Ten Years on – Just in the Nick of Time 4

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The file on the police investigation into “cash-for-honours” allegations has been handed over to prosecutors. It contains the findings of a year-long probe focusing on whether anyone was nominated for peerages or other honours in return for donations or loans.

The probe was subsequently widened to look into whether there was any attempt to pervert the course of justice. The Crown Prosecution Service will now decide whether anyone should be charged. All involved deny wrongdoing.

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4 thoughts on “Ten Years on – Just in the Nick of Time

  • Justice_For_All

    Hi Craig

    I must salute Angus MacNeil for first raising this case to be investigated and the Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner John Yates to then get this investigation to the level it has achieved. One can only imagine the pressures from the higher echelons of the Met that Yates must have had to face in investigating this case – I can only surmise but it must have been hostile at best.

    In reading the last pages of your book "Murder in Samarkand" and where you yourself stood for election in Blackburn in May 2005 you witnessed blatant "treating" at local elections by Jack Straw which is without doubt breaking the law. The police had investigated presenting the case to the CPS, the latter then dismissed the law as well as the case presented. I have a horrible feeling that the same could happen in this case in the end. Somehow snakes like Straw and Blair manage to escape the consequences of their lies and deceit (for now) but may be the chickens will come home to roost?

    Their trick is to spin and buy time to create a nebulous version of events littered with devious and baseless distractions like the pathetic excuses in this case as per Levy's aka Lord Cashpoint drivel stating media leaks are prejudicing the case to ensure the charges against him won't stick before the CPS gets the case. In the process this causes so much confusion and delay that people are sent down the wrong track or just don't have the energy to fight and these snakes get off on a technicality – a classic smoke and mirrors ruse often used by the underhanded.

    However it would be true justice and a cause of mass if not national celebration if Levy and Blair faced court, were convicted and jailed. Given the nature of such serious corruption at this level they should actually be renditioned to one of the contracted torture outlets they deem so fit for INNOCENTS, courtesy of the CIA and Premier Executive. Call it measure for measure.

    There was talk of emails being deleted from a secret inner email system at 10 Downing St which allegedly was built by Mossad. If I understand the Government's security vetting procedures for security clearance, no person who is involved in ESPIONAGE, terrorism etc can be employed by the Government. I was wondering whoever had installed the inner email system had to be security cleared as this email system must have been hosted on a Government confidential network/infrastructure? Secondly, if Mossad or its agents were involved in this email system, as Mossad and its agents are involved in espionage they cannot surely get the security clearance to undertake this work and if this is the case, then this must be a serious security breach by the Government? Endangering UK interests for financial gain?

    Every aspect of this investigation needs to be broken down and kept in focus and if the CPS do NOT initiate prosecution proceedings then it can only confirm that it is as bent and corrupt as hell and an institution that is operated by a cartel of backward looking criminals.

    All I can say for now is that every dog has its day.

  • Strategist

    In saluting Angus MacNeil, we should remember the posts of a week ago approx – namely that MacNeil, an elected Westminster MP, was under continuous surveillance and had his office burgled by the British state's secret services, looking to dig up dirt to smear him with, eventually coming up with a peccadillo splashed all over the tabloids in time to try & damage him & the SNP's chances in the Scottish elections.

    It's so typical of this country that, faced with the implications of such a fact – that the secret services are being used for party political purposes far removed from any genuine issue of national security, and that if you take on No 10, even as an elected parliamnetarian, they will burgle you and attempt to destroy you – we look into the enormity of dealing with that and choose to look away and pretend we didn't know that had happened, and forget about it within a week.

  • Justice_For_All

    Hi Strategist

    Everything you have written is completely correct and I agree with you completely.

    However the Secret Services have used the ruse of National Security to mask their real raison d'etre and that it is for purely for political means. And this has been their modus operandi from day one.

  • writeon

    I believe Blair will resign before charges are brought against any of his Downing Street aides. Blair will not wish to be associated with criminality on this scale. This would look terrible in relation to his legacy.

    Lord Goldsmith is in a difficult position, he's been joined at the hip to Blair for years, but he also has his own reputation to consider. He can't cover for Blair much longer, Blair will be gone soon, but Goldsmith will still be a member of the government. The most he can do is delay the inevitable and/or warn Blair that the game's up. Anyway, Blair will be gone soon, thank God. The really interesting question is, will ex-Downing Street officials really carry the can for Blair, or will they try to cut a deal, diverting attention from themselves, but implicating him in the conspiracy? It would be galling to see one's own reputation dragged through the mud and face a possible prison sentence, at the same time as the man really responsible for the affair, get's off free and pisses off to the USA to make his millions.

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