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If the missing Malaysian plane landed, it must have done so with the collusion of at least one government.  The broadcast media is full this morning of ludicrous speculation that the plane has been landed in Afghanistan by the Taliban (the Uighurs having apparently gone out of fashion temporarily as Muslim scapegoats).  They are trying to tell us that a Boeing 777 could hedge hop under military radar for thousands of miles with nobody noticing.

What on earth is the interest of the media in propagating this absolute guff?  South East Asia is highly militarized.  Radar is hardly cutting edge technology.  The idea that a very large plane could overfly China, India or Pakistan without anybody being alerted is an absolute nonsense.  Other countries in the region, such as Burma, Indonesia and the ex-Soviet countries, also have effective airspace surveillance.

If the plane indeed took the “northern corridor” it must have had government connivance.  Otherwise, it took the southern corridor into the open sea and has gone down there.  That last is by far the more likely scenario, and either progressive malfunction of some kind, or crew or staff suicide, the most likely causes.

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124 thoughts on “Vanishing Plane

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  • bluebird


    That theory has a huge flaw.

    Nearest airports would have been RFMA Butterworth (best choice) as they were flying directly above butterworth and the other airport would have been Penang intl airport (3 minutes to the left of butterworth). That emergency theory suggests that he would always use the nearest airport in a state of emergency but he didnt, although the pilot grew up in penang and he went to the university there. He knew that area and both airports for sure.

    That unlogic part debunks that electric fire theory for me.

  • Ben

    There was also speculation that a tire was blown on takeoff and acrid smoke from a fire is what sent chaos into the cabin. Those tires have sensors received at the cockpit when pressure is lost.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Hope that the debris turns out to be parts of the missing airliner, so that the victims’ survivors can finally be persuaded that all are dead.

    But it seems to be more disinformation to prolong their false hopes.

    Why has it taken so long to identify what the debris is, and why don’t the mad speculators wait for once to make a definite determination before babbling yet again to the media?

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