Coalition of the Horrible 5

So Moussa Koussa, torturer in chief, has flown to Qatar – absolute monarchy, political parties illegal, condemned by the US for slave domestic labour on a massive scale – to meet with representatives of the Libyan rebellion – assorted subsidiary torturers, racially motivated, sprinkling of mad Islamists – to discuss the future of Libya as supported by Hague/Juppe.

That sounds worth killing for. Let’s fire some more million pound missiles. Let’s turn down any ceasefire proposals – Gadaffi is a very bad man, so he must be replaced by a number of his former hired torturers. You see it’s all about democracy and human rights.

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5 thoughts on “Coalition of the Horrible

  • Michael.K

    Supposedly, there is a profound difference between a sonofabitch who is "ours", and one who isn't. Whilst Quatar, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia, may be "authoritarian" regimes at least they are slowly and carefully moving in the right direction, at their own pace, based on their cultural traditions, towards democracy; whilst securing stability and a smooth transition.

    • jjboulas

      Any evidence for this? Because they have had 50 years + to do any actual move and we see none. In fact, parias like Iran and Syria are more civil, re woman rights, etc.

  • mark_golding


    "William Hague, the foreign secretary, told us he had a sense that Koussa was deeply unhappy with Gaddafi when they spoke last Friday.”One of the things I gathered between the lines in my telephone calls with him, although he of course had to read out the scripts of the regime, was that he was very distressed and dissatisfied by the situation there," Hague said."

    Nice piece of deception William – crafted entirely by MI6 who apperceive as I do Koussa *knows too much* about the Lockerbie bombing and 'other' terrorist attacks.

    Koussa took the road to Tunisia for a 'diplomatic mission' related to a call by the Tunisian army/government to broker a deal between the rebels and the Libyan government. British SAS and MI6 officers took advantage of the intelligence and promptly dispatched another ‘team’ to Tunis to track Koussa down and confirm where he was staying. Posing as British diplomats the 'team' would later snatch Koussa and escort him to a military plane waiting to fly him back to Farnborough.

    After the September 11th 2001, attacks, Gaddafi worked with Western intelligence on promoting al-Qaida. It was Koussa who emerged from the shadows to NEGOTIATE with senior UK and US intelligence figures, paving the way for Gaddafi's rehabilitation and Libya's rapprochement with the west, ending Libya's pariah status, in a deal which involved its renunciation of weapons of mass destruction; a Blair/Bush plan that invoked the Iraq war as a pressure point with the intention of promoting support for sanctions on Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

    Before that catalytic event we remember in 1980, Koussa was expelled from his position as Libya's envoy in London for calling, in a newspaper interview, for the killing of dissidents and threatening to back the IRA if the United Kingdom didn't hand them over. Koussa, an American-educated former head of Libya's external security service and a keen basketball fan, was ‘groomed’ by the CIA; seems to me an unlikely candidate as a defector.

    So, William, we learn you let Koussa go – perhaps you will be good enough to let us know *what* he was offered to keep his mouth shut!

  • Frazer

    Probably arse licking the Quataries and doing oil deals with the Libyan rebels..Hague that is….and probably trying for a deal to replace all those tanks we keep blowing's a wonder he has not dragged Prince Andy pandy along to flog off a few helicopters as well…

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