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Comment is Free – But Not That Free (Updated)

I wondered how the Guardian would react to my criticism of their editorial staff on comment is free. What they appear to have done is leave the article up, but remove links to it from the front page and the Comment is Free page. So there is no way 99.9% 0f readers will know it is there.

It was only posted at 6pm last night, and articles posted long before it are still listed in cif as “Latest”, but this one has been removed. The only way anybody visiting the site could find it would be to go to Comment Is Free then Index, then M, then Murray, then choose it. The Guardian can therefore claim they didn’t delete it – just made it impossible to find if you didn’t know about it.

So this link still works –


The remarks in question come in a comment I added at the end of the thread.

The Guardian has removed any reference to the article from the home page and cif listings, so there is no way anybody visiting the Guardian today knows it is there.

So I am asking everybody with access to a blog or site to post the above link over the course of the next week, to defeat the Guardian’s attempt to cut off dissent at its abandonment of its liberal tradition.

We have now mirrored the Guardian page just in case they do now scrub the original


Please post a comment after it – it would not take many more posts for it to reappear in the list of featured articles in the “Most commented” section. I presume that is driven by an automatic software.

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The Guardian and the Guilty

Hundreds of thousands of innocents are dead and horribly maimed in Iraq.

This is not a guiltless crime: we know who the guilty are. I would argue that their propaganda cheerleaders are also guilty, just as Goebbels shared guilt for the crimes of the Nazis. His defence at Nuremberg was that he was only a journalist, and it didn’t wash.

I strongly believe that, with hundreds of thousands dead, and our own civil liberties further destroyed by the day, those who led the cheers for this heinous government should be shunned, spurned and made social pariahs. That especially applies to the appalling Blairite crew who have hijacked the once liberal Guardian.

They carried an article by me on the latest Reid attack on liberty.


I have added this comment to my own article


Good point about the Iranian Maritime Boundaries issue. After I blogged the (indisputable) fact that no maritime boundary between Iran and Iraq in the Persian Gulf had ever been agreed and the MOD map was a fake with no legal force, it took some time to seep into the public consciousness. Eventually the Mail published it, then the BBC took it up, and eventually everyone except the mad people on the Harry’s Place blog accepted it as true. I have now been asked by the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee to produce a paper explaining it to them.

The reason I note this here, is that before I did any of that, I phoned the Guardian and explained at length the problem with the map to David Leigh and Richard Norton Taylor. They took no notice whatever and the Guardian continued to reproduce the Blair fake boundary map as propaganda for weeks, with no hint there was a problem with it.

This is very sad for me, as I remember the days when the Guardian was a newspaper and not a Blairite neo-con rag. I think that what the Guardian/Observer has become under the war criminal supporting White, Tisdall, Wintour, Toynbee and Cohen is a national disaster. Rusbridger is just a cypher in a very bad wig. Anyway, I don’t want to derail the very interesting thread on civil liberties so if anyone wants to take any of this up, please move on to my blog.

This is where to discuss it.

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