The Uzbekistan blog! – Preview of a book the UK government would like to ban 1

Thanks to everyone who logged on on the 1st Spetember as part of the day of blogging on Uzbekistan. The book chapter preview is now no longer available on this site but we will continue to post news on the book, its publication, and any further attempts by the UK government to ban it.

Roundups of the many posting on Uzbekistan that took place yesterday can be found here and here.

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One thought on “The Uzbekistan blog! – Preview of a book the UK government would like to ban

  • Hunger4Truth

    I have only recently discovered the world of blogging and I am now on a very steep learning curve on the difference between the truth and what we are told is the truth (or rather not told).

    I rarely comment on posts but had to say I found the chapter of your eagerly awaited book absolutely fascinating, highly enlightening and very confusing. I'm not sure whether I'm amused (at the blind stupidity of some), scared, angry, disgusted or all of the above.

    I'm not quite sure what scares me the most, the fact that this is what is happening over there or the fact that the truth reminds me of an over the top script for Yes Minister.

    I wish you luck in publishing, I for one would love to read the full book and can think of several friends who would receive a copy that Christmas but I will be stunned if they don't find a way of blocking it.

    Well done and Thank You for speaking out

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