Believe What We Say, Not What We Do

Ken Sanders considers the ease with which the Bush adminstration misleads the American public.

The full article is posted at OpEdNews

“Take, for instance, the Bush administration’s ongoing insistence that the U.S. does not engage in torture. As recently as November 7, 2005, despite the administration’s vehement and open opposition to a Senate bill that would outlaw torture, Bush nonetheless declared (straight-faced and with all the appearances of sincerity), ‘We do not torture.’ Apparently, the administration believes that the word of our ‘straight-shooting’ President is enough for most Americans.

Sadly, they’re right. Most Americans are far more willing to believe what the Bush administration says than what it does. If that were not the case, the nation would collectively shout, ‘LIARS!,’ descend upon Washington, and throw the bastards out of office. Instead, most of us, like the gullible dolts we are, take the administration at its word and blithely ignore the facts staring us in the face….”