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Craig Murray – Corrupt Bloggers Wanted By US Military To Propagandise for Karimov Dictatorship I. BELK%22&start=10&sa=N

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14 thoughts on “That Got Their Attention Pretty Quick

  • MJ

    I’ve just run the same search on google and your article crops up half way down page 4 of the results. Pretty thorough these guys. Interesting they use the Safari browser. Might check it out myself.

  • glenn

    Craig –

    Slightly off-topic, but did you notice Quilliam are alerting the breathless populace to the fact that there are actually Islamic extremists inside our jails? Heard it on R4 at midnight.

    Doubtless we’ll hear in due course from a suitable founded counter-underworld organisation that gangs of criminals are carrying on operations from behind bars too.

    This isn’t exactly “news”, but it does put the Quilliam Foundation in the headlines for the first time in a long while… they’re only media attention to date has been largely unfavourable. Could this be a rather hasty attempt to throw themselves onto the public stage as “doing something”, even if it is just rehashing information long since reported, and pretty obvious to anyone bothered to think about it?

  • Ruth

    It looks as if the intelligence services in desperation and for damage limitation have planted this story in the Independent

    ‘Renouncing Islamism: To the brink and back again’ featuring Craig’s ‘friend’, Maajid Nawaz

  • MJ

    algernon: yes, also the IP address is only the address of the ISP, not of the actual user (mine’s in Skipton, where I very definitely do not live). Verizon seems to be a regular, commercial ISP and probably not used by the CIA, despite being in Arlington. Thanks for the link, it looks a handy site, now safely tucked away in my favourites folder.

  • CheebaCow

    algernon: Sometimes the geopip is right on the money and other times it is just in the general area. It’s useful for blocking access from various regions (Nigeria for example, to limit spam) but not as a exact locator. Also totally useless if the person is using a proxy.

  • anticant

    “There are actually Islamic extremists inside our jails.” Well, our security services would be pretty incompetent if there weren’t, wouldn’t they?

    This story is as eye opening as “dog bites man” or “bears defecate in the woods”.

  • Ed

    on the independent article – the details of majid nawaz’s story keep changing and getting ever more radical. I am sure that most of it is either lies or exaggeration (in one previous article he was threatened during interrogation, now he was hit in the face and beaten with batons, all of sudden in this account he was in a cell with 40 other islamists as well including coup plotters)

    It looks like embellishment to keep the punters interested. He also comes across as an arrogant twat according to hari.

    As far as the report goes – I wonder how you do this kind of research without visiting the jail or interviewing anyone from the jail services? Is it all google research?

  • MJ

    This current media blitz by the QF is probably why they’re so annoyed with Craig. Just as they’re about to launch their carefully-engineered campaign to retain funding under the Tories Craig comes along and lobs a sizeable spanner in the works.

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