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26 thoughts on “The 4.45pm link

  • writerman

    Dear Craig,

    Anger, righteous anger, is, arguably, the only rational feeling that normal, moral, human beings can have when confronted by the dastardly events of the last couple of days. Even blind anger is understandable because one is left with the feeling that what one is seeing with one’s eyes is too much to take. It, simply, cannot, be, happening. One wants to look away, but one cannot. One wants not to see, but one cannot. One wants to be blind, but one can not be, and this is a burden, but also the thing that makes us moral and human.

  • Steelback

    The elite plan over centuries has been for world dominion on the back of THREE World Wars.

    You have just witnessed the first shots in the third and final planned conflagration.

    How the Hell can you keep your head buried in the sand?

    Maybe the reason we’re where we’re at now is because you kept your head in the sand for far too long.

  • craig


    “The elite plan over centuries has been for world dominion on the back of THREE World Wars.”

    People are very entitled to their deranged theories but plase don’t expound them here.

  • Philip

    Thanks for the link.

    Given Tony’s record in these matters I confess I wasn’t much more than slightly taken aback, as I have never before seen an actual human being begin a statement with the words “I express”. It seems quite possible that I still haven’t.

  • Ian M

    I think what really sends this outrage into the realm of causing blind anger and hatred of Israel is not just the senseless slaughter of innocent people, who merely attempted self-defence (you know, the excuse Israel uses for every action it takes), but the horrifying, contemptuous, arrogant reaction Israel displays to the world. Regev was asked to apologise to Turkey, “What for?”, he said. That shit Netanyahu claimed Israel were the victims. Meanwhile, people from many countries are being imprisoned illegally, kept incommunicado, away from the media, all recordings confiscated to get rid of evidence. If that isn’t fascism I don’t know what is. You are absolutely right to have righeous anger, it is the only humane reaction possible. But if you and I feel this, what do think they feel across the Middle East? Is Israel so stupid that they wish to make mortal enemies vowing revenge on them for the next 50 years. You don’t have to answer that. War and violence is their only solution. It is time to call it for what it is, despite the pathetic media and government appeasement of a barbaric medieval regime.

  • brian

    Arguing about who was acting in self defence on the ship, as Israel is trying to do, is like arguing about who threw the first punch, the bank robber or the bank clerk.

  • writerman

    Nothing will happen. Israel is an integral part of the western block of nations, and criticism of Israel means at its most basic level, criticising ourselves.

    Agression, colonialism, imperialism, carving up the world like a pie, mass slaughter on an almost unimaginable scale, destruction, wiping entire civilizations off the map we then redraw, is essentially what we are and how we’ve been imposing ourselves on the rest of the world for over four centuries. We don’t intend to stop now, on the contrary, our imperialism is entering a new, bloody, stage; as we desparately scramble to access and control what’s left of the world’s resources, especially energy resources, the key to both power and wealth.

    But, but, but… ordinary people in Israel are just as much victims of our socio-economic order as we are. They are manipulated, misled and cheated, just like we are. Their government resembles a Mafia clan dettermined to screw the vast majority of ordinary Israelis like they are screwing the Palestinians.

    Totalitarian and militeristic regimes are fundamentally undemocratic and rely on creating a climate of fear to justify and cement their control of society.

    Take Britain for example, as an example of how easy it is in an advanced and sophisticated democracy to manipulate the public into supporting war. Blair, a common war-criminal led the country into an illegal war of agression against Iraq, and instead of landing in prison he lands in paradise and magically becomes a vastly wealthy multi-millionaire. So if it can happen here, how much easier must it be to follow the same processes and manipulate the people of Israel, who, God knows aren’t more sophisticated than the British public!

    The problem is the people who rule and control our western block are similar to a gigantic Mafia clan. It’s they who have to be defeated, not the ordinary people of Israel who they herd like sheep, sheep to the slaughter when its necessary.

    The real enemy isn’t some… some concept like a nation, or a people, it’s the lords and masters at the top who have to be fought and dragged down from their positions of power, and replaced, one way or another.

    Of course this is a tremendous challenge, to overthrow the ruling elite and smash their increasingly bloody and totalitarian rule. But as their system is already falling apart at the seams, this is also a time of opportunity, if we have the courage to strike back for a change and not just take the blows they continually rain down on us.

    And in reality we don’t have a choice in the matter. Either ordinary people, the great mass of humanity, rise up in revolt, or the lords and masters will drag us, and the rest of the planet, down with them. It’s revolution, or anihilation. The chances may be slim, but that’s the only chance we have.

  • Art B

    If I see that odious, pious little Goebbels-like toad Regev lying his head off on TV again I think I will join Hamas.

  • Ruth

    writerman I don’t quite agree with ‘It’s revolution, or anihilation.’ To me it’s a revolution, anihilation or dehumanised servitude. Our enemy is our government or more specifically the power that controls our government. A revolution to wipe out this hidden force is an absolute necessity.

  • anno

    ‘ordinary people in Israel are just as much victims’

    No they’re not. Just like soldiers in the British army are not. People who choose to subscribe to a mindset cannot avoid responsibilty for the collective damage that the mind-set causes.

    Does it take ten people to die for the western world to take offence at Israel? Israel controls our parliament, our economy, our foreign policy and our use of aggression against Muslim countries. Oh dear they killed ten people. They used our forces to conspire with George Bush to kill two million in Iraq and two million in Afghanistan.

    This is not a wake-up call. This is a go back to sleep call. No one’s going to force Israel to change. They are parading their strength and impunity before the world’s media. Every Israeli feels proud that they added murder by sea to their medals for murder by land and murder by air.

  • anno

    Three world wars. At the end of the second world war, the leaders of this country conceded defeat to God. That if they continued to oppress the nations of the world and their own people, God was stronger than them and could raise a maniac like Hitler to bomb our cities and scythe our people to their graves.

    But people forget. It only takes one generation. Tony Blair and my parents were brought up in wartime, and you’d have thought he would have learned the lesson I learned, that England must learn the hard way to stop trying to be an imperial power.

    such is the blind stupidity of our politicians, that it appears that financial ruin cannot convince them of the folly of excessive borrowing, and two world wars cannot wean them from international aggression. A third world war would be pointless. If politicians refuse to understand the lessons of recent history, what is the point in God sending further warnings?

    Sorry, Craig, there is no British influence in the world any more. We are viewed as an untrustworthy terror-addict with an inability to modify our behaviour or apologise. Our credibility is zero. There is no third world war for this country, just bankruptcy, civil war and ignominious absorption into the European Union. When Netanyahu phones to give Nick Clegg and David Cameron their instructions, prompted by a little reminder of the daily interest charges which are due, they will issue a joint statement praising the restraint of the Israeli security forces and pressing for fresh measures to remove Hamas by force.

  • amk

    “That if they continued to oppress the nations of the world and their own people, God was stronger than them and could raise a maniac like Hitler to bomb our cities and scythe our people to their graves.”

    If such a god existed it would be necessary to abolish him.

    Seriously, unleashing Hitler = evil.

  • writerman


    You are correct. The people of Israel are not victims or suffering in precisely the same way as the Palestinians, not 100%. But, on the other hand, they are not all supporters of the gang of racist, colonialist thugs that are their leaders.

    I’m highly sceptical of the concepts of ‘peoples’ ‘volk’ ‘nation’ and ‘country’ and culture that goes with them. I believe they are mostly dangerous illusions, products of nineteenth century european romantic, nationalistic rhetoric and propaganda… like the ‘myth’ of Zionism itself and the fabrication of an exclusive ‘Jewish’ volk and nation.

  • Alastair ross

    The Jews of Israel are just like the Jews of the US, viz., diversity – supporting liberals who wish to end America’s short but successful stint as a White nation with White values.

    The Jews of the US are just like the Jews of Israel, viz., ethno – nationalism supporting patriots who wish to continue Israel’s short but successful stint as a Jewish nation with Jewish values.

  • writerman

    What this crisis show, for all the world to see, beyond any shadow of doubt, is just how close the alliance between the United States and Israel really is.

    Israel has become, effectively, an extra US state in the heart of another and foreign region of the world; a state financed, armed and protected by the United States.

    What this means is that opposition to Israel also means opposing the United States and it’s plans for the Middle East and beyond. Obviously this makes the tasks and challenges facing the Palestinians and the broader Arab world, even more difficult and harder.

    The reaction of the United States illustrates with striking clarity that Obama is a first rate conman on a par with Tony Blair, and that whilst he loves, like Blair, to give pretty speaches, the bigger the audiance the better, his actually policies are virtually indistinguishable from those of Bush, whose policies were virtually indistinguishable from those of Clinton.

    The idea that the US is somehow fair and neutral in regards to the situation in the Middle East, is an absurd lie. This great lie, insults the intelligence of people in the Middle East, adding insult to injury.

  • writerman

    I suppose I could be accused of being fatalistic. I think there are deep movements in history, trajectories, like super-tankers, that one can see moving in clear directions, but that are extremely difficult to alter, influence, stop, or reverse.

    I feel we are mostly like passengers on the deck of such a super-tanker, or maybe that should be the Titanic? And we really, as most of us are travelling third class, have close to no influence on the course the ship is taking, because the entire crew is under the control and take orders from the people who actually own the ship, and they are travelling luxury class. The fact that the ship is aimed at an iceberg and avoiding the collison is going to be very difficult indeed, doesn’t really concern them for some bizarre reason, as the luxury passengers have convinced themselves – beyond reason – that they are going to survive the clash with the iceberg as there are only lifeboats for them. I fear this is a tragic and dangerous illusion.

  • Alastair Ross

    writerman, why dont you change your nickname to something which better suits your intellectual persona. How about Eeyore?

  • writerman

    Dear Alastair Ross,

    You’ll have to clarify a bit, just for my benefit, what do you mean exactly? I don’t understand, sorry.

    Amusingly, I’v just noticed an interesting ariticle over at about a new type of luxurious ‘floating castles’ which are being built to accomodate the super-rich, off-shore, should the need arise, which it probably, hopefully, will. It’s that 1789 time again.

    Unfortunately; as I and most of my family have, for over two centuries, profitted to an extraordinary degree from ‘capitalism’ and have manipulated the system for all it was worth; I think it’s a doomed system, and we are witnessing the decline and fall of an historical era, if not an entire civilization, comparable to the fall of Rome.

    I don’t actually say this with a gleeful smile as I enjoy my luxurious life as do my family, I’d like to believe it could continue for always, like paradise; sadly I don’t believe it can. It’s unsustainable. If we lived in real and functioning democracy I’d be far more optimistic about the future, only we don’t, so I’m not.

    I’m hoping for a revolution, what a lot of my friends and class are most afraid of. They are rapidly abandoning the concept of democracy, as one of them said recently to me at a wedding I attended – I’m afraid democracy and freedom are no longer compatible.

    I could of course choose to lie, like when one talks to children, and say that I think everything will be fine, only I don’t believe or think it will.

  • Freeborn

    Evidently the censor has been hard at work deleting references to the Zionist plan for WW3.

    Check out:http://www./albert-pike2.htm

    For all gatekeepers the ultimate weapon is censorship.Their job is to impose the establishment cock-up theory of history.Rather than let us become acquainted with the vast body of evidence that suggests most of the wars and revolutions were planned and financed long in advance by the same elites-gatekeepers want us to carry on believing they all happened by accident.

    In fact history suggests that by working to a standard destabilisation template these conflagrations were confected by elites determined to achieve long-term objectives without regard to the vast human costs involved.

    Presumably since we are forbidden to ponder the possibility that the Israeli government and its Anglo-US establishemnt allies are engaged in a long-term plan for regional destabilisation in order to create the ground for a new major world conflict in the Middle East we may not also mention that the engineered economic crisis is part of the same plan.

    Well,it slipped out anyway!

    Were the censor more liberally inclined we might all be allowed to make our own minds re-the above possibilities.

    Wait for the scissors……….

  • tungsten

    What really seems to have piqued the censor last night were the references to the ultimate pointlessness of blustering speeches about “Zionist bullshit!”

    Additionally it was thought somewhat ironic by one comment-board contributor that our orator could spout such denunciations by day only to return to his laptop later and disparage theories re-the existence of a long-term plan for WW3 in which Zionism would play a leading role.

    For those of us who believe that Israel is central to long-held elite plans for a third world war-cognitive dissonance is not so much of a problem.

    For the gatekeeper liberal left bombarded by decades of Zionist psychological warfare re-eternal Jewish victimhood,”anti-semitism”, and the “Holocaust”-cognitive dissonance occurs every time Israel adds another crime against humanity to its long list of atrocities.

    The cognitive dissonance afflicting establishment gatekeepers lends a sort of inevitability to the planned future conflict.Whatever happens along the way whether it be false-flag terror operations like 911 and 7/7,targetted killings and massacres,engineered economic collapse-all will come as a surprise to such commentators.

    Weren’t people told that WW1 was the war to end all wars?

    For a long time people like Churchill who talked during the 1920s of a Zionist conspiracy and during the 1930s said WW2 was on the way were marginalised as conspiracy nuts.

    Funny how such perspicacity re-world events is lost on most contemporary mainstream commentators.

  • Alastair Ross

    Congrats , writerman, your snivelling apology for the economic expression of your genetic inheritance, combining, as it did, the predictably sententious with the tediously tendentious is just what I expected.

  • writerman


    Dear, dear. I do seem to have rubbed you the wrong way. Can’t honestly think why.

    I don’t understand half of what you mean. I wasn’t trying to apologize for my people, or my genetic inheritance, whatever that is? If you mean the jewish banker half then I’m actually rather proud of them and their ‘anarchic’ streek. As one of them used to say, ‘My country is my pocket’. I always thather liked that idea. It’s the other half, the soldiers, spread out across Europe, involved in so many pointless wars, that I feel sorry for. So much of what the bankers gathered, they spilled and wasted.

    A few years ago, when I visited the ancestral cradle in what’s now the Ukraine and saw how much I’d lost, I got quite sentimental.

    But as you’re a mind reader you probably knew I was going to write that.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    “… predictably sententious with the tediously tendentious…”

    Alastair Ross, you sound a little like the great Mr Sachs from ‘The Good Old Days’.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    tungsten: “Whatever happens along the way whether it be false-flag terror operations like 911 and 7/7”

    Notice how Craig Murray will NOT delete that comment.

    (At least until I encouraged him to do so).

    Btw, 911 and 7/7 were not false-flag terror operations.

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