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I am in Clackmannanshire which is a good indicator – neither East nor West, right on the Highland line, both urban and rural, substantial wealth but also a significant central belt working class population. The politics have tended to mirror national fortunes.

In Tullibody, which was once solid Labour, we progressed to applause and shouts from people coming in to their gardens. I have never seen anything like the turnout. I have spoken personally to at least twenty middle aged or old people who have voted, who never voted before.

The perception is strongly that we are ahead. Nobody knows what is in those 800,000 postal ballots, but the voters on the day are openly and exuberantly broadcasting their allegiance. Weirdly enough, several people including myself have commented that the mid evening voters were the first group who had given a feeling of predominantly No = but 70 to 80 per cent of voters had already cast their ballots before then. Only a feeling, but it is feeling very, very good.

I shall be at the Clackmannanshire count invigilating. Should be one of the earlier declarations.

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131 thoughts on “Massive Turnout

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  • fool

    This has helped wake people up, but now its your responsibility to keep them awake. In dreams begin responsibilities (Delmore Swartz & repeated by Lou Reed).

  • Ben E. Geseret Muad'Dib Further Confounding Gender Speculators

    Despite some rumours on Twitter, Severin Carrell has confirmed with Falkirk council that it is “simply not true” polling stations closed early because 100% of their local voters turned up

    Voter suppression with rumors is all the rage.

    Those 800,000 postal votes ( I think the same as absentee ballots) are generally of a conservative nature. I hope the difference in Yes/No is not too close a shave.

  • Fedup

    People will be involved; so long as what they chose, or say, or do does matter! Whence, people are discounted to the levels of cattle at the milking times, and put through a routine for their “crosses” on a piece of paper, they will get on with their lives. These have withdrawn form the process and are no longer content, by the luxury of a kabuki afforded to them, with little of no relevance to their choices, or views, and thoughts.

    Wish Scots a prosperous and happy independence.

  • fool

    Great Alex cartoon in Torygrope today that independence for Scotland is great news for Scottish ex pat tax exiles as independence will allow them to spend time in Scotland without it counting to their 90 days in the remnant of the UK.

  • Ben E. Geseret Muad'Dib Further Confounding Gender Speculators

    Did voters receive a the purple finger upon leaving the ballot? It’s a nice blend of red and blue.

  • YouKnowMyName

    although it might well be illegal to reveal the results of voting today in Scotland whilst the independence voting booths are still open, I’ll risk it..

    Voters today in Scotland overwhelmingly approved the ballot “that Women be allowed to play Golf at The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews,” allegedly!

  • Ex Pat


    A ‘Yes’ vote could be the stake through the heart of the US Empire’s plans for a New Cold War in Europe, of Nato expansion, and of a new raison d’etre for Nato.

    SO. More benefits from an independent Scotland. ; )

    M. K. Bhadrakumar, former ambassador of India –

    “The sun may never again rise on the United Kingdom after this weekend. By the “breakfast time” on Friday the outcome of the closely-fought referendum in Scotland will be known.”

    “The break-up of Britain will send tremors across Europe and globally. If Scotland moves out, Wales may follow. The opinion in the rump will heavily favor moving out of the European Union. Now, an EU without Britain has profound implications. Germany’s ascendancy or “assertiveness” is already being discussed openly.”

    “Clearly, German will move still closer to Russia and the EU may itself take a different form. Again, the trans-Atlantic partnership between the US and its European allies cannot remain the same. Britain played a key role as Washington’s “branch manager” in Europe.”

    “There have been ups and downs in the US-UK relationship, and there have been times when the poodle led the bumbling master through blind alleys, but Britain is ultimately irreplaceable in America’s global strategies. It’s unthinkable that the US agenda on NATO’s expansion can go ahead without Britain’s active role. Equally, without the Anglo-American axis, a New Cold War can never start in Europe. Poland or Lithuania simply cannot replace Britain.”

    “However, Britain’s demise will not be universally mourned. Britain is fairly widely loathed across continents for its brutal colonial record, for its slyness or deviousness (couched in irritating self-righteousness), for its preachy character (despite its scant regard for morality), for its panache to punch above its weight (from under American wings, of course) and for the sheer zest with which it explodes into violent acts against alien peoples who did no harm to it directly or directly.”

    Amen, Brother!

    Plus lots more –

    ‘History’s last laugh at Britain’, by MK Bhadrakumar, 18th Septempber 2014 – MK Bhadrakumar blog –

  • Deal

    Circa 4.2 million of an electorate and 800,000 of them postal ballots, that is astonishingly high. Did the electoral office give an explanation?

  • guano

    800,000 postal votes for UK Quo ( Zero status ) to secretly swing against the will of the Scottish people.

    The democratic system is rotten to the core and London is as rotten to the core as it always has been. Next they will be claiming they are victims of despicable Scottish disloyalty and rejection.

  • guano

    Ex Pat

    Does Mr Badrakumar’s undisguised total racism against the British make a distinction between the British elite and the British people?

    This blog is an inconvenient testimony to the goodness of us and our courage to speak against our self-elected leaders.

    More racist square pegs being bashed into round holes by racist Asians. As if our own indigenous racists weren’t bad enough.

  • rspo

    Quoth Deal:
    “Circa 4.2 million of an electorate and 800,000 of them postal ballots, that is astonishingly high. Did the electoral office give an explanation?”

    Wouldn’t say that is astonishing: back in 2011 there were already 550000 postal ballots, 14% of the electorate. At that time highest ever, and I see it only going upwards.

    Personally, since I elected to use postal votes, haven’t missed a local, Holyrood, or Westminster election. Prior to that… sometimes couldn’t be bothered!

  • Fedup

    More racist square pegs being bashed into round holes by racist Asians. As if our own indigenous racists weren’t bad enough.

    Don’t you think the following line applies to you at all?

    (couched in irritating self-righteousness), for its preachy character (despite its scant regard for morality),

    So far as I have been reading this blog, you come in full of hell about the Asian Muslim Leaders, whom evidently have it in for you! Reminds of me of Frankie Howard; “everybody has it in for me”!

    Further, what racism do you find in Bhadrakumar’s piece? I put to you it is a case of an “uppity nigger” daring to speak out and say it as it is?

    Also what do yo mean by; “our own indigenous racists weren’t bad enough”?

  • guano

    Shut up Fedup

    Are we all sitting comfortably children? Then I’ll begin.

    USUKIS forces oil-rich Muslims like Saudi Arabia, to pay other Muslims like Afghans and Libyans to attack and terrorise another, third Muslim population the Kurds and Syrians, who are USUKIS’ supposed “”””””””friends””””””””. !!!!! We all know what happens to USUKIS’ friends…….

    This is the same story as the African Black Slave trade and the same story as the colonisation of India. This is the very inconvenient truth of the history of colonisation, viz the participation of powerful Muslim leaders and knowledgeable Muslim scholars in the violent oppression of ordinary practising Muslims.

    The Independence of Scotland reminds us of the excruciating pain of betrayal at the core of all of British colonial oppression. Mr Bhadrakumar belongs to the administrative class of Indians which the British created to oppress the ordinary Muslims for them. Divide and rule. Mr Bhadrakumar still doesn’t want to detach himself from the status which the British Empire bestowed on his forebears.

    The only way to break lying, manipulative Zionist British power is to square the lies and expose the collaborators. We all know who has paid for the wrecking of Syria, our cash stolen from the world’s banks and national economies which has been replaced with Quantitive Easing, fart money, and the Middle Eastern real oil money, extorted by the threat of bombing into the Middle ages .

    USUKIS has created the Islamic State to carve out territory for a Greater Israel. Political Islam and Takfiri Islam are innovations seeded into Egypt and Saudi Arabia centuries ago for this purpose.

    The first states that you gain power by working with your enemies and then use that power against them. Opposite of Islam and opposite of common sense , totally counter intuitive to most practising Muslims.

    The second states that any defect in the habits of practising Muslims is a sufficient reason for killing them and appropriating their wealth and possessions. Again this is the opposite of Islam and opposite of common sense , totally counter intuitive to most practising Muslims.

    USUKIS now provides the IT means to spy on, monitor and persecute the ordinary practising Muslims who oppose these two USUKIS innovations. It’s a big team, but God is on the side of the ordinary practising Muslims, not on the side of the weirdo collaborators. Guaranteed.

    So they all went home and had a nice cup of tea, The End.

  • guano

    Yes Fedup? It’s what I believe. I don’t have to buy into the dictat of the agent/client collaborators of the USUKIS Empire. Please do feel free to do and think what you want to do.

  • Tony_0pmoc


    I’m a little behind…but this is enormous fun…I just posted this on the previous thread. I am getting quite excited…and haven’t has a drop of Scotch yet…Get a move on or the vodka will run out..

    Read and learn and see from the guy’s on the ground.

    I am in awe.

    I know its only a few yet..but I hadn’t logged on to my tonyopmoc youtube account in several years…I’m amazed…I could remember the password..and I am amazed all the 13 videos are still there..well not really…they are all from Westminster about Torture

    Craig Murray – Torture 1 of 7 – YouTube 28 Apr 2009 – Uploaded by tonyopmoc

    I’m quite proud of that..I was about to turn up there as a witness..and Craig asked on his blog can anyone record it..I didn’t know how to do it..but did.

    I’ve been talking to people on here live…There’s hundreds there…soon be thousands and its live from Glasgow…Hi Mark. Sound and Video..They’ve even got a Cameraman and he zooms and pans -I’ve asked him to get a microphone in the crowd…

    “LIVE: George Square as Scots vote in independence referendum”

    Thank’s Guys.


  • Deal

    Thank you Je and Rspo, I am in N.I. and I remember the much chattering when some of our constituencies reached around 10% postal ballots.

  • ToivoS

    I awoke this morning (west coast, US) to see the results of the election by going to the Guardian. There it was, the noes have it by 53-47. Now that was very depressing to see. Of course, it turned out these were just tracking polls. In the US pre-election polls are not given as news on election day. Exit polls are but what is the Guardian trying to do here?

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