Server Down and Back 5

As you may have noticed, the site went down yesterday in rather suspicious circumstances and it appears that overload was not the issue. Although we are definetely back in business there are a few residual glitches (:-)) in the archives and formatting that we will be working to put right over the next few days. Please bear with us and keep visiting.

These are interesting days indeed.

Happy new year!

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5 thoughts on “Server Down and Back

  • Helena Cobban

    Um, I think you mean "glitches", not clichés?

    Anyway, good luck with the site. I've been arguing for a while for a policy of "Zero Tolerance for Torture", in my columns in the CSM, on my Just World News blog, and elsewhere. So it's great what you're doing.

    A better year for all humanity in 2006, eh?

  • b_anana

    Always important to suss what's NOT being reported, as well as what is.

    On the list of what's not currently being reported in the UK, we have got:

    – the SIS station chief involved in the torture of Pakistani prisoners in Greece is NICHOLAS LANGMAN – as reported in the Greek magazine 'Proto Thema'.

    -Langman is one of the SIS officers who were in Paris shortly before the Princess Diana car crash. In May 1999 he was named on a short list that was then swamped – complete with a sensationalist fanfare involving Robin Cook – by the release of a longer list. Not for nothing has Richard Tomlinson suggested that the longer list may have been put out by SIS itself. Langman had also, of course, been named on the affidavit that Tomlinson supplied to the French inquiry – a document that was potentially much more damaging to SIS than either of the 1999 lists.

    -Moves were made to get Langman, along with Spearman and Dearlove, to testify to the French car-crash inquiry, but (surprise surprise) they managed to avoid doing so.

    -A UK parliamentary inquiry into the current Greek allegations will be, if anything, even more of a stitch-up. I do sometimes wonder whether anyone actually fails to see through SIS's Ashdown-substitute called Menzies Campbell.

    -As you're making clear with your Enron stuff, diplomacy is fundamentally about making money, by people who have already got rather large amounts of it.

    Another thing that has hardly been reported at all in all of the recent media babble about torture (rendition, Greece, etc., not to mention Uzbekistan) has been the existence of a US torture camp on UK territory in DIEGO GARCIA. UK officials have been involved in the torture there too.

    Good luck with the book.


  • Yusuf Smith

    Server outages are just a fact of life, no matter what sort of hosting you are using, even if it is your own.

    It could also have been a DOS or spam attack – I had my blog downed last year by a spam attack, and if anything of the sort happens and you are on a shared hosting platform, your host will take the blog off the air for as long as the attack keeps up to stop the attack affecting the other customers on the same server.

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