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The most reliable Israeli mouthpiece in the House of Commons, Dennis MacShane, has today resigned as an MP after stealing £20,000 in expenses. This was not a case of a doubtful claim – MacShane actually created, himself, 19 false invoices.

Why he has not been prosecuted and jailed is a question well worth discussion.

At the time that he stole that money, his long term partner was the journalist Joan Smith, who presumably also benefited from it. She wrote this astonishing article in the Guardian:

” I am sick of my country and this hysteria over MPs. People have been led to believe that we are governed by a corrupt political class. This is sanctimonious nonsense.”

Smith is of course a great expert in sanctimonious nonsense, and a leader of the New Labour war criminal movement in their attacks on Julian assange:

It was BICOM mouthpiece Denis MacShane who attacked Paul Flynn as “antisemitic” for querying the purpose of the long series of meetings between Matthew Gould, Adam Werritty and Liam Fox, some of which included Mossad. In doing so, MacShane did not mention his own role in setting up the first of those meetings, on 8 September 2009, and that he had been present at the start of that meeting. The FCO tried to hide that fact by deleting the entire diary entry for the meeting – but that very act prompted an old colleague to tell me.

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89 thoughts on “Israel’s Best Puppet Shamed

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  • mike

    Something tells me that the Savile scandal and the Fox/Werrity business aren’t as unrelated as they might at first appear. Both involve our mainstream media not doing their jobs when it comes to following the trail up the ladder. They only climb so high before vertigo gets the better of them. And you’re probably correct, Craig: Glitter and Starr are just scraps of red meat for the papers to chew on.
    I suppose, however, we should offer qualified praise for Newsnight, even though their bottle went when it came to revealing who the Thatcherite nonce was.

  • Mary

    Technicolour refers to the neocon outfit, the Henry Jackson Society. (I thought that there was no such thing as ‘society’ according to their Leaderene :))

    Gove is one of the HJS members and will be joining war criminals Blair and Reid at this inaugural event at UCL on 13 November which promotes the interests of arms dealers within British universties.

    I hope that there is a large protest which I will be attending. Might even be a citizen’s arrest or two. You never know.

  • Mary

    Pages and pages of corporate and private donations to Gove on this website, which added to a few book advances, amount to a total of:

    £462,223 !!!!

    On TheyWorkForYou he even declares the provision of menswear to put on his back. No shame.

    Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: Clothing valued at £1,732 from New & Lingwood
    Date of receipt of donation: 2 July 2011

    and corrects the origin of this donation:

    In April 2005 I received a donation of £2,000 from Zac Goldsmith which was wrongly attributed in my Register entry to Unicorn Administration Ltd.

    16 October 2009, honorarium of £12,260 from the United Jewish Appeal Federation of Greater Toronto, Sherman Campus, 4600 Bathurst street, Toronto, Ontario, ONm2r 3V2. (see Category 6 below) (Registered 22 October 2009).

    For the above, he travelled to Canada and made four speeches.

    He also declares £60,000 – £65,000 as a honorarium from Murdoch’s Times Newspapers, for a period unspecified.

    In other words, he is a major player in the trougher stakes. He either spends a lot of time dealing with the donations, declaring them or employs office staff (at our expense) to do so.

  • Mary

    And there was I thinking it was Jeremy Isaacs of Ch 4 etc. I hope that whoever runs it goes on to the other parties.

    Do you remember that we kept turning up a ‘John Lewis’ as a Con donor when we were looking into financial connections at the time of the Fox/Werrity scandal? Not the John Lewis Partnership but a private individual. I was looking at Maria Miller there. She has had a rapid rise to prominence as Sec of State at DCMS from relative obscurity apart from some shadow jobs and then a P Under Sec at the DWP. She was elected in 2005. Wikipedia has her as the ‘daughter of John Lewis’. Maybe just a coincidence but her promotion might have been found for her so to speak.

    Have you seen David Miliband’s entry on TWFY? Massive. Following in Bliar’s footsteps.

  • kingfelix


    “Give us one good reason why a politically inept public, fed BS at every election, with a fraudulent voting system, should be trusting these party politicians, Kingfelix.”

    I am in agreement with much of what you say, but I find the above to be a straw man. This 2011 poll supports my view over yours.

    “85% of Britons responded “not very much” or “not at all” to the question “to what extent do you trust all national politicians, whether in government or opposition, to act with honesty and integrity.””

  • nevermind

    So elections are undemocratic and political parties, unpopular, according to a Guardian poll.
    Fine, lets not promote these false sirens then and listen to the background noises.

    In 1972, each and every members on Norfolk County council was an Independent, to make out that party politics is history is false, it only recently has conquered local politics by apathetic ways and by every dirty trick in the book.

    Cue next May, don’t think you will be standing for a seat here, unless, and this might not be too far fetched, you return here is guaranteed by a Chinese takeover of Taiwan. Why? because of an international war of some considerable dimension.

  • kingfelix


    I am not disagreeing with you, re: ‘democracy’ in the UK and the degeneracy of the mainstream parties. I just disagree with your diagnosis that the voters are to blame (over and above other causes). After all, you note the extreme lengths that the various segments of the ruling class have to go to in order to maintain the status quo. We also know that fringe elements are monitored and successfully dispersed by the Mark Kennedy’s of the world (sometimes they are arrested).

    I left in 2004 because I did not want to live in the UK after the Iraq invasion, I felt sick. As I’ve stated that my return is conditional upon the arrest, trial, and conviction of Tony Blair (et al) for war crimes, it looks like I will be away for a considerable amount of time.

    In the meantime, I’ve spent four years living and learning in Guatemala and the same amount of time in Taiwan. Thanks to Tony Blair and his chums, I can now speak Spanish and Mandarin.

    China won’t need a military intervention to take over Taiwan, it is already happening, with the collusion of the Kuomintang and the Taiwan business elite (considerable overlap, KMT is reputedly world’s wealthiest political party).

  • nevermind

    Thanks kingfelix, it is not the voters, they are apathetic, can’t help it and ignored, no wonder the disinterest and malingering of parties, the ineptness is acquired.
    good luck with the Kuomintang..;)

  • BrusselsLout

    Gavin Esler and Joan Smith seem both to be whoring for the CIA. Esler’s good boy syndrome is clearly from years of feminist house-training.

    SW refused to sign a statement asserting she was raped. She did not, in the words of feminists, “feel raped”. But, with Gavin Esler interviewing and Joan Smith backing him up, I appreciate how difficult it must have been to make any pertinent and interesting point beyond the tiresome “all rape is serious” call promoted by semi-educated feminists, lying politicians and shiny-faced ratings-conscious news presenters.

    Indeed, I can see the problems in getting through Joan Smith’s mop of fur the very real possibility that Julian Assange would be extradited from Sweden to America even if found innocent of sexual accusations. (Or if these are very quickly dropped.) It would have been impossible to break through her innumerate skull any understanding that a move to Sweden would not be worth the risk even if low. (And especially when that risk is seen by many to be high.)

    Thank you Craig for standing up against corrupt government and crooked journalism. Like Julian Assange, you are doing us all a service.

  • Jives

    Esler is a lightweight pussy-whipped violinist groupie that’s lucked into a scene he cant quite believe he got into.

    End of.

  • Susan

    @kingfelix says” Another measure which, ideally, could be introduced, would be to eject from office those convicted of a criminal offence or significant wrongdoing, with a bar on re-entry to the Commons or Lords via any route. ” only if one has hard proof but then again one can be wrong doer in some eyes and right one at the same time in some other eyes ,its quiet complicated at higher levels.

  • eventagency11

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  • kingfelix

    Haha, komodo, never mind, the Captchabot will continue to serve the more noble purpose of offering sums so difficult that George Osborne will be prevented from commenting.

  • snickid

    I made the following addition to Denis MacShane’s Wikipedia page – and similar additions to Mathhew Gould, Adam Werritty, Liam Fox, and Craig Murray:

    On 8 September 2009, MacShane organised the first of a series of sectret meetings between Liam Fox[25], Britain’s then Minister of Defence, Adam Werritty[26] (a friend of Mr. Fox), Matthew Gould[27], Britain’s Ambassador to Israel, and in some cases MacShane himself and members of Mossad, with the intention of enlisting British support for an Israeli attack on Iran.[28][29]. Details of these meetings, which had been kept secret by the British government, were uncovered by Craig Murray[30], Britain’s former Ambassador to Uzbekhistan[31].

    The Matthew Gould edit came down in a matter of minutes – and the others seem to be being rapidly removed. It would be good if other people made similar edits. TRUTH IS GOOD!

  • Freeham

    Denis McShane:
    Labour Friends of Israel
    Frequent trips to Israel
    Expense fraud.

    Three damning facts about this thief.

  • kashmiri

    @Snickid, I understand Craig’s findings are extremely valuable for carrying out political analysis – but why instantly spamming Wikipedia? WP is an encyclopaedia and is based on a specific category of sources. As a Wikipedia editor I would hardly agree to turning it into a repository of opinion pieces collected from personal blogs – even if they are as trustworthy blogs as Craig’s. Don’t be surprised that any WP editor will instantly remove such unsourced edits.

  • Komodo

    My MP has not yet told me who funds Conservative Friends of Israel – but the question of who funds Labour’s version is not completely dead: see this exchange from Hansard-

    7 Sep 2011 : Column 364

    …..Luciana Berger: Will the hon. Lady please tell the House exactly who funds the Right to Know e-mails that many of us have received in our constituency inboxes?

    Nadine Dorries: I will answer that question, and after I do I hope the hon. Lady will tell me who funds Labour Friends of Israel. I have no idea who funds Right to Know, as I am sure Labour Members have no idea who funds a number of campaigns that support them.

    Tell me that isn’t ironic. Nadine Dorries is actually going for the throat here, as Berger is an ex-director of LFoI:

    So I think when Nadine gets back from ‘I’m a Celeb’, she may be finding her P45 on her desk.

  • dennis mcdonald

    No matter how much flak Mcshame comes under it will make not the slightest difference he is a man whose hubris know no bounds.He should be prosecuted and if found guilty sent to prison,methinks however the Establishment will save him.He will reinvent himself and and return in some form or other so no one should hold their breth over this crook.

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