Savile and the Low Hanging Fruit

by craig on November 2, 2012 1:54 pm in Uncategorized

Talk of “round up the usual suspects”. Gary Glitter and Freddie Starr are not even low-hanging fruit for the Met, they are windfalls.

Jimmy Savile’s behaviour was evidently priapistic, and his predeliction for under-age sex, it is plain, was indulged continually in semi-public situations. The risk or exposure, or the thrill of his own incredible immunity, appear to have been part of the enjoyment.

I do not accept that there were two Jimmy Saviles; that one, the open pervert, only appeared when he was with the conveniently already discredited Gadd and Starr, and the other entirely respectable Savile was the friend of Royalty, senior politicians and public servants and entirely blameless in his behaviour. It seems to me much more intrinsically probable that the mutual indulgence of shared vices was the stuff of his friendships in both groups.

Savile’s elevation into the social elite brought him the immunity from prosecution for sexual exploitation that social elites always appear to enjoy. The “posh” part of Savile’s social circle continues to be protected, while Glitter and Starr will satisfy the public mood for revenge.

I am sure there is a great deal more to know than Glitter and Starr. I fear we shall never be permitted to know it.

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  1. Chris Jones

    2 Nov, 2012 - 2:08 pm

    How far up might it go ?

  2. about 6-8 inches I would say, Chris, preferably with a red hot poker.

  3. Savile could not have operated with impunity for decades without there being a network of people in high places protecting him. Savile is dead, Glitter has already served time he and Starr are old men, but when are the high ranking police officers and politicians (some of whom have their names already implicated on the internet), going to be held to account?

    I used to live in Jersey, I really think you should read Stuart Syvret’s blog – if you don’t know him already he is a whistle blower like yourself who has paid a very high price for trying to expose the truth.

  4. Scarborough tainted


    The modern era has provided its fair share of characters such as Peter Jaconelli – a successful businessman who was active in the Fishermen’s and Fireman’s charity. No one would describe him as an average man. He was average in height but in no other way – particularly in his width. This huge Italian Ice cream maker and seller acquired his huge size by eating huge amounts of oysters and even made an attempt at the world record for eating them. He also played judo and was particularly good at it in his younger days often in contests on the beach. Later in life he was an important member of the town council. But he was always seen in his ice cream parlour greeting the many tourists in his own distinctive way.

    Jimmy Saville cannot be left off the list of lovable eccentrics and characters of the borough. This former Radio One DJ was arguably the first ever true DJ. He was the first DJ to use two decks so he could keep the music going. He has lived in Scarborough for many years and will often be seen walking in his track suits,gold chains and huge cigars. At the height of his fame he hosted “Jim’ll Fix It” on prime time TV. He used to make dreams come true for youngsters.


    and a grovelling obituary in the Guardian by Martin Wainwright

  5. I hope you don’t mind me posting this here and asking people who have an interest in lifting the lid on the cover up which took place in Jersey, from the Home Office down to sign the petition.

  6. Hmmm. He was very chummy with Thatcher, but much as I execrate her memory I seriously doubt she was a kiddy-fiddler. Guilt by association would vastly extend the scope of the enquiry.

    We could maybe have some confidence in Yew Tree if we knew it was headed by a – preferably female – policeman with a strong record in combating paedophilia and a rigorous approach to dishonest policemen.

    But Peter Spindler? I don’t want to damn the man, but –

    Commander Peter Spindler, of the Met, admitted more than 130 employees left Scotland Yard over the past year instead of facing disciplinary measures.

    But he said in many cases it is more ‘pragmatic’ to let them resign…

    Sure, it’s the Daily Wail, but it’s worth a raised eyebrow at least.

  7. Last December I received a telephone call concerning Jimmy Savile’s apparent sexual abuse of underage girls in the 1970s. The details I heard were pretty chilling, but the negative reaction when I tried (unsuccessfully) to report the claims in the national press was equally troubling. There is every indication that the Leveson inquiry into press standards was to blame.

    My source said that a Newsnight investigation into Savile’s activities had been shelved by the BBC in mysterious circumstances and encouraged me to find out more. I learnt that Newsnight had heard that Savile and two other celebrities, both still alive, had abused many different girls on BBC premises and in the Surrey countryside, when Savile visited an all-girls approved school called Duncroft. Newsnight also discovered that Savile had been questioned over sex crimes by Surrey police in 2007.


    Over two weeks I contacted six national news desks. One after another rejected the idea. I consistently suggested that it would not be necessary for anyone to accuse Savile outright of abusing children, simply to report that Newsnight had jettisoned its exposé despite significant-seeming findings, of which I knew quite a bit. Newsnight’s groundwork could then be developed, or perhaps other victims would come forward.

    Yet it was futile. Some papers told me that because Savile had been dead less than two months the story was ‘in bad taste’, whatever its provenance. Others said that if the police hadn’t prosecuted Savile in his lifetime, it wouldn’t be worth pursuing him now. And a couple of news desks judged that material like this was ‘best avoided’ for the time being.


  8. How far does it go you ask ?……


    ALL sections of government and politics including the both houses and No 10,
    The Media and Entertainment industries,
    Law, courts, judges, prison system,
    All branches of the Military,
    All Education establishments,
    All health services and Medical establishments,
    All High ranking Police officials,
    Public and Private corporations.

    Perverts run the asylum.

  9. Pauline Barten.

    2 Nov, 2012 - 2:53 pm

    I fear you are right, Craig. It’s not rocket science for the police to have investigated this sooner. Instead suspects are told beforehand, the police want to interview them.This gives them plenty of time to have their story straight.If the only evidence the police claim to have is the victims statements, it’s pathetic.Whatever happened to good detective work ?. They have the means for covert surveillence.Or is that only used against people putting the wrong kind of rubbish in a wheely bin?.

  10. This seems apposite (as well as brilliant).

  11. English Knight

    2 Nov, 2012 - 3:01 pm

    Blair D-Notice – Dunblane tie with NATO Secretary General

  12. Mary, re: Scarborough tainted.
    I grew up in Scarborough during the ’60’s and 70’s. Peter Jaconelli was a well known local character and kiddy fiddler. He only employed young lads between 13 and 15 and it was well known that he liked to touch them up often offering money for them to go somewhere private with him. His brother Albert was the same. Both had ice-cream shops on the South Bay. In Albert’s shop, which was under the Futurist Theatre, he would sit in an alcove that had a one-way mirrored glass window to the top and a beaded curtain beneath, which you ducked through to get inside. If you were unfortunate enough to work for him (and he only employed boys) he would sit in his alcove unseen and watch you. He was well creepy and was always asking you if you liked ice-cream. I know, I worked for him for a season. He was quite touchy-feely and only stopped when I told him to leave me alone. No-one ever questioned them yet the police must have known about their antics. Horrible horrible men

  13. larry Levin

    2 Nov, 2012 - 3:04 pm

    watch the following video from 35mins onwards. Savile’s links to Israel and Jersey,

    this will blow your mind, he names names

  14. Neil Saunders

    2 Nov, 2012 - 3:05 pm

    True, Glitter and Starr are sacrificial victims. Those higher up the pecking-order will remain inviolate.

    It’s also true that the Savile story has deflected media (and therefore public) attention from another child-abuse story, that in Rochdale, etc., where men (mainly, if not exclusively, of Pakistani origin) have sexually groomed underage girls.

  15. larry Levin

    2 Nov, 2012 - 3:07 pm

    this Savile case has similiar undertones to the Marc Dutroux case in Belgium, 100,000’s marched in the streets but it has been hushed up in the UK.

    Also we are led ot believe that murdoch/sky are deadly rivals of the bbc, so how come murdoch sky with his phone tapping and detectives and dodgy cops never exposed savile? Murdoch/sky the dog that did not bark.

    Paedophilia is being used as a tool of control, once you have molested or killed a child you can be safely promoted into a position of power and become an “asset” to those who have the compromising evidence.

  16. larry Levin

    2 Nov, 2012 - 3:12 pm

    if you are in the bbc and know about children being molested, how can you prevent the victims going to the police??? I have an idea why not create an organisation for abused children who these poor victims can phone.

    childline was formed totally disconnected to the BBC, another dog that did not bark. paedophiles and rapists have figured out that its very hard to be convicted of these crimes. think rape has a 2% conviction rate.

  17. Royal servant George Smith made a rape allegation against more senior royal servant Michael Fawcett, whom he also alleged to be a male sex partner of Prince Charles.

    Those two allegations have never appeared in the British media, although they have been published abroad. When the appeared in Le Monde, that newspaper was prevented from coming into the country.

    Bill Oddie says he reckons the reason the BBC pulled the Savile programme was that Savile was friends with the royal family. I reckon Oddie is right.

    How many times did Prince Charles visit Haut de la Garenne?

  18. Princess Diana interviewed George Smith about his allegations, on tape. The tape was mentioned in the Princess Diana inquest, but had ‘gone missing’. Unfortunately, Mr Smith died, in his early 40s, before the inquest hearing started.

    Whoopsadaisy, eh?

  19. According to Guido Fawkes (I know, pah! pah!) tonight’s Newsnight has an expose of a high-placed paedophile

  20. The royal family certainly has an unfortunate habit of mixing with paedophile ring leaders. This from 2008:

    “A former Buckingham Palace butler has been unmasked as a sexual predator who ran a paedophile ring while serving the Royal Family”

  21. If social elites always enjoy impunity, why would William Beckford and Byron have been forced to live abroad because of their sexual irregularities?

  22. Not sure I’d go along with everything in this LRT piece, but have a read.

  23. LRT=LRB

  24. Same old thing.
    Throw the public a couple of bones and get on with the business of business.

    With the WWW, however, things have changed.

    Surely these clowns don’t think they’re the only ones taking names, making lists and checking them twice?

  25. Excellent observations, Craig. Reflects exactly the conclusions formed over the last few days in my own mind. This matter is going to be quietly swept away under some carpet or buried under a patio just as seems to have happened in the French case.

  26. Is that Mr. Jimmy Saville who may – strangely enough – appear as a host along side Jeremy Thorpe in a “related video” to the Peter Cook “Judge sketch”, called “Jeremy Thorpe Questioned” See 26 seconds in.

  27. Dick the Prick

    2 Nov, 2012 - 5:16 pm

    Absolutely bob on – who next, Sidney Cooke?

    For truly wonderful blogging, the wonderful Ms Raccoon has demolished Newsnight in 7 installments. It takes about an hour to read but briefly, the ‘scandal’ at Duncroft girls school is bollox.

  28. I agree with Lysias above.

    Add Oscar Wilde and various other Victorian characters. And what about all those modernday politicians who were named, shamed, and resigned (the Tory who was caught under a bush in one of the London parks with a guardsman, the Labout minister who had the moment of madnes, etc, etc, etc…)?

    BTW @Mary : oysters are not, repeat not, fattening

  29. MJ.
    Your quote without the word ‘while’… !

  30. Lilian El-Doufani

    2 Nov, 2012 - 5:53 pm

    It was ever thus … above the old Bailey it says “Punish the wrongdoer. Protect the children of the poor”.

  31. Habbakuk

    Don’t be daft. Of course in matters of human behaviour there is no general rule to which there is not the odd exception.

  32. BTW @Mary : oysters are not, repeat not, fattening

    I did not say that they were. The writer on the Scarborough Maritime History Centre website said it.

  33. HuffPo and Guido Fawkes not displaying their newsnight scoop anymore.

  34. Trial by Blog again. So anybody who associates with a paedophile MUST be a paedophile themselves? Unless presumably they’re a victim I suppose. I’d better go and hand myself in then, I can think of two, a bloke who used to fondle apprentices and a teacher at my old school. Neither was ever arrested, neither had friends in high places to protect them. Everybody knew, it seems incredible but back then it just wasn’t taken as seriously as it is now.

    Oh and once again accusations of paedophillia are supported with allegations that so-and-so is gay. I thought the old queer-bashers’ creed that all homosexuals are kiddy-fiddlers died out in the 1970’s. Obviously not. So far all but one of Savile’s identified victims are female anyway.

  35. Kempe

    Talk about Aunt Sallys. Nobody has said all savile’s acquaintances were paedophiles, nor that there is a link between homosexuality and paedophilia,

  36. How else are we supposed to interpret this?

    “I do not accept that there were two Jimmy Saviles; that one, the open pervert, only appeared when he was with the conveniently already discredited Gadd and Starr, and the other entirely respectable Savile was the friend of Royalty, senior politicians and public servants and entirely blameless in his behaviour. It seems to me much more intrinsically probable that the mutual indulgence of shared vices was the stuff of his friendships in both groups.”

    “mutual indulgence of shared vices” if by that you’re not accusing Royalty, senior politicians etc of sharing Savile’s paedophillia what then? Looks like guilt by association to me.


    “Royal servant George Smith made a rape allegation against more senior royal servant Michael Fawcett, whom he also alleged to be a male sex partner of Prince Charles.

    Those two allegations have never appeared in the British media*, although they have been published abroad. When the appeared in Le Monde, that newspaper was prevented from coming into the country.”

    Irrelevant but apparently offered as supporting evidence.

    *Untrue, but never mind.

  37. The spam blocker has gone into double figures!

    The problem is not how high it goes but how low it goes.
    I am now reasonably certain that all of respectable society was at it. My ex once described a passing moment when her (very posh) godfather transformed into lover and transformed back again.
    The reason why Savile did not get exposed is not the height of the scandal but its breadth and depth. I am very glad it has all been aired. It has given me a first taste of what mourners call ‘closure’. A point at which instead of being accused of being sick, one starts to see that it was the accusers who were sick all along.

  38. English Knight

    2 Nov, 2012 - 8:44 pm

    Lord McAlpine it is, and the Tories are rocking. But the knock-out punch will have to be the naming of the Tory “handler” who got dyke Helen Bouden to set the high libel bar for a dead Savile, as an escape route for Rippon.

  39. Phil,

    Deleted that link because I don’t believe it, and accusations of that sort should not be made lightly.

  40. Craig, I think it’s you who is being a bit daft this evening. Or showing your FCO training.

    Oldest trick in the book :

    A makes an assertion
    B contradicts that assertion, setting out some facts
    Craig says oh, no, A’s assertion is correct, the facts that B brought into play are just exceptions to the general rules as set out by A.

    To which Habbakuk asks : who says?

  41. Well done, Mary, always vigilant, aren’t you.

    But a bit to touchy and self-righteous for my taste.

    BTW, how’s your garden getting on, and the hens (or was it cocks)?

  42. Nost Guido’s Newsnight link? Check my Torygraph link above, or Google “Newsnight+Overton” – the story’s still there. Maybe Guido got an earful from Cameron?

    And, amazingly, the Express and Craig are temporarily as one on this:

    “Well I can tell Mr Cameron that this claim is not sensational, anything but. In fact Tom Watson has barely scratched the surface.

    I have compiled a list of 132 ­utterly shameless establishment child abusers. These include MPs, lords and local councillors. A ­similar list for members of Her Majesty’s Constabulary exists.


    I don’t believe these lists are complete. This is not conjecture or media gossip but people, ­primarily men, who have been prosecuted for child sex offences throughout the UK.

    Many of these abusers still ­represent constituents and are “serving the public”. At the very least we should know who they are, where they are and if their public decisions are influenced by the greater good or their own twisted perversions.

    As a journalist, and in light of the Savile revelations, people have contacted me desperate to share their abuse stories.

    Some accuse powerful members of the establishment. Several household-name MPs are said to have committed acts of degradation against children as young as six.

    Yes, some of these callers may be jumping on the bandwagon but not many are, as independent ­corroboration of their stories has already confirmed.

    So let’s not be under any ­ illusion that this is only about Savile. I fear it is far from it.”

    (Sonia Poulton, 28th Oct)

    Hardly likely to be a complete fabrication, and it’s still up.

  43. /”Lost”

  44. @Craig

    Upon reflection I am glad you deleted it.

  45. “…aren’t you.”

    Unintelligent. Use the curly thing for questions. Thus:

    “…aren’t you?”

  46. it was telling how Brits who commented on MSM articles after Tom Watson “shocked” the Commons came up with one politician after another as possibles and, when one did a bit of searching online, they might all have been correct!

    those individuals & organisations who are GENUINELY against paedophilia – especially the predatory networks, who seem to have no trouble infiltrating public & private institutions at the highest levels – need to join hands to ensure this pandora’s box is opened at this opportune moment. who knows, maybe we can rid the system of these protected, blackmailable perpetrators of the worst kind of sexual crime.

    given the complete failure of past police investigations, and the Beeb appointing Murdoch connected persons – Nick Pollard & Dinah Rose QC – to head their internal investigations, pressure will have to come from the public & those genuinely concerned organisations for a credible, independent inquiry which goes above & beyond the Savile/BBC saga.

    there has never been a better opportunity. good luck.

  47. What exactly was divulged in the Scallywag magazine that displeased so many toffs and is linked to abuse in care homes in north Wales and elsewhere??

  48. “Then in 1991 the story broke into the main stream when the Independent HTV and Private Eye publiciced the abuse. Between 1991 and 1993, North Wales Police mounted a huge retrospective investigation and subsequently referred some 800 allegations to the Crown Prosecutions Service. Fewer than 3% of these referrals proceeded to trial, much to the dismay and mystification of many of the alleged victims and of the adults who knew the extent and nature of the alleged abuse”

  49. The UK Column video seems earnest, if a bit random. They propose a desparate idea to help break power pedophile rings – an amnesty.

    They quote a 2009 Independant article claiming that Jack Straw quietly introduced a bill which stops children in care from speaking out about abuse.

    But as of April, because of a change in legislation being introduced by Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, the media will no longer be able to identify those involved in cases such as the Websters. It will also be illegal for any children currently in care to speak out, even if they feel they are being maltreated.

    Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming agrees: “There are two issues here. One is that the press will be prevented from reporting cases like the Websters with their names and faces. The other is that, at the moment, children who are in care are entitled to speak out if they are unhappy, although it doesn’t happen very often because nobody knows how to do it. The effect of this change will be to gag them.”

    The evil of child abuse is surely one of the most galvanising of all possible causes.

    If full revelation and prosecution of child abuse is still being blocked by elements in the BBC and Law and Government now, surely the country can manage a mass protest and financial support for, surely the great majority of people all professions, who wish to eradicate this source of harm. A secretive and truely perverse source of harm, which has riddled institutions throughout history till now?

  50. This is not very good coming from a professional ex-diplomat. You know perfectly well that the Royal family were meeting JS the major charitable fund raiser. JS did a very great deal for charity. He was also apparently an extremely odd character with rather unpleasant ‘priapic’ interests. Questions do need to be asked, questions about why the Royal family were exposed to being associated with a paedophile whose activities were well known within the BBC and were also known of and complained of to the police over the course of a considerable timespan, questions about his associations with others who were not involved with charity work and did not appear to share common interests of a usual nature. Does not MI5 have role in protecting the Royal family both physically and reputationally, if not MI5, then who? Our secret service seems more interested in fighting Israel’s enemies than protecting this Realm.

  51. The specific link to the Scallywag magazine story here

  52. Totally agree with your piece. It’s the ones we can’t see or hear, we should be rooting out. Hidden and protected by the veil of secrecy. Lots of them, too.

  53. Forthurst, your assumptions should concure, although looking at the video from Bill Maloney, it seems that MI5 could also have an interest in controlling the Royals and their behaviour, for when it suits them and, by whatever means.

    What is disturbing that nobody in the BBC is talking of re-opening the Haute La Garenne inquiry, the timidity and public warning given by the police before they arrest and/or interview someone, is very worrying.

    What if these cases are not just similar to Marc Dutroux, what if they are connected?

  54. Murdoch’s people have known all about Savile for decades. Both myself and my partner were told over a long lunch at Murdoch’s expense sometime around 1991 by a then NoTW staff journalist, Annette Witheridge (now a contributor to the Daily Mail), all about Savile’s perversions, including the necrophilia at Leeds General Infirmary. She told us that they had a huge dossier on Savile going back decades, but that they were expressing forbidden ‘from above’ from ‘doing’ Savile. Witheridge never explained who precisely had embargoed the accumulated intelligence, but we both got the clear impression it was the proprietor himself, for reasons unknown.

    Someone should find out what the News of the World had on Savile, and why they suppressed it (as did several other papers).

  55. Typo: expressly forbidden

  56. Mind numbing Larry – Thank-you

  57. @ Habbakuk,

    That’s a really bad post you directed at Mary earlier.

    You may disagree with her-fine- but the latter tone of your post was ugly,personal and,as i read it,almost sinister in its personal dimension.

    Who the fuck do you think you are?

  58. Have you seen this?

    It links the paedophile network with drug running and very, very important people in government and society.

  59. Jives,

    I think we know mind of ‘Habbakuk’ from that post to Mary. In fact I can see the flames.

  60. Necrophilia – Iraq – Palestine – Jimmy Savile – at 0:59 onwards:

    ***Really a Must See!***

    With thanks to Larry Levin.

  61. Chris Jones

    3 Nov, 2012 - 2:41 am

    Only that far Nevermind?

  62. Thanks Nevermind. Post number two genuinelly had me in stitches.

  63. no surprise:

    Newsnight claims ‘leading Tory from Thatcher years was part of paedophile ring who raped boys at Welsh children’s home’… but BBC sparks new fury by failing to NAME ‘shadowy’ politician
    •Alleged abuse victim Steven Messham told Newsnight he was raped more than a dozen times
    •Editor of the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Iain Overton, had claimed on Twitter that Newsnight would name him
    •The tweet prompted furious speculation online about the identity of the alleged paedophile, who is still alive
    •But Newsnight said there was ‘not enough evidence’ to reveal the identity of the man it has accused

  64. I did not respond to the sillyness/smutty remark Mark. He/she is named after a prophet in the Hebrew bible!

  65. @ Jives : “…almost sinister in it personal dimension..”

    I see you’ve picked up some of the linguistic tricks used by the Establishment. Man up and tell me (us) how it’s “sinister”. Am I, for example, proposing to encourage a fox to get her chickens? Put weedkiller on her dahlias?

    Off you go, the floor is yours.

  66. English Knight

    Have deleted another post of yours. if you want to post stuff about “Jews, gays and dykes” there is a whole internet out there for you but you will be banned from this bit of it if you continue that stuff.

  67. Come on chaps. Let’s not rock the boat. We should all stick together…. Dimblebore Jnr. Mealy mouthed tw*t.

    Broadcaster backs BBC against Jimmy Savile ‘witch-hunt’
    Broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby said the attacks on the BBC were “very distressing”

    Jimmy Savile scandal
    Erasing the memory of Jimmy Savile
    Child protection: The road to hypervigilance
    Savile: Alleged victims’ stories
    Mark Easton: Giving victims a voice

    There has been a “disturbing relish” in the way critics have laid into the BBC over the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, Jonathan Dimbleby has said.

    The broadcaster told the Times newspaper there has been a “witch-hunt” against the corporation, which had become “horribly out of proportion”.

    “The real focus should be on what Savile did wrong,” he said.


  68. There are names on this list – one of which is McAlpine another is Leon Brittain.

  69. I’ve done something of a round-up of sites on the Internet that name names in the growing sex scandal. You can read it here

    In the meantime – A Joke: What do children and power have in common? They are both abused by politicians.

  70. Just an afterthought @ Jives’ post, which – if I may descend to his own linguistic register – would have seriously “pissed” me off if it wasn’t so ridiculous.

    He also characterises my post about Mary as “ugly”. This board contains, on an almost daily basis, “ugly” posts about quite quite a number of people, eg, to take a recent example,the one(s) slyly hinting that Prince Charles (and other members of the Royal family, are either paedophiles or homosexual) – but I somehow seem to have missed Jives’ indignation in that regard.

    Could the answer be that “ugly” attacks – mostly unsubstantiated – on the great and the good are fine with Jives, but woe onto anyone who dares to deliver a gently kick to one of the “coterie” of this board?

    Just a question.

  71. Habbabkuk

    Jives’ status and yours are the same on this blog, so your disagreement on this point is on an equal footing. None of the commenters are “attached” to this site. That is why I have discouraged volunteer moderators from commenting overmuch, as it blurs that line (which caused ructions lately). Readers can judge your disagreement with Jives as they wish. Readers, incidentally, outnumber commenters about 100 to 1.

  72. Kempe,

    You deserve a reply because you make a very simple logical fallacy. To argue that the pattern of Savile’s behaviour is such that I cannot believe that paedophiles are only to be found among his “lower-class” friends of course does not mean every one of Savile’s acquaintances is a paedophile. That is the stupid “some sheep are black” to “all sheep are black” fallacy. You are not actually that stupid and are seeking to obfuscate for ideological reasons. Why, I know not.

  73. Rhisiart Gwilym

    3 Nov, 2012 - 10:09 am

    Yeah, Old-Testament-person: lay off Mary. Keep it civil, keep it factual.

  74. Nothing was proved against Jimmy Savile while he was alive was it? Case closed as far as I’m concerned.

  75. A certain deceased former Lib Dem MP was mentioned in Private Eye (again) this week. As usual the mainstream media have not said a peep as far as I can detect.

  76. habbakuk, the non person, is able to solve the captcha, so he’s in, well done.
    There is no need to fight, rancour or colour favours here. We do at times let rip, dearest newbie, but try not to get personal. I know how hard it is at times.

    Mary happens to be a wealth of information an asset prone to CSI, I bet she has to bath her fingers in asses milk every evening to attain their usual subtleness thereafter and she does not need such jibes.

    So leave it out.

  77. Here’s a name to conjure with –

    Ticks Tom Watson’s boxes.

  78. Thank you for that post, Craig.

    And now, how about a response – or better still, an apology – from Jives?

  79. Craig 2 Nov, 2012 – 8:50 pm
    “Phil, Deleted that link because I don’t believe it, and accusations of that sort should not be made lightly.”

    Seeing what has not been treated so is intriguing.

  80. I think Jives is still waiting for a response from you, Hab. Namely, who the XXXX do you think you are? One from me – have you anything to say on the topic? Or are you only here to troll?

    Probably best not to feed you. Ends.

  81. @Komodo

    I enjoy reading your posts, however:

    “We could maybe have some confidence in Yew Tree if we knew it was headed by a – preferably female – policeman with a strong record in combating paedophilia and a rigorous approach to dishonest policemen.”

    There are good and bad people, and this has nothing to do with gender, to suggest that a woman is needed is ridiculous. A police man/woman with the right amount of integrity will do surely. WTF?

    This whole Jimmy Saville business has my head spinning, I just can’t believe the hypocrisy of it all – the media runs the story again and again when clearly they are the ones that should be brought to account (along with all the guilty peados obviously) for hiding it. I had dinner with the editor of a foreign newspaper about ten years ago; he told me about wor Jimmy and he was outraged at being silenced about it.


  82. The winky face was attached to the line ‘please don’t pick on my grammar’. Not sure where that went.

  83. I’m sure I read somewhere that Winston Churchill “liked to sodomise the younger boys…”

    I do sigh a bit when you lot go on so much about Zionists, only because I think they can’t be involved in every wrongdoing in the world… buuutttt… it turns out Winston was a Zionist too!

    There’s no suggestion that the two are related, I just thought it was worth mentioning.

    Maybe it’s how “peadophillia” was looked at throughout the ages or something? Maybe it was more acceptable, or was it to do with the huge gulf between haves and have nots?

  84. @ Komodo : “who the XXXX are you” was your question. I think Craig answered that one, didn’t he?

    I shan’t bother to ask you who you are (note the absence of the XXXX)

  85. “I expect him to be arrested in the next few weeks. I am not so sure if the current government minister will be arrested for the same offence.”

  86. Komodo, you have to realise that someone who is no one, needs recognition, attention and our love….

  87. Was Savile useful to the Security Service? Is that why he was protected? Did some of his alleged activities give them the leverage (aka the potential for blackmail) they seem systemically keen to seek on politicians and other powerful figures? Certainly, for years they protected many senor figures in organised crime – eg. allegedly, Arthur Thomson Senior in Glasgow wrt Northern Ireland gun-running and more. And sex info. on politicians and others has always been most useful.

  88. Habbabkuk,

    1. No,im certainly not going to apologise to you.

    2. Your post to Mary was patronising and then simply got weirder.You said she was “touchy and too self-righteous” for your taste but offered no counter argument or salient points.After your characterisation you strangely enquired after her garden. So,from a personal slight to a personal question do you really expect to be viewed,or answered favourably? Really? To me there was something unsettling about the style and tone.

    3. Dont tell me what posts i should or shouldnt react or respond to.Or how i should be responding.I’ll make my own mind up,thank you.

    4. I refuse to take linguistic wrangling advice from someone who refers to themselves in the third person,thank you very much. Now,there’s nothing wrong per se with illeism. It doesnt necessarily imply a psycholigucal or self-reality disconnect or narcissism it just, sometimes to me, suggests a sljght strangeness of tone. Which is OK but it nevertheless leaves a certain impression when used in a dialogue.

    5. We’re a broad church in this blog. There is no clique or strategic alliances. Long time posters disagree all the time. That’s healthy and is one of the reasons this is such a popular and vibrant blog.

    6. Dont be so thin-skinned about swear words-or at least possibly pretend to be. We’re all grown ups. Some of the nastiest barbs in this blog never use swear words when a snarky supercilious tone is far more wounding.

    Finally, apologies to all other posters for dragging this post O/T. I was called on a point of order and felt it worth replying.


  89. Chris Jones

    3 Nov, 2012 - 6:13 pm

    “Komodo, you have to realise that someone who is no one, needs recognition, attention and our love….”

    …yuk – rather self satisfied no

  90. Habbakuk: troll. Effortlessly passes all the tests I have set it. Do not feed.

    Just to turn away from the Savile trail for a second. Here’s Robert Wilson, MP for Reading, focusing the blame on the BBC:

    Who the hell is Robert Wilson? Oh, yes.

    Remember Hunt? Murdoch’s man in the media ministry.

    Mystic Komodo suggests; The investigation of Savile’s activities and friends will do as much damage to the BBC as can be arranged . Then it will quietly fade away.

  91. Komodo, its already happening. This massive scandal is buried under more US election news, Denis the pennis MacShane is a ‘filler’. The BBC is colluding with the go slow of the police and somebody said that the witness wanting to talk to Cameron, will be arrested within a few days time.
    Those mentioned will now keep a low profile for some time and more smothering will do the rest.
    Lost of attentive stuff coming up, Syria Iran, our boys doing their stuff, the presidential elections next door, so much more valid and applicable to us than the wretched PPC elections, all good smothering stuff.

    the BBC is guilty of covering up the Saville scandal, so is the police and those who failed to speak up for these victims, or were persuaded by whoever it may be, to shelf the inquiries and stop looking. This scandal will not go away, it will be the last straw that brakes the camels back, now people know what is going on and will judge their superiors by their cover ups and by their despicable crimes.

    what a great future for elective policies. Should we not all go out to our local hustings and badger our PPC’s with this cover up, what they would recommend the current chief constables do?

    Sorry did not want to make this too local, after all this is America, were the first two items on the news is the presidential erections, and then an item on how our Olympic rowers are already looking forward and preparing for Rio, what else could possibly matter in this country…
    There is a concerted campaign by the BBC’s top public faces to smother this, tell us 100 times to walk on, nothing to see here.

    Well, shit M. Dimbleby, I’m welded to the ground! so you best tell us what you know and what you’ve heard. We all know your questions are not random and that your programme is made up, prepared and choreographed, just as you are.

  92. Chris Jones

    3 Nov, 2012 - 9:40 pm

    Of course there is always the very high possibility that the BBC,as well as being seemingly rotten and corrupted, is being deliberately destroyed from within – a cruel double blow ey?

  93. Marcus –
    Independent 3 Nov:

    Sir Winston Churchill: Zionist hero
    Jews hold strong views about the man honoured by a new statue in Jerusalem, says Catrina Stewart
    “As a passionate Zionist all his life and a philo-semite, Churchill has been under-recognised,” says Anthony Rosenfelder, a trustee of the Jerusalem Foundation, which is behind the project to commemorate the British leader. He “combined a historical understanding of the Jewish people and what the promised land meant for Jews … with realpolitik”.
    It is perhaps ironic that a statue of Churchill should stand just yards away from the King David Hotel, scene of a deadly Jewish terror attack on British military headquarters in 1946 that was to hasten the demise of mandate rule in Palestine…
    Newly declassified MI5 papers reveal that in 1944, the British feared that the Stern Gang, a Jewish terrorist group determined to oust the British from Palestine, was plotting to kill Churchill, as well as the unpopular politician Ernest Bevin.
    In the end, it was not Churchill who died, but his close friend Lord Moyne, who was assassinated by the Stern Gang in Cairo in November 1944. Mr Segev writes that the bloody act “lost the Zionists one of their most important supporters, Winston Churchill”.
    In an address to the House of Commons, Churchill made clear the depth of his dismay: “If our dreams for Zionism are to end in the smoke of assassins’ pistols and our labours for its future to produce only a new set of gangsters worthy of Nazi Germany, many like myself will have to reconsider the position we have maintained so consistently and so long in the past.”

  94. Global Elite Pedophile Ring – 10-26-2012 – Top Dutch Official Facing Child Rape Allegations

    Now screen legend Leonard Rossiter is accused of performing a sex act while watching three BBC staff try to rape 18-year-old TV extra

  95. @ Jives (6.10pm). That screed must have been exhausting to write. But perhaps less exhausting than to read.

    You wrote (I shall retain your original text) “Dont tell me what posts i should or shouldnt react or respond to. Or how i should be responding”.

    I wouldn’t dream of doing so, dear. I merely note your deafening silence in the face of “ugly” suggestions about Prince Charles (to take just one example) whereas you fall over yourself in your haste to attack me for an “ugly” post regarding Mary.

    You are certainly gutless. Are you shameless as well?

  96. Kabbabkuk,

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…troll…youve been sussed by many more than me already.

    Back on topic all.Far more important.

    We will all know you by your slavish disruptive ignorance,dear.

  97. Reading about dear old Leonards supposed… offence , i was again wondering what in curses has been going on.

    I think we are trying to get to grips with the most torrid part of the ‘oldest industry’ – the sex industry. An industry ever secretive and criminalised, which trades in the most urgent and passionate and unreasoned of instincts. An industry which the hedonistic rich have always arranged as much as the nihilistic poor.

    Sex is always beyond rationality, even done clinically it is absurd -to think there is a default, normal way to it. The normal ways are as organic and as contrived as the theatric, athletic, casual, sloppy or the extra-meaningful and every other way. Sexual behaviour is a kaleidoscope of expression, where roles are played knowingly, half knowingly and blindly. It is often bigger than us. It will often drive people to fault, crazy mistakes, crimes of passion, as it can drive people to live together and create life too.

    But since it has its dangerous, harmful possibilities, never fully controlled by reason – The criminalisation of its industry leads to this corruption in high places where it is as irrepressible as it is anywhere. That industry might mostly consist of consenting, role playing adults, but they all must hide from prosecution. That irrepressible criminal society exists already, has done for a long time, with them all hiding in corridors of power as much as in slums.

    Within that society is hiding the worst of its colours, the child users, and the bullies of the truely vulnerable which criminalistion happens to increase -peoples vulnerability.

    I dont want to partake in prostitution myself. But i think the general criminalistion is part of the situation which has created a supersecretive harbour for the sickest and most harmful permutations of sexual activity.

    If our populations newly interknit awareness of the unanimously intolerable, terrible harm of sexual abuse can manage to erradicate it – not only would countless children and people be relieved of their horrors, the corruption of war and hunger will have its connections caught and be isolated too.

    We need to get behind people/organisations who can really act on this.

  98. is tom watson playing tavistock games that is the question.
    asking questions about kid fiddlers under thatchers reign.
    sent his blog an email but he does not want to put it up.

    “I don’t think anyone questions, Mr. watson, that you’re working hard. Our question is who you’re working for?
the fact you are chasing 1980s shadows is proof enough for me of your intentions.
mr watson this year some of your work mates have raped children.
why is the d notice being used to cover the tracks of paedos today and under blair.
everything you are saying at the moment is smoke and mirrors..

    PRESIDENT: You think, you think we want to, want to go this route now? And the–let it hang out, so to speak?
    DEAN: Well, it’s, it isn’t really that–
    HALDEMAN: It’s a limited hang out.
    DEAN: It’s a limited hang out.
    EHRLICHMAN: It’s a modified limited hang out.
    PRESIDENT: Well, it’s only the questions of the thing hanging out publicly or privately.

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