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I am in Clackmannanshire which is a good indicator – neither East nor West, right on the Highland line, both urban and rural, substantial wealth but also a significant central belt working class population. The politics have tended to mirror national fortunes.

In Tullibody, which was once solid Labour, we progressed to applause and shouts from people coming in to their gardens. I have never seen anything like the turnout. I have spoken personally to at least twenty middle aged or old people who have voted, who never voted before.

The perception is strongly that we are ahead. Nobody knows what is in those 800,000 postal ballots, but the voters on the day are openly and exuberantly broadcasting their allegiance. Weirdly enough, several people including myself have commented that the mid evening voters were the first group who had given a feeling of predominantly No = but 70 to 80 per cent of voters had already cast their ballots before then. Only a feeling, but it is feeling very, very good.

I shall be at the Clackmannanshire count invigilating. Should be one of the earlier declarations.

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131 thoughts on “Massive Turnout

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  • angrysoba

    I’d add, Choose being a selfish materialistic a-hole with no thought for anything but shallow want’s, fed to through films like this.

    Really this is how many people are, sadley. Shame they bother to vote.

    Of course, if the result was Yes then democracy would be a great thing!

    If it’s NO then we have to go the Leninist-Stalinist line of the people not knowing what’s good for them, that they shouldn’t vote in the first place and we need a vanguard of uber-smart Truthy types to show the rabble the way.

  • angrysoba

    Democracy? Where? That’s what we’ve been trying to introduce.

    The referendum is a 50-50 Yes or No vote. It is a democratic vote.

  • Ishmael

    It even says in Trainspotting “Choose tax exemption.” Apparently that’s being a good person.

    Scotland have been sold the dream and are busy looking down on fellow citizens who perhaps don’t have the heart to be ruthless ‘go getters’ screwing over the system (= most other people). After all that’s ‘success’ in this society.

  • Tony M

    Democracy at the very least requires a fair and free media.

    Fuck Trainspotting Irvine Welsh is a knob-end, even if he did support yes.

  • Ishmael

    “Fuck Trainspotting Irvine Welsh”


    “Democracy at the very least requires a fair and free media.”


  • CanSpeccy

    “Democracy at the very least requires a fair and free media.”

    Needs more than that. An electorate that knows what they are voting about is also required. And the vast majority of sixteen-year-olds voting in today’s referendum can pretty certainly be assumed to know essentially nothing relevant to the question of whether the future of the Scottish nation is best served as a triviality within the European superstate or as a significant player within a United Kingdom — the latter a state that, if the democratic will were expressed, would be independent of the EU and probably NATO too.

  • Brendan

    Looks to me like No have claimed victory way before they should. Nothing in on the Guardian website. I’m tempted to take those bookies on myself.

  • Tar & Feather The Bastards

    @ Jon 19 Sep, 2014 – 12:30 am Jon your point is well made – on the other hand I don’t feel Habbabkuk’s point is valid. The powers that be want the “NO” vote to prevail, so with them -“the system” – being in charge of vote counting, if it turns out that “YES” has prevailed, that will mean that there’s been a solid majority voting “YES” – well over 50% I doubt there will be a hue & cry & calls for an investigation as they are in control of the entire process. Are they saying that the system is so flawed that there’s a need to investigate the “YES” vote. The other way round though – No’s prevailing after there’s been a seemingly been a noticeable majority clamouring for “YES”, now that would be grounds for crying Vote fraud.

  • Tar & Feather the Bastards

    VOTE FRAUD as we speak !!! Already posted at end of previous article. Print it out & carry it round & show people !! Here’s a link to a photo sent to Mike Rivero at “” by a Scot showing a table of NO votes . . . .look carefully at the ballot on the top of the pile . . . .It’s a YES vote !! Fuckers !! check out other stories on his site . . . woman sorting votes on a video putting “YES” onto the “NO” pile & an article on people turning up to vote and finding their vote had already been cast. Police looking at 10 cases spread all over the country. I guess nobody thought they’d make it out to vote so someone (???) did it for them . . . wasn’t that nice of them eh ?!?! . . . . again . . . FUCKERS !!!!

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