While I was Away 5

I thought I might give a quick round up of views on some of the stuff that happened while I was off the web. These might each have got a full article had I been able. But for those who have been missing some eclecticism:

Brown dithers over general election. I really don’t care. Four year fixed terms, abolishing the duck and weave potential of the Prime Minister on this issue, are a necessary constitutional change – one of many.

Boris for London Mayor I am seriously considering voting Boris, mostly because of his high profile stance against the calamitous bendy buses which are eternally preventing me from crossing when there is a little green man. I also strongly approve of his stance on bonking. Doubt it will happen as have never voted Tory, but another candidate needs at least as strong a bendy bus stance to get my vote. Bonking more optional.

Iraq – the long defeat Gordon perfects the art of dithering with his plans for prolonged pull-out from Iraq. While various competing thug militias in different Iraqi “security force” uniforms divide up Basra and the other Southern provinces, dwindling numbers of our lads will occupy a bit of the airport. Why?

Do we really believe all Europeans are stupid and inherently comic? I have resisted commenting on the terrible case of poor little Madeleine McCann, but have been driven past endurance by the rash of spin produced since the suspects took on a PR man from the Cabinet Office. The Portuguese police are foreign and (amazement) funny foreigners have different systems and laws to us! They must be wrong and the Brits must be persecuted.

I have no idea what happened to the poor little girl. I do know that the restaurant where her parents were dining was much further from their apartment than the compliant British media indicated, across a lawn, a swimming pool, another lawn and a wall and not within earshot if the children were crying. As a parent there is absolutely no way I would have left my children at those ages unattended and out of contact for two minutes, let alone several hours.

I comment at all against my better judgement, but the PR campaign has sickened me and drives me to it.

Non-domiciles and Private Equity Tax the rich tax-dodging bastards!

Inheritance Tax Ditto!

Memoirs I have signed a contract for the next volume – a prequel. Yippee! Sadly the publisher has not yet coughed up the money for the advance, which is now overdue.

Mobile Phone Lost it again, and all my phone numbers with it. If I used to have your phone number or you think I should do, please email it to me on [email protected] or text it from Friday to 07979 691085. Don’t be shy – rather have too many than be searching for them. This could be a cunning dating ploy, of course. Speaking of which, am now on Facebook.

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5 thoughts on “While I was Away

  • Peter Gasston

    Slightly off-topic, but do you ever find that your emails don't reach the intended recipient? It's just that I see you have a mail.ru account, and that domain is responsible for a LOAD of spam; I've banned it from my servers, and know quite a few others who've done likewise.

  • writeon


    Nice to have you back!

    The troops are still in Iraq because they function as a symbolic figleaf to cover-up the disaster that Bush's Iraq invasion and occupation really is.

    If even the British, I do dislike the Americans continually calling us 'Brits', pull out then the U.S. will be seen to be totally alone in Iraq and further undermine Bush's sinking popularity.

    So our forces will be removed slowly, even at the risk of further casualities. It must be terrible to be a British soldier in Iraq and realize that one may actually get killed to maintain the reputation of man like George Bush.

  • John Doe

    Hi Craig. You were contacted by someone representing Indymedia on 3rd Oct and 8th Oct. PLEASE REPLY, they really need to seek advice!! PLLLEEEASEEE

  • ChoamNomsky

    Welcome back. It looks like Usmanov only dealt you a temporary blow. Just make sure you take a Geiger counter with you the next time you have Sushi 🙂

    Craig, you may recall the recent story about US Snipers baiting Iraqis. The BBC reported it but we have heard nothing since. However, there is video evidence of the program on youtube, but the BBC don't seem to be interested.

    The soldier involved talks about it like it's a Safari hunt and clearly describes what they are using as bait. This is a major war crime and any innocent person (e.g. an off duty police officer) could be picking up those items.

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