a stable land bridge to Crimea.”

                                            It had been clear to the president then, and it is clearer now, that Putin’s “stable land bridge to Crimea” was politically incompatible with “Ukrainian sovereignty” because, as the General Staff kept repeating to Putin, it was militarily impossible.

                                            On Friday Putin kept the identity of the mediator secret on Friday. But it is already well known from the mediator himself. It was the Israeli, former prime minister Naftali Bennett. He has confirmed his meeting in Moscow with Putin on March 5, 2022. For Putin to authorize Abramovich and Bennett, two Jewish Israelis, to negotiate Russia’s end-of-war war terms with the Kiev regime remains a highly sensitive issue in Moscow.

                                            Russian public opinion has been clearer on the end-of-war objectives and on terms of negotiations than Putin has admitted himself to have been. For the poll evidence, click to read.

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                                              With your kind permission, I’ll dilute this sad forum with the latest gossip.

                                              Singer Adele (who is my favorite on the playlist for the highest quality of her vocal art) was attacked by haters on social networks for choosing a dress from a Russian designer for a concert.

                                              There are also reports of a clash between English and Serbian fans at the European Football Championship, which started June 14 in Germany. Russian social networks report:
                                              ‘The Albanians persuaded the British to attack the bar where the Serbian ultras were relaxing. One of the Serbs was the son of President Vučić, with 20 security guards, special forces in civilian clothes. As a result, the British were severely beaten, and the Albanians fled.’
                                              And of course we make up jokes like:
                                              ‘the Serbs took meldonium. This was shown by urine samples taken from the faces of English fans.’

                                              Good greetings from Russia, friends. Share my joy – my son has received the last exam result, and it exceeds the threshold for entry into higher education. Let’s celebrate! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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                                                Congratulations for your son’s exam results!

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                                                  Just wait, soon the western press will do a rerun of this nutty claim:

                                                  From 2016: Whitehall fears Russian football hooligans had Kremlin links

                                                  UK government: we suspect many of those who attacked England supporters are in Russia’s uniformed services, fighting Putin’s ‘hybrid warfare’


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                                                    Without a doubt, Jack.
                                                    Everyone knows that football fans are usually pleasant young people in suits and ties, with aristocratic manners, who, when they meet, have casual, polite conversations about the weather.
                                                    If there was a fight among them – a fight between football fans, it’s unthinkable! – then, of course, the evil invisible hand of the Kremlin was at work here.

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                                                      I sometimes think, who are these people who write such articles?
                                                      What gave them confidence that this story would be believed?
                                                      I have a vivid imagination, it gives me the image of a man who managed to convince his naive brunette wife that the the long blond hair in their bed was blown by a random gust of wind from the window, and the lace panties in his pocket were planted there while he was waiting in line in the supermarket (perhaps by the same evil invisible hand of the Kremlin).
                                                      I honestly can’t find any other explanation why the author of the article is so confident that his story will be believed.

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