Daily archives: November 2, 2007

De Menezes and Lies

Of course Sir Ian Blair should resign. Hopefully he might finally do the decent thing once the inquest jury brings in a verdict of unlawful killing.

The main reason he should go is the telling of lies about the incident. For me it is deeply disturbing just how much traction these lies have. Surfing around internet chat on the De Menezes incident, there are hundreds of people asserting that De Menezes did not stop when challenged and ran from the police, while wearing a bulky jacket. Once you can get the germ of a lie into the heads of the public, it sticks. Plainly those police lies retain their force even though news bulletins for a fortnight have been showing CCTV footage of De Menezes perfectly normal behaviour in the underground, and shown quite plainly that he was wearing tight clothes .

He did not run, was not challenged, he walked quietly onto the tube where he was suddenly, with absolutely no warning, held down and viciously murdered. Yet the myths put out to justify his murder appear ineradicable.

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