Strange Fact 7

I didn’t make a fuss when this blog steamed past its millionth visitor mark, and we are now around the 1.3 million visitors since a new statcounter was put on some 30 months ago. That is visits, not pageloads, but does include returning visitors (I think).

Rather peculiarly, in the last 24 hours the biggest source of visitors has been the BNP website. I presume they are saying something nasty about me, but don’t recommend you to look to check. On the other hand, after my Quixotic stand against Jack Straw in Blackburn at the last general election, I had to speak at the count immediately after the BNP candidate. The hordes of New Labour supporters in the count listened to the BNP candidate in comparative quiet, but erupted into roaring jeers to try to drown out my brief speech. A plastic beer glass was thrown at me. The BNP candidate turned to me in astonishment:

“My God”, he said, “They hate you more than me”.

It was true. That simple fact tells more truth about New Labour than I could do in long essays.

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7 thoughts on “Strange Fact

  • writeon

    Precisely Craig. It's the totalitarian tendency we need to be aware of on the 'right' and the 'left'. But as they appear to be merging in the extreme centre these quaint terms, left and right, from the twentieth century will soon mean very little.

    In my younger, anarchist days, I was highly critical of what we thought of as Western bourgeois democracy, we were also contemptuous of real, existing, socialist democracy in the Soviet Union too, young devils that we were!

    Now I feel rather nostalgic for the good old days of 'classic' bourgeois democracy, as one sees it being dismantled before one's very eyes. I wonder if it'll ever return in our lifefime?

    I'm starting to see the fabled 1960's in a different perspective as well. I've began to wonder if they might possibly have been almost magical period of freedom that occurs every few hundred years and then the hammer comes down again and again and the status quo is firmly re-established.

  • Craig


    Thanks (I think). I didn't know I had any subscribers – in fact I don't know what a subscriber is in these terms!

  • shafiur

    Google Reader now states 74 readers…some new labour subscribers must have decided to unsubscribe?

  • Craig


    By this time tomorrow I won't have anyone then.

    Strange though, that if you google search on pretty well anything relevant, this blog comes much higher up the google rankings than Iain or Hugh. Hours of innocent fun checking that one out!

  • GingerZilla

    Hi Craig,

    The traffic may be due to their stance on Georgia/Russia and the one sided media reports.

    I was on their site doing some research and saw they did an article on the 13th – 'Brainwashing the British public about the events of the last five days'.

    Never thought I'd see the BNP defend Russia!

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