Daily archives: April 12, 2011

Without Nepotism, Dominic Lawson Would Starve

which might be good for him for a few months, anyway. Why on earth does the Independent employ this talentless hack, who other than occasionally being a mouthpiece for the security services, never writes anything of the slightest interest to anyone. Today he has an article about how difficult it is to be famous, sold on his poor sister Nigella sometimes receivng less than sycophantic media coverage.

A piece asking us to sympathise with Nigella Lawson and Nick Clegg over the moderate stress associated with their earning of huge incomes is bollocks journalism. I see his article has attracted 9 facebook recommendations. As compared to 723 for my equally ephemeral but infinitely better article in the same publication on the kilt.

Sorry, Dominic, for someone with your advantages, judged by your own crass standards, you are just crap.

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At 16.00 Today I Was…

Eating spaghetti bolognaise cooked by my brother Stuart, and drinking Chianti. Was up very early this morning to get into London for a meeting at which I was essentially acting as Nadira’s agent, discussing with producers and director who want to cast her in a very good play at this year’s Edinburgh fringe. A really positive meeting. Sometimes you meet new people and it is exciting and life-affirming. I ended up volunteering for a number of things myself as a kind of production assistant!

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Coalition of the Horrible

So Moussa Koussa, torturer in chief, has flown to Qatar – absolute monarchy, political parties illegal, condemned by the US for slave domestic labour on a massive scale – to meet with representatives of the Libyan rebellion – assorted subsidiary torturers, racially motivated, sprinkling of mad Islamists – to discuss the future of Libya as supported by Hague/Juppe.

That sounds worth killing for. Let’s fire some more million pound missiles. Let’s turn down any ceasefire proposals – Gadaffi is a very bad man, so he must be replaced by a number of his former hired torturers. You see it’s all about democracy and human rights.

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