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Britain should not have “cocktail-party relationships with a fascist regime”

As part of his speaking tour in the US Craig was interviwed yesterday in Washington DC on WAMU Radio. You can listen here to the interview with Real Player or Windows Media Player

(24.09.05 – Apologies to anyone who followed the mobile link yesterday to a very interesting, but completely unrelated interview!)

“Craig Murray may have spent his career in the diplomatic service, but he doesn’t mince words. As British ambassador to Uzbekistan, he publicly criticized the nation’s human rights record and said Britain should not have “cocktail-party relationships with a fascist regime.” A year after leaving his post, he joins us to discuss diplomacy and human rights.”

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A march for Peace and Liberty in London this Saturday

A ‘Peace and Liberty’ march is scheduled in London for the 24th September.

With the situation in southern Iraq now looking extremely hazadous for British troops, and the rest of Iraq seeming to go from bad to worse, large marches in London and the US are expected on Saturday. As stated by the former Chief of the Defense Staff, Lord Bramall, on BBC Radio 4 this morning, the operation has degenerated into a disaster and a review of policy and a clear exit strategy for British forces seems to be required.

For full details of the demonstration in London can be found here

Information on the US protest is available from here

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