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Terror suspects face possible abuse, court told

Its not only bankers!

Mr Fitzgerald said that the US promises of fair treatment could not be depended upon. “The court should not rely on assurances of that sort,” he said.

From The Guardian

Two British terror suspects being held for extradition to the US could face human rights violations if deported, the high court was told today. Babar Ahmad and Haroon Aswat would face “a real risk of fundamental injustice and discriminatory treatment” if they were sent to the US under the controversial 2003 Extradition Act, says their lawyer, Edward Fitzgerald QC.

The act allows criminal suspects to be deported from the UK to the US if American investigators can present a prima facie case against them, but a planned reciprocal arrangement has been blocked by the US Congress.


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Italy defense official denies involvement in CIA rendition of Egyptian cleric

From The Jurist

The government of Italy was not involved in and did not know in advance of the CIA’s alleged extraordinary rendition of an Egyptian cleric, an Italian defense official told legislators Tuesday. The official, Giovanni Lorenzo Forceri, told Italian Senate committees investigating the alleged kidnapping that Italy has never “accepted or practiced” such techniques of fighting terrorism and that its Military Intelligence and Security Service (SISMI) learned about the kidnapping only after it had occurred in 2003. The cleric, Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr, also known as Abu Omar, was allegedly taken from a Milan street and then flown to Egypt, where he was tortured. Silvio Berlusconi, then Italy’s prime minister, called the alleged kidnapping a violation of Italy’s sovereignty, and Forceri said Tuesday that current Prime Minister Romano Prodi supports the investigation.

Last Wednesday, police arrested two Italian intelligence officers, including a senior official, suspected of collaborating with CIA operatives in the alleged rendition. Arrest warrants have been issued for 26 Americans, most of them CIA agents, said to have been involved in the abduction. The Italian justice department has said it would not seek their extradition, but they may be prosecuted in absentia.

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