London 7/7 – The Story is Far From Over 6

Rachel from North London has been setting the scene for coming media coverage of new information on what was known and done about the London 7/7 attacks, both before and after. She is also calling on readers to sign the Downing Street petition for a public enquiry into the events.

“And then I started to follow a trail. I read, I researched, I found out more and more and more. I talked to people. I listened. I made it my business to know, as much as I could find out. Why? I didn’t want to let anyone down, by not being as briefed as I could be.

But what I found out was devastating. First, whispers, rumours. Then, facts, and I checked, and followed up, and I sat with what I knew, and sometimes I cried. And I bit my lip and waited…

It was, and is, not just about a failure of intelligence, but a failure to use intelligence. A failure of imagination. A misguided belief in a ‘Covenant of Security’, that was never security; that was a lie.

And for me, it is about the screaming I hear, still, in the darkness, when I sleep.

That might have been avoided, knowing what I know, what they knew, what we will all know, soon. And so I wait, and I write, and I wish, for what is coming soon…”

This is of course not the first attempt to build public and political momentum for an enquiry. However, it sounds as if April will probably see a new chapter in our understanding of what happened and why.

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6 thoughts on “London 7/7 – The Story is Far From Over

  • Bridget Dunne

    Anyone suggesting that a public inquiry into 7/7 is required would do well to remember that since the Inquiries Act 2005 came into force, exactly one month before 7/7, there can be no such thing as a truly 'independent' or 'public' inquiry.

    Those, like 'Rachel North', calling for a public inquiry into 7/7 who refuse to address the issue of the Inquiries Act 2005 — an act that renders all inquiries neither 'independent' nor 'public' — are living in denial of the law, the facts and are wasting their, and everyone else's time. A 'ludicrous diversion', to use Tony Blair's phrase of choice.

    Thankfully, Geraldine Finucane, the widow of Irish Human Rights Lawyer Patrick Finucane — who was executed in front of his wife and children with the full complicity and collusion of the British state — in conjunction with the Law Society of England and Wales and Amnesty International, has already called on the judiciary to refuse to participate in any inquiry into her husband's murder held under the terms of the Inquiries Act 2005.

    As a result of Ms Finucane's heroic efforts, no judge has been found who will sit on an inquiry into the killing of Patrick Finucane.

    If the Inquiries Act 2005 is not fit for the purpose of investigating the killing of one man almost 20 years ago, it is most certainly not an acceptable piece of legislation under which to conduct an inquiry into the deaths of 56 people.

    For further information, see the web site of J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign:

  • Craig

    Am I just being dim, or if Rachel knows something, why doesn't she just set out in plain language what she has found out?

  • Numeral

    I think Rachel feels constrained by the year long Operation Crevice trial. The jury is out at the moment and so a verdict can be expected soon. Also I think some of her information comes from journalists on the Times and she does not want to steal their scoop. The recent 7 July arrests and the linking of the 7 July and 21 July events via the type of explosive used and by a possible meeting in Pakistan of Khan, Tanweer and Muktar Said Ibrahim could also prevent the information coming out.

    If criminal charges result from the arrests the 7 July inquest will be delayed until the criminal proceedings are complete.

    Meanwhile the legend of 7 July is being fabricated in Woolwich Crown Court.

  • Rachel

    I can only post what I know when a court case is over; the jury have retired but not yet given a verdict. I am not going to be accused of contempt.

    I am going as far as I can in the meantime, you will all just have to wait for the news.Then you will find out more, and hear a lot more from families and survivors.

    I am not revealing the *multiple* sources of my information.

  • Craig

    Sorry for the outbreak of impatience. The problem I have is that those concerned to have an inquiry into 7/7 range from those who think there was a failure in applying intelligence, to those who think that Mossad and the CIA did it. I am a bit hyper-sensitive to anyone encouraging the more extreme conspiracy theorists, which dark hints can do.

    Meantime, am I right to think that the "fertiliser plot" jury has been out for about ten days? That one has gone completely dark.


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