Sunday morning and still angry 1

Sky News has a viewers’ vote which shows 88% believe that Tessa Jowell should resign. However they have two guests to discuss the issue with Adam Boulton. One was her friend and former ministerial colleague Baroness Jay and the other her junior minister! They are featuring nobody who thinks she should resign.

The BBC is still worse. The streamer under BBC News 24 regularly tells us that the separation is not a ploy to save her political career. I listened to Radio 4, watched Andrew Marr’s political programme and BBC New 24 from 9.55 to 10.40. Not a single critic of Jowell has appeared on the BBC, even though it is the headline story on all these outlets. They are simply deluging us with pro-Jowell propaganda.

For anyone who ever doubted the existence of the “Establishment”, this is a real lesson. The views of the people can’t get on to the media at all.

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One thought on “Sunday morning and still angry

  • Simonsdvd

    It is absolutely fascinating to see the way politicians of all parties are gathering around Ms. Jowell to protect her. Watching her in the House of Commons yesterday, you would believe that she had just won a great victory!

    I have to believe that it is a case of putting up a united front to both the media and the public to try to forestall any more awkward questions. What are they all trying to hide. How far does the network of dodgy dealings, political and personal favours and nepotism extend?

    The politicians ofetn are heard compaining that the Public do not "engage" in politics. Is it any wonder when we are treated as imbeciles by the political establishment.

    Look at recent examples

    1. Mandelson

    2. Blunkett

    3. Robinson

    4. Jowell

    5. The Ecclestone affair

    6. The whole Iraq debacle

    7. The scandal which is the Education system

    8. The mess which is the NHS

    9. PFI

    10. Livingston's arrogance

    11. Our appallingly hypocritical Foreign policy

    12. The erosion of our civil liberties

    etc, etc.

    I assume that, if Ms. Jowell does go she will then join the queue behind Mr. Blunkett for the next plum job in the PM's gift. After all if European Commisioner is good enough for Mr. Mandelson, a similar position must be good enough for Ms. Jowell.

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