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If the missing Malaysian plane landed, it must have done so with the collusion of at least one government.  The broadcast media is full this morning of ludicrous speculation that the plane has been landed in Afghanistan by the Taliban (the Uighurs having apparently gone out of fashion temporarily as Muslim scapegoats).  They are trying to tell us that a Boeing 777 could hedge hop under military radar for thousands of miles with nobody noticing.

What on earth is the interest of the media in propagating this absolute guff?  South East Asia is highly militarized.  Radar is hardly cutting edge technology.  The idea that a very large plane could overfly China, India or Pakistan without anybody being alerted is an absolute nonsense.  Other countries in the region, such as Burma, Indonesia and the ex-Soviet countries, also have effective airspace surveillance.

If the plane indeed took the “northern corridor” it must have had government connivance.  Otherwise, it took the southern corridor into the open sea and has gone down there.  That last is by far the more likely scenario, and either progressive malfunction of some kind, or crew or staff suicide, the most likely causes.

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124 thoughts on “Vanishing Plane

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  • Ben

    Kempe; The rapid ascent and then free-fall could have been purposed to disable the crew with massive G-forces.

  • Mochyn69

    17 Mar, 2014 – 11:04 pm

    re: Diego Garcia

    This from today’s Telegraph:

    “12.46 Intriguing new line from The Malay Mail Online.

    Police scouring Capt Shah’s flight simulator – which he installed in his home – have found five Indian Ocean practice runways.

    One is in the Maldives.

    One is on Diego Garcia.

    The other three are in India and Sri Lanka.”

  • Ben

    Mochy; That’s interesting. The pilot having a flight simulator at home is strange enough.

    Diego is about 2300 miles southwest of Kuala Lampur. 777 range is 5k.

  • Ben

    Blackstone and the Carlyle Group; Majority shareholders of Freescale.

    Follow the Carlyle Group Money

    Osama bin Laden received financial support from now-deceased Saudi billionaire Sheik Khalid bin Mahfouz. Bin Mahfouz was represented in the US by Washington, DC law firm Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld – the same firm that represented the Muslim Brotherhood House of Saud and their world’s largest Islamic charity- the Holy Land Foundation for Development & Relief.

    Akin, Gump had defended bin Mahfouz – a Chevron Texaco Central Asia partner – when the BCCI scandal broke. Three Akin, Gump partners are close friends of President George W. Bush. [4] A 1999 Saudi government audit found that bin Mahfouz’ National Commercial Bank had transferred over $3 million to Osama bin Laden charities that year. [5] Bin Mahfouz could not be accused of disloyalty to family, since he was now Osama’s brother-in-law.

    Bin Laden’s brother Salem was a close business associate of CIA agent James Bath, whose Skycraft Airways leased planes to bin Mahfouz when the sheik was washing Medellin Cartel cocaine money through the BCCI Caymans branch, alongside Saudi intelligence chief Kamal Adham. Salem was also an investor in Harken Energy, which George W. Bush and Dick Cheney launched as Arbusto Energy with $50,000 in seed money from Osama’s billionaire father Mohammed bin Laden. Both Salem and Mohammed died in mysterious plane crashes.

    As the two jumbo jets crashed into the World Trade Center on 911, another of Osama’s brothers- Shafiq bin Laden- was attending the annual investor conference of Carlyle Group in Washington DC.

    One of the speakers at that DC conference may have been George Bush Sr., who now worked as financial adviser for the Mellon family-controlled Carlyle Group- chaired by Frank Carlucci, who was Reagan and Bush Defense Secretary and chaired Reagan’s National Security Council.

    Carlucci worked with mobsters in the 1961 CIA assassination of Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba. He was a Yale roommate of Bush Jr. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. They were joined at Yale by James Baker and George Bush Sr., who was a member of Skull & Bones- alternately known as the Brotherhood of Death and The Order- a name shared by ancient Afghan Roshaniya terrorists.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Of course, only a blind man would not be able to spot a Boeing 777 on Diego Garcia, and there is nothing strange for a dedicated pilot to have his own flight simulator these days, given all the surprises terrorists are pulling these days.

  • Ben

    The displaced local population were sent to a variety of locations including the Seychelles.
    Those islands keep coming up.

    “The American military base on the island of Diego Garcia is one of the most strategically important and secretive U.S. military installations outside the United States. Located near the remote center of the Indian Ocean and accessible only by military transport, the base was a little-known launch pad for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and may house a top-secret CIA prison where terror suspects are interrogated and tortured.”

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    The USA, which has an airport with a runway of around 1,000 meters on Diego Garcia, has denied that the plane landed there, and it would certainly be in greatest difficulty if the 240 people and the plane were ultimately discovered there – a most likely possibility if it were true.

    There is no need or possibility of an underground hanger to house a Boeing 777 being there. And if it tried to land there, it might well have gone over the runway.

  • Ben

    It’s the Daily Mail…so…..photoshpped?

    “An image has emerged of the pilot of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet wearing a T-shirt with a ‘Democracy is Dead’ slogan as it has been revealed he could have hijacked the plane in an anti-government protest.

    Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, a father-of-three, was said to be a ‘fanatical’ supporter of the country’s opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim – jailed for homosexuality just hours before the jet disappeared.

    It has also been revealed that the pilot’s wife and three children moved out of the family home the day before the plane went missing.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  • Kempe

    ” The rapid ascent and then free-fall could have been purposed to disable the crew with massive G-forces. ”

    Which would’ve wrecked the aircraft.

  • Habbabkuk (La vita è bella!

    Kenneth Sorenson

    “I predict that soon this thread will ground to a halt (as it gets replaced with other newsworthy items) but you are always welcome to continue your rants at the record-braking thread with soon (this week) 20,000 comments, which primarily deals with the Al-Hilly murders,”

    And lo and behold, Sir, your prediction is coming true!

    You will have noticed, by the way, that Craig’s lead-in post was the very antithesis of a conspiracy theory. Unfortunately, with this as with other posts, the crazies and trolls soon take over.

  • Ben

    It’s a typical blogger tactic. When the discussion goes against you, create another thread and the people will follow.

  • Ben

    This thread is at least as noteworthy as Al-Hilli. Maybe we will surprise you Sorenson.

  • Ben

    The issue of oxygen at 45000 feet….experts say the pressurization, if no breach-then no need for passengers to have oxygen masks drop down. Then there’s this pilots determination…..

    “Yes, I think it would be very easy for pilot in command of a 777 to ask the copilot to get a glass of water, lock the cockpit door behind him, don and activate his oxygen mask. Then close the engine bleed air valves that supply cabin pressure and open the controlled outflow valves to equalize cabin pressure to altitude pressure, put the passenger/supernumerary oxygen to “reset” (or pull the circuit breaker), and ascend a little bit above the service ceiling of FL 410. At FL 450, consciousness is measured in seconds, death in about 4 or 5 minutes. I have never flown a 777, however.”

    That, of course, assumes the flight crew was not hacked.

  • Kenneth Sorensen

    Kudos to you Mr. Ben. I think you are a great guy, and its always interesting to have some new inputs.

    I log off for tonight, because I happen to have other things to do. We can always talk another day. So with these words, I bit you Good Night

  • Jemand

    Habbabkuk, if the plane has not crashed, then I’d suggest it’s disappearance can only be the result of a conspiracy and that the authorities are actively developing conspiracy theories to ascertain the plane’s possible whereabouts and fate of its 239 passengers and crew.

    Having said that, I distance myself from the lunatic fringe who readily churn out conspiracy theories, like a Chinese factory making toys, that are characterised by an obsessive belief in science fiction, self-terminating logic and secret desire to keep mysteries unsolved. Their method of analysis is to invert Occam’s Razor, invent the most fantastic explanations that trigger the release of endorphins and then cite fictitious sources of information to support their kooky claims.

    Then there are conspiracy theories which are the product of logical contemplation of the known facts and plausible scenarios. I hope you see my theories as falling into the latter category.

  • Ben

    Conspiracy theories arise generally from a dearth of verifiable facts. To ignore or dismiss pieces of a puzzle because they aren’t the entire story is foolish and suspect. To observe individual pieces of info it’s necessary to view in the context of behaviors in History. It’s called connecting the dots, but it’s not a picture one can paint by numbers. That practice is for amateurs, and they should stay off the fucking lawn.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    This is certainly the case here when the experts and posters try to explain the plane’s disappearance as the result of a well-planned hijacking for which there is almost no evidence.

    Look, for example, where The Guardian tries to deal with unanswered questions about the lack of cellphone calls, the passengers not engaging in a fight back against the hijackers, etc, ending with the plane’s disappearance being the result of too slow response by the third-world people on the ground – what can more easily be explained by a devastating act of sabotage which left no time for any such moves.

  • Ben

    “- New information from the Thai government bolsters the belief that missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 took a sharp westward turn after communication was lost.
    But investigators still don’t know who was at the controls or why that person or persons took the plane far from its original destination.” CNN

    Hey! First it went this way…then up and down…….then this way, or was it this way?

    Alice through the Looking Glass has nothing on the Keystone Cops. Obviously, MH370 was an experiment to see if we can figure it out. The future looks bright.

  • bluebird

    Strange! Very strange!

    They are pretty quick in paying out insurance.…9/SS-2-484724/

    Allianz Pays Compensation to Malaysia 

    German Allianz insurance company pays insurance up to $ 100 million for the plane and the passengers.They said they are starting to pay tomorrow.
    Allianz is NOT the insurance of the cargo!

    Note, Attention!!
    In case of terrorism, Allianz does not have to pay. Only in case of a technical fault or if that were an accident it is Allianz who pays.

    In the case of terrorism it is Lloyds who are the ones paying out the insurance.

    Why is Allianz already going to pay tomorrow? So then they are paying out $ 100 million before we even know what had happened?

    Stock prices for Malaysian airlines are pretty low. Financially it doesnt look too good for malaysian airways.

  • BrianFujisan

    Is it not odd that a Pilot would want to keep his identity Secret…?

    SEPANG: A BOEING 777 pilot, who was flying 30 minutes ahead of the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft, said he established contact with MH370 minutes after he was asked to do so by Vietnamese air traffic control.

    The captain, who asked to not be named, said his plane, which was bound for Narita, Japan, was far into Vietnamese airspace when he was asked to relay, using his plane’s emergency frequency, to MH370 for the latter to establish its position, as the authorities could not contact the aircraft.

    “We managed to establish contact with MH370 just after 1.30am and asked them if they have transferred into Vietnamese airspace.
    “The voice on the other side could have been either Captain Zaharie (Ahmad Shah, 53,) or Fariq (Abdul Hamid, 27), but I was sure it was the co-pilot.

    “There were a lot of interference… static… but I heard mumbling from the other end.
    “That was the last time we heard from them, as we lost the connection,” he told the New Sunday Times.
    He said those on the same frequency at the time would have heard the exchange.

    This, he said, would include vessels on the waters below.
    He said he thought nothing of it, as the occurrence (of losing contact) was normal, until it was established that MH370 never landed.

  • Marlin

    Jemand, the theory of the electrical fire is pretty good, on its face. But many questions come to mind, including:

    1. If there was enough time to reprogram the computer (as we are now led to believe) for landing at that other airport, how come no Mayday was issued? even if main communications’ channels were down, surely a way could be found to send notice to the ground? At the very least one would expect one of the pilots or crew would attempt to use their cell phone, say when over the malaysian peninsula, possibly flying low.

    2. How likely is an electrical fire that takes out both the ACARS and the transponder? as well as any auxiliary radio communications? and all at once too. I’d think that the odds against such an occurrence are substantial.

    I can see however why such a scenario would be the scariest for both Boeing and Air malysia since it’d cause the fortunes of both to plummet. Plus who would want to fly on a 777 unless such a problem was fixed? major disruption to world wide travel would ensue. So yes, in a way a spontaneous electrical fire, would explain the messy responses by all.

  • Kenneth Sorensen

    The journalist and author with in-depht knowledge of what want on 9/11, Christopher Bollyn, weighs in:

    [my emphasis] [links added]

    Are the Israelis Planning Another 9-11 Using the Missing Boeing 777?

    By Christopher Bollyn_________March 18, 2014


    An Israel-based reporter named Paul Alster has a very interesting article on giving an Israeli prognosis about the missing Malaysian Boeing 777. The Alster article is important because it suggests that the Israelis may be setting the stage for a false-flag event using the missing Malaysian plane as a flying bomb in an attack similar to 9-11.

    The article, which follows this introduction, is very revealing because it contains information that indicates that the Israelis may be projecting a terror scenario by planting the ideation in the public mind by using the media. Ideation in this case is the projection of the scenario planned by the terror masterminds who put the idea into people’s heads so that they will blame the targeted foe when their plot unfolds into reality. The following article has comments from Israeli El Al airport “security” veterans that are very similar to comments tweeted by Rupert Murdoch in the past day or two. How interesting that Murdoch and the Israeli airline security people imagine the exact same fate for the missing Boeing. How telling.

    It is important to note that these Israeli El Al security people are the same people (ICTS, Menachem Atzmon, and assorted Mossadniks), who carried out the ideation (Murdoch’s “Lone Gunmen” pilot episode and Arnon Milchan’s Medusa Touch film come to mind) and false-flag attacks of 9-11. This is what the evidence I present in my Solving 9-11 books reveals about Israeli involvement in false-flag terrorism of 9-11. The fact that the same people are now projecting the ideation of the Boeing 777 being used in a terror attack needs to be taken very seriously.

    The game is on. Beware of the very real possibility that the plane may resurface, used as a weapon of terror to cause a provocation that can be used to initiate aggression against a targeted foe – such as the Islamic Republic of Iran. If enough people realize the evil game of deception the Israelis are up to, they won’t be able to pull off another major terror spectacle – and get away with it.

  • Kenneth Sorensen

    Bollyn thinks that Israel is directly implicated in 9/11. While this is fascinating – and certainly welcome as a contrast to how the mainstream media portarys the situation (and many of his carefully researched information relating to Israelis in the aircraft business in the US and the like is certainly interesting in itself)- I’ve never been prepared to go that far.

    I think Israel’s intelligence services knew what was going to happen, and one can discuss if it’s not a criminality that they did not inform the US authorities. From Israel’s perspective it was enormously important to get the US directly involved in fighting its enemies, and it has since 9/11 gained ‘a new lease of life’, thriving and spinning money and businesses in providing info about all sorts of radical islamists to all the worlds intelligence services, and selling surveillance equipment all over the world.

    A country which always have considered itself to be in a state of war is undoubtedly prepared to go to great lenght, also lenght that people like us living in peace are not prepared to consider. But I still hesitate to go along with the notion that they would actually kill 3,000 people on 9/11 to achieve their aim of getting practically the whole world to join its fight, and in this way get a new lease of life.

    But lets get a fair trial, as used to happen whenever large amounts of people gets killed in a criminality. But we’ve never had that,- and that very suspicious. Bollyn documents how Jewish lawyers, law enforcement officials and judges time and again have shelved any investigation into thoise who knew about what was going to happen. It would be fair to procecute these people, because no matter if Israel had an existential interest in 9/11, it’s not fair to kill close to 3,000 innocents in the process, – not to mentions the hundred of thousands of innocents who hace died in the wake of 9/11 in wars in Afghnaistan in Iraq, and even Palestine and Lebanon, where Israel used the guise of the global “war on terror” — and its new found self confidence .. to clamp down on Palestinians and Lebanese.

    So all in all he’s a lot more sensible than many other commenters, including the right honured Mr. Craig Murray, because Bollyn is very clear about how it was undue Western inerference in Ukraine’s internatl affairs, that prompted Putin to take matters into his own hands and show how vital national interests always will trumph fera of santions, which means its stupis to use sanctions, if they don’t work. It’s not only stupid, it’s detrimental to our own interests, and it could well be dangerous because it is wipping up hatred and contempt. Much more wise to invite Russia into NATO, which they want, and into economi coorperation with the EU – which latter organisation should NEVER had evolved further than to a British inspired Free Trade Club. If EU still had been primarily a free trade organistaion like the EEC, Russai could easily have joined, and everybody would be happy.

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