Savile and the Low Hanging Fruit 177

Talk of “round up the usual suspects”. Gary Glitter and Freddie Starr are not even low-hanging fruit for the Met, they are windfalls.

Jimmy Savile’s behaviour was evidently priapistic, and his predeliction for under-age sex, it is plain, was indulged continually in semi-public situations. The risk or exposure, or the thrill of his own incredible immunity, appear to have been part of the enjoyment.

I do not accept that there were two Jimmy Saviles; that one, the open pervert, only appeared when he was with the conveniently already discredited Gadd and Starr, and the other entirely respectable Savile was the friend of Royalty, senior politicians and public servants and entirely blameless in his behaviour. It seems to me much more intrinsically probable that the mutual indulgence of shared vices was the stuff of his friendships in both groups.

Savile’s elevation into the social elite brought him the immunity from prosecution for sexual exploitation that social elites always appear to enjoy. The “posh” part of Savile’s social circle continues to be protected, while Glitter and Starr will satisfy the public mood for revenge.

I am sure there is a great deal more to know than Glitter and Starr. I fear we shall never be permitted to know it.

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177 thoughts on “Savile and the Low Hanging Fruit

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  • Laura

    Savile could not have operated with impunity for decades without there being a network of people in high places protecting him. Savile is dead, Glitter has already served time he and Starr are old men, but when are the high ranking police officers and politicians (some of whom have their names already implicated on the internet), going to be held to account?

    I used to live in Jersey, I really think you should read Stuart Syvret’s blog – if you don’t know him already he is a whistle blower like yourself who has paid a very high price for trying to expose the truth.

  • Mary

    Scarborough tainted


    The modern era has provided its fair share of characters such as Peter Jaconelli – a successful businessman who was active in the Fishermen’s and Fireman’s charity. No one would describe him as an average man. He was average in height but in no other way – particularly in his width. This huge Italian Ice cream maker and seller acquired his huge size by eating huge amounts of oysters and even made an attempt at the world record for eating them. He also played judo and was particularly good at it in his younger days often in contests on the beach. Later in life he was an important member of the town council. But he was always seen in his ice cream parlour greeting the many tourists in his own distinctive way.

    Jimmy Saville cannot be left off the list of lovable eccentrics and characters of the borough. This former Radio One DJ was arguably the first ever true DJ. He was the first DJ to use two decks so he could keep the music going. He has lived in Scarborough for many years and will often be seen walking in his track suits,gold chains and huge cigars. At the height of his fame he hosted “Jim’ll Fix It” on prime time TV. He used to make dreams come true for youngsters.


    and a grovelling obituary in the Guardian by Martin Wainwright

  • Komodo

    Hmmm. He was very chummy with Thatcher, but much as I execrate her memory I seriously doubt she was a kiddy-fiddler. Guilt by association would vastly extend the scope of the enquiry.

    We could maybe have some confidence in Yew Tree if we knew it was headed by a – preferably female – policeman with a strong record in combating paedophilia and a rigorous approach to dishonest policemen.

    But Peter Spindler? I don’t want to damn the man, but –

    Commander Peter Spindler, of the Met, admitted more than 130 employees left Scotland Yard over the past year instead of facing disciplinary measures.

    But he said in many cases it is more ‘pragmatic’ to let them resign…

    Sure, it’s the Daily Wail, but it’s worth a raised eyebrow at least.

  • Mary

    Last December I received a telephone call concerning Jimmy Savile’s apparent sexual abuse of underage girls in the 1970s. The details I heard were pretty chilling, but the negative reaction when I tried (unsuccessfully) to report the claims in the national press was equally troubling. There is every indication that the Leveson inquiry into press standards was to blame.

    My source said that a Newsnight investigation into Savile’s activities had been shelved by the BBC in mysterious circumstances and encouraged me to find out more. I learnt that Newsnight had heard that Savile and two other celebrities, both still alive, had abused many different girls on BBC premises and in the Surrey countryside, when Savile visited an all-girls approved school called Duncroft. Newsnight also discovered that Savile had been questioned over sex crimes by Surrey police in 2007.


    Over two weeks I contacted six national news desks. One after another rejected the idea. I consistently suggested that it would not be necessary for anyone to accuse Savile outright of abusing children, simply to report that Newsnight had jettisoned its exposé despite significant-seeming findings, of which I knew quite a bit. Newsnight’s groundwork could then be developed, or perhaps other victims would come forward.

    Yet it was futile. Some papers told me that because Savile had been dead less than two months the story was ‘in bad taste’, whatever its provenance. Others said that if the police hadn’t prosecuted Savile in his lifetime, it wouldn’t be worth pursuing him now. And a couple of news desks judged that material like this was ‘best avoided’ for the time being.


  • Steve

    How far does it go you ask ?……


    ALL sections of government and politics including the both houses and No 10,
    The Media and Entertainment industries,
    Law, courts, judges, prison system,
    All branches of the Military,
    All Education establishments,
    All health services and Medical establishments,
    All High ranking Police officials,
    Public and Private corporations.

    Perverts run the asylum.

  • Pauline Barten.

    I fear you are right, Craig. It’s not rocket science for the police to have investigated this sooner. Instead suspects are told beforehand, the police want to interview them.This gives them plenty of time to have their story straight.If the only evidence the police claim to have is the victims statements, it’s pathetic.Whatever happened to good detective work ?. They have the means for covert surveillence.Or is that only used against people putting the wrong kind of rubbish in a wheely bin?.

  • Banksie

    Mary, re: Scarborough tainted.
    I grew up in Scarborough during the ’60’s and 70’s. Peter Jaconelli was a well known local character and kiddy fiddler. He only employed young lads between 13 and 15 and it was well known that he liked to touch them up often offering money for them to go somewhere private with him. His brother Albert was the same. Both had ice-cream shops on the South Bay. In Albert’s shop, which was under the Futurist Theatre, he would sit in an alcove that had a one-way mirrored glass window to the top and a beaded curtain beneath, which you ducked through to get inside. If you were unfortunate enough to work for him (and he only employed boys) he would sit in his alcove unseen and watch you. He was well creepy and was always asking you if you liked ice-cream. I know, I worked for him for a season. He was quite touchy-feely and only stopped when I told him to leave me alone. No-one ever questioned them yet the police must have known about their antics. Horrible horrible men

  • Neil Saunders

    True, Glitter and Starr are sacrificial victims. Those higher up the pecking-order will remain inviolate.

    It’s also true that the Savile story has deflected media (and therefore public) attention from another child-abuse story, that in Rochdale, etc., where men (mainly, if not exclusively, of Pakistani origin) have sexually groomed underage girls.

  • larry Levin

    this Savile case has similiar undertones to the Marc Dutroux case in Belgium, 100,000’s marched in the streets but it has been hushed up in the UK.

    Also we are led ot believe that murdoch/sky are deadly rivals of the bbc, so how come murdoch sky with his phone tapping and detectives and dodgy cops never exposed savile? Murdoch/sky the dog that did not bark.

    Paedophilia is being used as a tool of control, once you have molested or killed a child you can be safely promoted into a position of power and become an “asset” to those who have the compromising evidence.

  • larry Levin

    if you are in the bbc and know about children being molested, how can you prevent the victims going to the police??? I have an idea why not create an organisation for abused children who these poor victims can phone.

    childline was formed totally disconnected to the BBC, another dog that did not bark. paedophiles and rapists have figured out that its very hard to be convicted of these crimes. think rape has a 2% conviction rate.

  • Herbert

    Royal servant George Smith made a rape allegation against more senior royal servant Michael Fawcett, whom he also alleged to be a male sex partner of Prince Charles.

    Those two allegations have never appeared in the British media, although they have been published abroad. When the appeared in Le Monde, that newspaper was prevented from coming into the country.

    Bill Oddie says he reckons the reason the BBC pulled the Savile programme was that Savile was friends with the royal family. I reckon Oddie is right.

    How many times did Prince Charles visit Haut de la Garenne?

  • Herbert

    Princess Diana interviewed George Smith about his allegations, on tape. The tape was mentioned in the Princess Diana inquest, but had ‘gone missing’. Unfortunately, Mr Smith died, in his early 40s, before the inquest hearing started.

    Whoopsadaisy, eh?

  • lysias

    If social elites always enjoy impunity, why would William Beckford and Byron have been forced to live abroad because of their sexual irregularities?

  • Vronsky

    Not sure I’d go along with everything in this LRT piece, but have a read.

  • hp

    Same old thing.
    Throw the public a couple of bones and get on with the business of business.

    With the WWW, however, things have changed.

    Surely these clowns don’t think they’re the only ones taking names, making lists and checking them twice?

  • Porkfright

    Excellent observations, Craig. Reflects exactly the conclusions formed over the last few days in my own mind. This matter is going to be quietly swept away under some carpet or buried under a patio just as seems to have happened in the French case.

  • Dick the Prick

    Absolutely bob on – who next, Sidney Cooke?

    For truly wonderful blogging, the wonderful Ms Raccoon has demolished Newsnight in 7 installments. It takes about an hour to read but briefly, the ‘scandal’ at Duncroft girls school is bollox.

  • Habbakuk

    I agree with Lysias above.

    Add Oscar Wilde and various other Victorian characters. And what about all those modernday politicians who were named, shamed, and resigned (the Tory who was caught under a bush in one of the London parks with a guardsman, the Labout minister who had the moment of madnes, etc, etc, etc…)?

    BTW @Mary : oysters are not, repeat not, fattening

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