John Le Carre for Prime Minister 3


“Partly, I’m angry that there is so little anger around me at what is being done to our society, supposedly in order to protect it,” said the 76-year-old in an interview in Waterstone’s magazine.

“We have been taken to war under false pretences, and stripped of our civil rights in an atmosphere of panic. Our lawyers don’t take to the streets as they have done in Pakistan.

“Our MPs allow themselves to be deluded by their own spin doctors, and end up believing their own propaganda.”

Meantime two items from our too good to be true department:

In his dangerous job the MI6 spy’s identity needs to remain a closely guarded secret.

So you can imagine his surprise when, during an interview with the national broadcaster, his carefully chosen disguise of a fake moustache failed him spectacularly.

The hapless spy, known only as ‘John’, had been trying to discuss the role that MI6 played during inteligence operations.

A delegate to the Republican National Convention gave a TV interview enthusing for a war with Iran. Mr Eugenides takes up the story:

A few hours after that clip was filmed, our galactically smug hero took a girl back to his hotel room and slipped off his clothes in anticipation while she mixed them a couple of drinks…

…and when he woke up, his catch had made off with $120,000 of swag, including his $30,000 watch – yes, I’ve typed that correctly – a $20,000 ring, and jewellery and accessories worth tens of thousands of bucks.

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3 thoughts on “John Le Carre for Prime Minister

  • writeon


    He's getting on a bit, but it's good to know his brain is still sharp, there's hope for all of us!

    Anyway, I'm not very good at creating links, sorry; but there's an interesting article in the, called 'US army planning for resource wars'. It's contained in the 2008 military modernization strategy posture document thingy.

    It's written by two high-ranking US officers, two of their leading military 'intellectuals' and indicates the kind of thinking in relation to future threats and strategies that are exercising the minds of the US military elite.

    One of the interesting parts relates to the 'threat' to the United States from the rapid growth of the population of the developing nations, especially the 'youth bulge'.

    The US army document is a peep behind the veil into a possible/probable future of perpetual war to maintain our non-negotiable way of life.

  • XcuseTheMirth

    LOL, im on Chapter 4 of "Murder in Samarkand", and it suddenly struck me that you seem straight out of a Le Carre novel, so I googled " John Le Carre on Craig Murray" and got to this page. Whether or a not you are a hero i don't know, you do seem to echo Le Carres lines…

    "Promise me that if ever I find the courage to think like a
    hero, you will act like a merely decent human being."

    I think you are a decent human being.

    Now on to reading the rest of your book….

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