The police bite back

Iraq, Rendition, the Saudi Arms Deal, and Cash-for-Honours – has there ever been a British Prime Minister facing so many simultaneous scandals combined with the realistic prospect of criminal litigation?

While the Cash-for-Honours affair is certainly not the most serious and is in reality relatively trivial, it does seem to offer the best hope for effective legal action. While it would obviously be a travesty of justice if Blair was to only called to legal account over this issue, it is worth remembering that Al Capone was finally brought down on a charge of income tax evasion. The biggest fish sometimes have to be caught with the smallest hook.

The Scotsman: Downing St not above law warn police

POLICE chiefs last night publicly warned the Labour Party that “no one is above the law” as the cash-for-honours inquiry erupted into open warfare between Downing Street and the Met.

After senior Labour figures lined up to criticise the “theatrical” arrest of Tony Blair’s aide Ruth Turner, the chairman of the Metropolitan Police Authority launched an unprecedented counterattack, suggesting the party was trying to “manipulate” and “pressurise” officers.

Len Duvall – in remarks believed to reflect growing fury within Scotland Yard – urged those who had questioned the conduct of police to “reflect on what they have said”…..