Usmanov Bluster 7

Usmanov’s lawyers are now blustering that the coverage of Usmanov in Murder in Samarkand is libellous.

Given that he has such hyperactive lawyers, is it not strange that the book has been out for over a year, but they have made no move to sue for libel? Their bluff and bluster really is quite pathetic, and I am getting bored with it.

Sadly, it still continues to work on British newspaper editors. I find it astonishing that even the Sunday Times can report so deadpan Usmanov’s ludicrous claim that he was not jailed as a criminal but as a “political prisoner”.

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7 thoughts on “Usmanov Bluster

  • oulwan

    Crikey Craig, you manage to stir the waters and ruffle more than their oily feathers on a regular basis. Keep it up, mate. Great stuff. There are thousands of us behind you on this www.

    It's Sunday. Give us a Limerick. I'll see if I can follow it up. 🙂

  • Craig

    A fat old man named Usmanov

    Tried to fend potential harm off

    Folk finding out

    His crimes about

    So he can take over Ashburton Grov

    Sorry, that's really rubbish. But it might inspire someone else.

  • oulwan

    Ok, here's one with the well-known Irish regard for polite language:

    Usmanov's huffing and puffing

    In attempting to give Craig a roughing

    He may have the money

    For plenty of 'honey'

    But we all know the f*cker is bluffing

  • Chuck Unsworth

    Interesting 'tone' to The Times article, as well.

    "Last week, Usmanov's lawyers were forced to write to the internet service provider which hosts Murray's website demanding that it take down a posting referring to Usmanov's business and personal life. In a letter his lawyers said: "Murray clearly has an axe to grind. [He] has made a number of grossly defamatory and completely unsubstantiated allegations about our client in his book Murder in Samarkand and on his website."

    'Were forced' indeed, who by? And then the old ad hominem approach to rebuttal – how hackneyed is that?

    Murray may indeed 'have an axe to grind'. Well what's wrong with that? The usual insidious 'he's got a personal agenda, so his points [however valid] must be ignored'. Complete irrelevant crap.

  • TJD

    Craig — I have some information for you about Usmanov's legal action (I have been the recipient of it myself), and some questions for you.

    Would it be possible for you to send me an email at [email protected] so that we can get in touch?

  • Brigitte

    This is going back a couple of subjects. I'm looking out for an obituary of Mark Weil in the British press but haven't noticed anything. It would be good to see his life and murder acknowledged in this way; I'm sure Craig has rather a lot to do but would he consider writing an obit. for Mark?

  • Moses

    To: Mr Murray

    from: Moses

    subject: Alisher Usmonov

    Hi, my name is Muzaffar, i'm Uzbek and I have a comment on your views about ALisher Usmanov.

    Being a BSW(social work) student and most of all, a resident of Uzbekitan, I strongly disagree with most of your points since they're all biased and even fabricated, just think about it – the whole world is just like that, i mean everything is all about business. And you don't seem to have any credible arguments or facts against Usmanov. Now, take the US for example; the war in Iraq is all about geopolitical influence and oil in the first place. And DID YOU KNOW that some of the HUGE US corporation leaders have always had ties with MAFIA, they still do, and will always influence US policies overseas, right. Chelsea for example, is now of the finest world clubs due to Russian investments. Every other UK resident wants to greet Mr. Abramamovich in person. As for our country however, we have had tremendous changes by now brought about by foreign investments and particularly due to Alisher Usmonov's policies. The situation is way better since the time you, SIR, were kicked out of this country because of your immoral behaviour with Uzbekistani prostitutes. how can you claim he is a criminal if you can't even prove his guilt, what you said above are just nothing but rumors.

    You, Mr. Murray, are the one to be refered to as criminal and charged with SEXUAL DEPRAVITY or even a harrasment since you were hanging out with underage non adult females at Tashkent nightclubs, namely SKY CLUB, while you were working as a British ambassador in Uzbekistan. You organized round table with bunch of idiots whose minds you could easily manipulate with your democracy propoganda and lost your job as a result. why don't you think broadly about Central Asia from now on. P.S. life never stays the same and people like Alisher Usmanov are the ones to make a REAL DIFFERENCE, but never people like you SIR !!!!

    Happy New year once again

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