Savile and the Low Hanging Fruit 177

Talk of “round up the usual suspects”. Gary Glitter and Freddie Starr are not even low-hanging fruit for the Met, they are windfalls.

Jimmy Savile’s behaviour was evidently priapistic, and his predeliction for under-age sex, it is plain, was indulged continually in semi-public situations. The risk or exposure, or the thrill of his own incredible immunity, appear to have been part of the enjoyment.

I do not accept that there were two Jimmy Saviles; that one, the open pervert, only appeared when he was with the conveniently already discredited Gadd and Starr, and the other entirely respectable Savile was the friend of Royalty, senior politicians and public servants and entirely blameless in his behaviour. It seems to me much more intrinsically probable that the mutual indulgence of shared vices was the stuff of his friendships in both groups.

Savile’s elevation into the social elite brought him the immunity from prosecution for sexual exploitation that social elites always appear to enjoy. The “posh” part of Savile’s social circle continues to be protected, while Glitter and Starr will satisfy the public mood for revenge.

I am sure there is a great deal more to know than Glitter and Starr. I fear we shall never be permitted to know it.

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177 thoughts on “Savile and the Low Hanging Fruit

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  • thatcrab

    Ive found Habbio endearingly irrelevant, but hes yet to savage me, though i’ve just put a particularly vulnerable comment in the other thread.
    Marcus no apologies – id already wondered about that quote meself.

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  • thatcrab

    “do not bother with tom watson. … many people have been sending him information about rape in the last 5 years not in the ffing 1980s he has done nothing.”

    He appears sincere to me and his latest actions appear to be very significant. To all intents and purposes it looks like he is uniquely blowing a whistle at the problem and deserves support. He should not be dismissed and denounced for not being confident to act on other material and directions – which is doubtless convincing and central to others.
    The many views of the situation are overwhelming and confusing, to dispassionate solution seeking observers – nevermind someone working in the furnace.

    Some people just accept accept every appearance of error and corruption. But he may well be just choosing his most hopeful time and place to attack the situation which is beyond most anyones full understanding. If he deserves to be denounced as a fraud, that accusation requires more than a casual rejection of his performance.
    Letter to David Cameron regarding Child Sex Abuse Investigation – November 5th 2012
    >My advice to you as Prime Minister – and from one father to another – is that you need to order a special police investigation, outside the affected forces, with proper resources, to review all relevant police files and those of the intelligence services. If they have documents suggesting politicians in the Commons and Lords or others in positions of power were involved in child abuse then they should make them available to a new inquiry team.
    >The forces so far known of be affected (Met, Surrey, West and South Yorkshire, West Mercia, Dorset, Kent, Essex, North Wales, Suffolk and Sussex) need to have their archives systematically searched for intelligence from witnesses/victims making claims which were not investigated; investigations which were closed down, and so on.

  • KingofWelshNoir


    I totally agree mate. It looks like Tom Watson is doing a very brave thing, forcing into the public domain this issue which would otherwise remain hidden from view. All we need now is for the media to find its balls and ask what happened to the inquiry into Haut de la Garenne.

  • Habbabkuk

    I also agree with Thatcrab regarding Tom Watson.

    Tony Roma- style comments, if followed, would lead to a situation where nobody, but nobody would be believed to be acting in an honest and honorable manner, where nobody could be trusted to be acting from moral principle and a desire for the common good – in other words, a world of horror and paranoia.

    I believe there are actually some honest people out there.

  • thatcrab

    At this stage in my life i am beyond horrified and paranoid about what goes on in politics and finance. But there through my own frailty and ignorance but for the grace.. go I. It is amazing what most people will accept for the sake of their personal world. I think only rarely do the stars and characters align for people to do better than expected. Expectations need to evolve.

    Craig broke expectations and recklessly endangered everything dear to him for the sake of tortured people who almost everyone else would and did put out of their minds for their own security. And he was almost killed and had to build a new life.
    He is a very rare kind of charitable courageous productive geezer whom i mostly look up to from a lowly perch.

    I just pay attention and hold onto a minimum of hope and humility for peoples efforts. Awareness of many unbelieveable but credible things brought to my attention on this particular blog does disturb my productivity and mood sometimes, but i think it is evolutionary.

    I do appreciate Tony Roma linking the UK Column reports, which are ever disturbing but seem very sincere and diligent. They may or may not be frustrated and critical of Tom and all politicians performance, that would be their right from their own courageous labours.

  • tony roma

    tom watson is a shill and this site has plenty of gchq or lower grade paid hands.
    mr watsion has had plenty of information from kidnap and rape in the last 5 years not the 80s.
    he is not brave he is cover and distraction.
    i am not talking about groundless vague stories.
    i am talking about the rendition of children in and out of this country for fuck parties get it.
    using the private jets of million and billion dollar known people.
    not talking about him naming names just asking simple questions about connections between people running kids charities and friendships with known paedo’s.
    until watson talks about the 50 plus d notice cover up’s of operation ore then he is controlled puppet and as a result aiding and abetting child rapists.
    a 100 year gag order to protect westminster men that have fucked kids that is what we are taliking about.
    bravery no bravery just bluster and bullshit

  • tony roma

    Habbabkuk what a crock
    what a cracker

    I believe there are actually some honest people out there you say

    no just rapists,killers,victims the blackmailed the controlled.
    the what is innit for me innit types
    you get on in westminster once they have the foto,video and audio.
    once the bestial crimes have been recorded to tape and mpeg4.
    then because you are a member of the other secret society clubs you really make it.
    but ask yourself which ones have no skeletons in cupboards.

    mr murdoch has a whole office dedicated to recording and snooping in new york.
    what power one can wield when you have a minister captured on sd or even hd in monstrous flickering crimes.
    the power to sign a contract help start a war.
    maybe it is upside down maybe you can only make it in government if you are a filthy degenerate.

  • thatcrab

    If that be the case Tony what really would be the use of ranting about it in forum. There is no point looking at the situation and talking about it anymore after you have determined it 100% fucked up. You may as well stop looking then, stop cursing and see if you can make the best of your first world position without joining in.

    Another thing about this life is, horrific things, shameful things, every kind of thing is going on and people are hurting and wasting each other everywhere. But even when we stop it, terrible accidents and illnesses and deaths will still occur – and everyone weakens and dies in the end!! Life is a nightmare in this mature respect, you cant eradicate the turmoil altogether. We can only try to live well and true. Terrible things are happening, and wonderful things too. Dont be jaded Tony find your balance.

  • tony roma

    thatcrab yours comment above stinks of mason.
    live and let live : )
    clearly something can be done how about hurting the westminster freaks that rape kids or how about the police doing any kind of job apart from arresting spent glitter singers or a half dead so called starr comic.
    clearly you are a believer in the theory of child rape being a weird sport of the 1970s.
    thank god we live in such yogic clean living post modern times,thank god are kids are safe : )

    thatcrab this blog is interesting but it is also full of vauxhall scum being paid a wage
    ok maybe not actually in vauxhall or pimlico like the man in a bag gareth maybe some data place near slough.
    cursing you say clearly you are from the esther rancid harriet harlot harmen school of men cannot help themselves they have to rape kids let’s change the law to help um.

    you are another hack sack or highly medicated..
    i believe in the innocence of children and any adult that sexually tampers with that innocence should be hurt in a slow methodical way.
    find your balance tony you say thatcrab.
    if you cannot beat um join um.
    maybe i will enjoy it.
    i mean sodomy has not done tony blair or mandy any harm seems to be your position.
    thatcrab stick with your bestial ying
    and i will stick to my angry yang
    but your friends have to understand they will pay for child crimes
    bu hook or crook


    i love the way you framed this savile as sex rather than the rape and sodomy 8 yeear old boys.
    the sexual abuse of the unconscious and the sexual abuse of the dead.
    no wonder we live on such a sick island
    you are rotten

    I think we are trying to get to grips with the most torrid part of the ‘oldest industry’ – the sex industry. An industry ever secretive and criminalised, which trades in the most urgent and passionate and unreasoned of instincts. An industry which the hedonistic rich have always arranged as much as the nihilistic poor.

  • thatcrab

    I am not at all sure that is all lies Tony, and i haven’t been alluding such. I just don’t know what of it is true – i could be mostly confused blanks, and they are no good for loading up with, i imagine. I cant source any of it except to permutations of the same in blogs and discussions. To believe it fully without a familiar source would involve a much bigger leap of faith than required to assess Tom Watson’s sincerity. In my view he has requested the strongest kind of enquiry possible right in this direction in parliament. What do want him to read out an underground webpage? Who are you saying the public should support to tackle this issue, someone who makes alienating in-jokes about lizards?

  • tony roma

    lizard talk thats the man thatcrap
    taliking of lizards ikes web shite on savile has a perfect containment strategy in action whoever is running that is doing sterling hoovering work info deletions for queen and country.
    thatcrab if a minister is good friends with a convicted child rapist if the head of child protection charities are having holidays abroad and flying on private jets with convicted child rapists is that a good thing.
    what the fuck has that moral maze got to do with lizards.
    if you are not a paid hack find someone in the media and ask them about d.a notices.
    why has operation ore a paedo ring case got so many 100 year d notices attached to it.
    i ask you what has raping children got to do with the defence of the realm.

    A DA-Notice or Defence Advisory Notice (called a Defence Notice or D-Notice until 1993) is an official request to news editors not to publish or broadcast items on specified subjects for reasons of national security. The system is still in use in the United Kingdom.
    i have an idea leave a message on watsons blog ask him a question if d notices should be used to protect child rapists and see if he allows it up after moderation : )
    try a benign question tom great work i am your no1 fan tom are you happy the way d notices are handed out and sometimes used to protect rapists.
    or tom d notices anything a yogic minded friend of the earth islington type needs to worry about?
    or just mad talk from the lizard squad.
    why not
    tom d notice pray tell?

  • thatcrab

    I probably shouldnt have mentioned lizards sorry.
    I dont know there are as many d notices and people involved in this as you perceive from eg. the last article linked , i need a more familiarisable source to relate claims. It is quite possible Tom finds it impractical to go after d-notices in parliament, and very likely he does not understand or accept or have a hells chance in targeting masonic nexus.

    But something unusually bad and secretive about all this was declared here, by a man with special contacts in the government and state who has brought many secret corruptions to light over the years, writes about this situation “I am sure there is a great deal more to know than Glitter and Starr. I fear we shall never be permitted to know it.

  • company

    It’s difficult to find experienced people about this subject, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

  • Kempe

    It’s a common misconception that the Government can simply slap a D/DA Notice on anything they want and that it effectively brings about a news blackout on pain of death. In reality DA Notices are agreed by the DA Notice Committee which largely consists of representatives from the media, are only applicable to defence matters and are advisory. Any attempt to use one to cover up for ministers would be rejected and widely ignored it if wasn’t. Editors always have the Public Interest defence at their disposal, even when breaking the law.

  • thatcrab

    Courtenay, that torrent of suspects was brought to your attention by “Laura”

    About Laura
    I am a starseed, possibly from the Pleiadies or Andromeda. I am on this journey since age 3, so.. for 35 years.. and i am doing spiritual group work for over 15 years also. I enjoy poetry, music, nature, animals, joking, having fun, listening to spirit. I have connected with many star beings, from various worlds, humanoid or not. Connections happen while awake or in dream like state. Shall we expand our consciousness together.

  • tony roma

    that’s my boy kempe keep up the contaiment..
    kempe log onto your pox low grade government computer and type in operation ore.
    answer the simple question numbnuts.
    what has a kid rape investigation case got to do with the defence of the realm d notice.
    100 a hundred year silence of naming of names in child rape cases.
    not very james bond not very smiley for queen and cuntry heroic is it all rather rotten.
    kempe name me a case of an editor going against a d notice.
    you are a low grade tool kempe but everyone has to make a living even the ss got a wage packet
    also why a d notice on dando and gareth williams help the forum out old man
    spill the intel old bean

  • tony roma

    “I am sure there is a great deal more to know than Glitter and Starr. I fear we shall never be permitted to know it.“

    that is my boy keep the frame in the i love the 70s.
    we cannot have the sheeple believing that child rape happens today can we.
    how about glitter and starr are nothing.
    to me they do not look mason enough but if they are then the police know how to look after friends.
    the problem is the the super rich and the westminster movers and shakers that can and do rape now and laugh at how contained everything is.
    when does a charity become a corporation when it is called the nspcc.
    when does it start to have a pr problem.
    when it has a leader called mandy who says hello boy’s come fly me.

  • Phil

    The wild allegations being thrown around here only serve to undermine what appear to be very real accusations of a paedophile ring that include the powerful.

    Some of these wild accusations are probably born out of a frustration at the tamed corporate media and others may be part of a propaganda campaign to further fog the reality. But they all play into the hands of those who want to suggest this is a witch hunt against gays.

    @Courtenay Barnett
    Didn’t you claim to be a lawyer a few days ago? Which makes your link even more surprising.

  • Kempe

    Roma, thank you fo your kind considered reply to my post.

    As you point out there are no grounds for placing a D/DA Notice on Operation Ore which is why it never happened. Anyone who tells you otherwise is, I think, pulling your leg. If it had happened numerous editors, especially the Red Top Paedo Hunters, would’ve taken great delight in ignoring it.

  • tony roma

    kempe what a scumbag shill you are : )
    next you will be saying your masonic lodge is just a supper club for lovers of democracy.
    so give me a kempe statement.
    did tony blair issue any d.a notices covering operation ore are you saying 0.
    red top paedo hunters are doing a good job gary glitter and freddie starr.
    i here you can get a better hour rate in kfc chicken shack but i suppose you prefer sitting on your fat smug arse

  • Kempe

    Sorry to disappoint but I was turned down by the Masons; I couldn’t master the silly handshake.

  • tony roma

    Sorry to disappoint but I was turned down by the Masons; I couldn’t master the silly handshake.

    but what of the perks.
    the drugging and raping of unconscious kids from care homes.
    the energy harvesting of youth not turn you on
    the lords and ladies cannot do it alone they need dumb muscle for the lifting.
    and getting rid of the evidence.

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