Daily Archives: July 4, 2006

Checking the Decider

By Eugene Robinson in the Washington Post (June 30)


It seemed almost too much to hope for, but the Supreme Court finally called George W. Bush onto the carpet yesterday and asked him the obvious question: What part of “rule of law” do you not understand?

The justices rejected the kangaroo-court tribunals the administration had planned for the detainees who have been held for years without charges at Guantanamo Bay — proceedings engineered to have the appearance of due process but not the substance. The ruling is a complicated, nuanced set of concurrences and dissents that will take some time to fully digest, but the fundamental message is clear: Despite his outrageous claims of virtually unlimited presidential power, the self-proclaimed Decider doesn’t get to decide everything.

“Congress has not issued the Executive a ‘blank check,’ ” Justice Stephen Breyer wrote in his opinion. Has anyone broken the news to poor Dick Cheney?


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