Extraordinary Rendition – another European country says no to the US

In June we posted an article on the Italian decision to seek the arrest of 13 suspected CIA agents who are wanted for the kidnapping of Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr in Milan in Feb 2003. It was a landmark decision which marked an important stand against the illegal process of extraordinary rendition, adopted by the USA as part of its so called “war-on-terror”.

While there is little news being reported on the process of the Italian investigation more recently another country, Denmark, appears to have also taken a position against these practices. It is reported that the Danes have imposed a ban on the CIA using their airspace for rendition flights.

Foreign Minister Per Stig M’ller is quoted as saying:

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made it quite clear to U.S. officials that Denmark does not want its airspace used for purposes that are in conflict with international conventions”

The UK government by contrast is reported to have been asking the CIA to interrogate its terror suspects, held at a network of secret detention centres as part of the investigation into the London 7/7 attacks.

With thanks to Blair Watch