Military Families Peace Camp Goes Ahead

The Labour Council in Manchester had previously sought to ban the peace camp planned for this coming weekend.

From Military Families Against the War

‘Rose Gentle and Peter Brierley are pleased to announce that the Peace

Camp in Central Manchester will go ahead as planned.

The Camp will start at 3pm on Thursday 21st September and run until the beginning of the Stop the War demonstration on the 23rd. The venue for the Camp will be the Peace Gardens, St Peters Square, thanks to an agreement with Manchester City Council.

This is within sight of the Tony Blair’s luxury hotel. For over two

years now families of servicemen killed in Iraq have been seeking a

meeting with the Prime Minister. The Camp is part of their campaign.

Rose and Peter said today, ‘we would like to thank the people of

Manchester for all the support we have received from them. They have

shown to us that Manchester is truly a city of peace and we look forward to welcoming all those who wish to visit us at the Camp.’