UK airport used to fly bombs to Israel 1

By Thomas Harding Defence Correspondent and Anil Dawar

Daily Telegraph (26/07/2006)

Britain has been used as a staging post for major shipments of bunker-busting bombs from America to Israel. The Israelis want the 5,000lb smart bombs to attack the bunkers being used by Hizbollah leaders in Lebanon.

Two chartered Airbus A310 cargo planes filled with GBU 28 laser-guided bombs landed at Prestwick airport, near Glasgow, for refuelling and crew rests after flying across the Atlantic at the weekend, defence sources confirmed. The airport has also been used by the CIA for rendition flights carrying terrorist suspects.

The Government’s agreement to the bomb flights was criticised last night by the Liberal Democrats.

“In light of disproportionate military attacks, the Government should take steps to suspend all arms transfers to Israel, whether directly from or through the UK,” said Michael Moore, the party’s foreign affairs spokesman.

President George W Bush appeared uncomfortable when he was asked if he regarded the simultaneous American provision of military support and humanitarian aid to Israel as contradictory. He said that America was honouring commitments to Israel made before the current crisis flared up.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We are looking at our approach to these flights.”

It has been reported that efforts to crush Hizbollah have been hindered by a lack of bombs capable of penetrating their command bunkers.

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One thought on “UK airport used to fly bombs to Israel

  • Chuck Unsworth

    A Foreign Office spokesman said: "We are looking at our approach to these flights."

    What does this actually mean? The FCO has no apparent disposition – either by neglect or as a deliberate policy. In both cases this is reprehensible. Yet again, one has to wonder if FCO have formulated a position or are waiting to be told what to say either by Washington or by Downing Street (a.k.a. White House, UK Office).

    Yet again America uses UK airports for illegal purposes. The only reason that Margaret Beckett is (reported as) raisin objections is that to do otherwise would place her in a worse situation politically.

    And one has to wonder at the accuracy of this or any other weaponry controlled by the Israeli armed forces, given their prolonged 'mistaken' targeting of a UN Observation Post, of clearly marked ambulances and civilian buildings, convoys and people.

    'Surgical Strike'? I don't think so…

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