Digger/Labour Gossip 5

Half the Met were turned out last night at taxpayers’ expense to guard the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park, where a “Charity” event was hosted by Rupert Murdoch. Guests included Gordon Brown, John Reid, Jack Straw and Margaret Beckett, as well as “Sir” Alan Sugar and the Israeli and US Ambassadors. Cherie Blair was not present, or she would presumably have left as usual with the “Charity” money in her handbag.

I struggle to maintain a vague deism lately, but I cannot believe any deity is benevolent when yet again catacysmic floods are killing innocents in Bangladesh, but God couldn’t even produce a very small meteor on target where really needed.

Rupert Mudoch arrived in the Foreign Secretary’s car with Margaret Beckett, and she was the last guest to leave; it took time for her to quaff so much of the Dirty Digger’s champagne. Whatever can this mean?

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5 thoughts on “Digger/Labour Gossip

  • ChoamNomsky

    We don't need Meteors. Real justice would have been served if the meeting had been the target of an air-strike due to intelligence that there was a terrorist somewhere in the building.

    When the families demand to know why there was no attempt to evacuate civilians or send in troop instead, the military can just inform them that the same policy is used day in and day out in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • johnf

    Well, you're almost bitchy enough to become a fulltime gossip columnist.

    But what prestigious modern British Art was on show at this prestigious London Art Gallery – you don't even mention it.

  • Strategist

    Or indeed, which "charity" debased itself by taking Murdoch's bloodstained cash?

    Can anyone name and shame? – not least, so that we can stop donating to them ourselves…

  • Craig

    I enjoy a little bitchiness for light relief sometimes. My informant didn't tell me what the charity was, and indeed I doubt many of the guests either knew or cared.

    But for anybody who hoped Brown and NuLab would be any less in thrall to Murdoch after Blair, it is a sobering corrective.

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