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4 thoughts on “Poetry Corner

  • oulwan

    Vitter's a father of four,

    The wife wouldn't have any more

    So he speared a young hooker

    On top of the cooker

    But the Rethugs won't show him the door.

  • Benny the Bridgebuil

    The USA rep in Tashkent

    Didn't like what the FCO sent

    So his bosses got vague

    In their backing for Craig

    And instead of him coming he went.

  • Foddy

    I have to say that I agree with the earlier comments, now disappeared, on scansion (maybe it comes from wasting too much of my education in trying to compose Latin and Greek verse)?

    I have tried to keep some of the original features and come up with the following:

    The God squad Republican Vitter

    Was a fighter, and never a quitter,

    But a big whorehouse scandal

    Was too much to handle,

    Now Vitter (the bitter)'s in t' shitter.

  • oulwan

    Well done.

    A perfectionist might quibble with that last "t'", but nicely done. 🙂

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