Andijan amnesia? India to train Uzbek army with British “observers” present

Earlier this year, the scandal-hit British government was embarrassed by revelations that UK troops had trained the Uzbek army in “marksmanship” months before they gunned down more than 700 peaceful demonstrators in the now-infamous Andijan massacre. Now, Eurasia reports, British army officers are to “observe” (one of life’s great military euphemisms) the training of Uzbek soldiers by the Indian army.

An international delegation of officers from the Israeli and British armies is expected to observe the training of the Uzbek personnel. Officials within the Ministry of Defense in Tashkent hope that not only will such training herald a deeper security relationship with India, but will also remind Western observers of the needs still facing the Uzbek security structures, as well as conveying the political message that Tashkent can secure alternative sources of security assistance.

From Eurasia Daily Monitor