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4 thoughts on “I Might Have Worked Out How To Post A Photo

  • k_nomad

    Just to confirm the picture loads up fine.

    I enjoy reading your weblog. Please keep up the good work.

    Best of luck.

  • Strategist

    Jagger: Tony, if only we can make a beeg enough noise, we can stop zis war!

    Benn: Oh, absholutely, Bianca!

    Murray (thinks): This is going to be bad news for my hangover….

  • Craig


    Not far off at all. I had in fact just observed that there was a lack of pubs on the route.

    it was a fascinating day in Manchester. Bianca was really upset about the heavy handed policing, especially the quite extraordinary, and totally unneccessary, mass of mounted police, and the continual tactic of stopping the demo every twelve yards. She kept walking in fron to of the police hoses with her camera to document it. I was really worried about her.

  • ziz

    Who is the young chap in the pale blue shirt ? I recognise Michael Jackson and and the man who runs "The Sky at Night" …Patrick Moore ? …plays the xylophone apparently ..but I'm stumped on the young fellah!

    Ralph Fiennes ?

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