Gordon Brown Is a Murderous Two Faced Cunt 126

Brown is appeasing domestic horror at the Israeli massacre in Gaza by calling for a ceasefire. Meanwhile British diplomats on the United Nations Security Council are under direct instructions to offer “tacit support” to United States’ efforts to block a ceasefire.

I have been told this directly by a former colleague in the UK Mission to the United Nations.

A footnote on the uses of obscenity – 7,200 people read this entry between 15.30 on a Sunday afternoon and 08.30 on a Monday morning. That’s normally the slowest time of the entire week.

Amazing what a catchy heading will do. Besides, if you think the title is obscene, how do you describe what is happening in Gaza?

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  • kevinB

    …..and so is every other New Labour, Tory and Liberal turd who is prepared to passively accept the pro-Zionist Israel line as the policy of the UK government.

    Scottish New Labour 'Friend Of Israel', David Cairns yesterday, on BBC News24, put the case against "totally unacceptable Hamas attacks" against Israel as stongly and determinedly as any Netanyahu or Livni.

    If this state has created so much hatred here in the UK, how do the arabs feel? How can there possibly be any future for a state of Israel in the Middle East? What happens after the US economy collapses and China becomes the dominant superpower. Especially as the occupiers are ethnic Russians (Ashkenazis) who have displaced real semites from their ancestral lands?

    Are the USA/UK hoping to rejuvenate their collapsing economies with a big new war?

    Here is (eventually)another big question:

    …..if Israeli continue with this vile action against Gazans, as it seems they will.

    …….if the USA continues to support Israel in these actions as it appears it will.

    …….if the UK and Europe by lame pleadings (whose only purpose is to save face at home) maintain support for Israel by default…..

    ….then where is all this leading?

    Surely arab outrage will reach the point where Iran will begin to take an active part in supporting the Gazans. How many more will die before this point is reached. It is sticks, stones and primitive weaponry against the most modern equipment that the USA can furnish.

    However, if Iran is drawn in, the numbers of dead will surely escalate massively. If Iran attacks, Israel will respond and no one will back down.

    Israel cannot handle Iran unless it resorts to using its nuclear weaponry. Therefore it is likely that either this will happen (which will bring the whole world down on top of Israel) or the USA will step in on Israel's side.

    If this happens it will not be long before Russia and China make their own calculations and involve themselves in this little local 'conflict' too.

    …….anyone for World War Three??

  • Dodoze

    Brown has elsewhere been accused of moral cowardice in his failure to speak out on the genocidal policies of Israel in Gaza. As if the matter might have caused him the occasional sleepless night.

    His own record stands alongside that of Blair, Straw and others with the sanctions and no-fly zone policing of Hussein's Iraq which led to the loss of an unquantifiable hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives.

    Lest we forget.

    The more recent horrors arising from the subsequent illegal invasion of Iraq – now approaching 1.3 million dead and millions displaced in direct and indirect consequence of the UK participation in that action, give little moral authority for any condemnation of Israel.

    Without Blair (and Brown's) "international" support, Bush could not have gained sufficient domestic political momentum for the war.

    Lest we forget.

    In the practice of duplicity in policy and comment on Gaza, Brown is consistent. He has the instincts of the thug and cares not for the bloodstains on his hands nor on those hands he might shake. Brown, Blair, Straw or any of their co-conspirators will ever face trial for their international crimes. Neither will they face the terror of the oppressed of Gaza and elsewhere.

    Lest we forget.

    Brown has become an unconscionable creature who has lost touch with whatever conception of humanity he might at one time have held. To quote Mencken: "Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats." We might then incinerate their remains and dissolve their bones in acid that they have no chance of further poisoning the land.

    Yet in that acceptance of fury and retribution to the exclusion of our own humanity, we join with the masters and mistresses of such indescribable horrors and support that continuity of despair.

  • Ruth

    The Nu-Labour party used similar tactics during the period of hospital closures. Some Nu-Labour ministers joined demonstrations in their local constituencies against closures.

  • Ruth

    On a more practical note I think as well as taking part in demonstrations all goods imported into this country from Israel should be boycotted. Lists should be produced itemising all goods in particular shops especially supermarkets so we can try and 'starve' the illegal and barbaric occupants of Palestine.

  • Baps


    Business Secretary Lord Mandelson has called for deeper business ties between the UK and its "firm friend" Israel. The UK aims to raise trade between the two countries to £3 billion per year by 2012.

    Way too many *Friends Of Israel" in NuLabour for them to be objective in any way about Gaza.

    Hang 'em out to dry in the next election.

  • writerman

    I don't believe Iran will become actively involved in this conflict. It's hard to think of it as a war, when one side is so militarily supperior to other in every imaginable way.

    Iran would be committing suicide if it attacked Israel. Israel is itching to nuke Iran, thereby sending a 'message' to the rest of the Muslim and Arab world that would last for generations.

    What's extraordinary is the power that Israel has over the leading governments of the West. Considering how small Israel is it's odd how much influence it has. Britain, for example, almost acts like Israel is great power that one has to be wary of, why is this? Why is Britain prepared to undermine its standing in relation to the entire Muslim world, sacrificing good relations in order to placate Israel? Surely, at the very least, one should expect the UK government to put our interests before those of Israel's? Or is that asking too much?

    What seems obvious is that eventually, so day, the Western supported Arab, puppet dictatorships, with their corrupt kings and generals, will be swept away in bloody revolutions similiar to what happened in Iran. Then where will we be? How likely, after so many decades of oppression, and 'moderate' are the new revolutionary regimes likely to be?

    Israel isn't crushing the resistance to the Israeli state, it's only pouring petrol on the coming firestorm. It may not happen tomorrow or in a decade, but it will come. Resistance to Israel and the West, the desire to fight back, is becoming ingrained in the culture of the region. This is incredibly dangerous. We seem to be setting the scene for a kind of 'religious' war which once it starts will be very difficult to stop.

  • tsk_tsk

    My question is: What's the motive, what's the reason for the double-face politicians and others in our so-called governments to get on their knees and play the licking dogs of Evil? Is it:

    a) Money, more money, and power, more power (fear and lust)

    b) The belief in some sort of ancient prophecy, according to which a certain people, and none other, must rule the world;

    c) Human sacrifices are needed to appease the old Blue Sky god;

    d) People must die by the millions, because the Earth is already too crowded;

    or e) All of the above.

    I just want to know. Thank you!

    I forgot, f) Lack of imagination? and g) Simple yet grandiose perversion.

  • tsk_tsk

    //British diplomats on the United Nations Security Council are under direct instructions to offer "tacit support" to United States' efforts to block a ceasefire.//

    What's going to happen is this: They'll support the efforts of the USA to block a ceasefire, and then write about it and sell their book, in five or ten years from now.

  • Paul C

    The game is rigged. We do not have any way of influencing large policy decisions (like Iraq, Israel).

    Talk of 'voting them out' is useless.

    Your vote is a means of population appeasement. Giving the illusion of influence.

    There is a new revoltion coming.

  • Fred

    I wish Mr Murray would set up a political party. We need a complete change in this country.Whether Israel likes it or not Hamas won their elections;International observers stating they were free and fair.(Remember Bush parroting on about 'bringing democracy to the Middle East')? Fatah, who'd been in power a long time didn't like losing so took up arms against their new, legally elected government.

    I think what is happening in Gaza is obscene thuggery against virtually unarmed population, with no air force army or navy.Israel has created its own little Warsaw in it's own backyard and has broken countless UN resolutions and articles of the Geneva convention. Mr 'hope' and 'change' Obama? Forget it. The Israeli lobby has him just where they want him;under their control.(Look how many pro zionists he has in his new administration. VP elect Biden said recently in a speech 'you don't have to be Jewish to be a zionist.'

    Lets see how the heroic IDF do against Iran if they decide to attack there next. The Iranians have a very large army and militia goups and have recently spent billions of dollars on the latest Russian weapon systems. The US administration was spinning away in the (controlled) press about how a nuclear Iran would 'shift the balance of power in the Middle East'. Mm, it would rather, wouldn't it. The only reason the Israelis and US Government don't want a nuclear Iran is because they realise that the Israelis might have to start behaving themselves for the first time in 60 years and start following the dictats of International Law.

    I'm ashamed to be British (and I'm a right-wing WASP). We have as our 'leaders' a bunch of spineless, gutless, weak willed individuals we call politicians in this country.It won't matter who 'wins' the next election in this country (allowing the masses to think their vote actually means something) because nothing will change. Things will still be run to the plans of a liberal marxist agenda.

  • Peter in the UK

    The fact is when you have a country with nuclear weapons like Israel who says they will resort to the SAMPSON OPTION its no wonder America and the UK keep thier trap's shut when the Zionist Jews go out to kill some Goyim.

  • Mark Wood

    Regarding Israel's ground offensive in the Gaza Strip and George Galloway being axed from Talk SPORT after scuffle with police at pro-Palestinian rally, paraphrased from today's article by Tamara Cohen from a nation newspaper.

    "In Germany, they came first for the Communists.

    And I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

    And then they came for the trade unionists.

    And I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

    And then they came for the Jews.

    And I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

    And then . . . they came for me . . . And by that time there was no one left to speak up."

    I fear this is a turning point, something smells very dark and sinister. The parallels with 1930's fascism are frightening. History has not been learnt, shame from the past is now here in the present. New Labour was a coup d'etat. May whoever reads these words resist with force only ever conjured from inner strength, only found from those that are oppressed.

    Mark Wood.

    Wellington. Shropshire.

  • Ruth

    I have been told that the UK was bankrupt in 1992 and to survive it had 'to sell its soul'. It's beholden to the US and Israel and their bankers. So as Paul C rightly pointed out we have no say on major political decisions. After 1992 the UK embark on a massive programme of illegal activities including open and secret sales of arms across the world.

  • Don't Call Me D

    In response to your comments, I am going to double my order of Jaffa oranges, you ignorant sandal munching bleeding heart commie.

  • Don't Call Me D

    That last comment was for Ruth.

    To Craig. Yes Gordon Brown is a cunt, but not for the reasons you give.

  • Tom Lowe

    Dave, it's about time you did us all a big favor and jumped off of the nearest high bridge onto a busy freeway. And please take your Israeli traitors and war criminals with you.

  • Tom Kennedy

    Ruth, you hit the nail on the head. Hit them where it hurts most.

    If you do a web search (or click on the URL attached to this post) you'll quickly find how to identify Israeli produce by the barcode it carries; get lists of US, UK and European multi-national companies which support Israel; and plenty of websites trying to persuade you that sanctions don't work – but yes they do.

    Oh, Don't Call Me Dave, since twice zero is still zero, I imagine Israel won't be benefiting much from your doubled order for oranges. Get yourself into a Starbuck's or buy yourself an Intel processor, or shop at Marks & Spencer. That will help your murderous friends.

  • Don't Call Me D


    I don't keep count of the amount of tax the Israeli government earns from me each year, but I hope they use it all to buy bombs. See you in hell with all your Hamas terrorist buddies.

  • merkin

    Dave said 'I don't keep count of the amount of tax the Israeli government earns from me each year, but I hope they use it all to buy bombs. See you in hell with all your Hamas terrorist buddies.'

    Well, I for one have never met anyone from Hamas or anyone I knew to be a terrorist, for that matter.

    Still, GIYUS will always try to conflate criticism of the Israeli gov with terrorism, paedophilia or anti-semetism etc.

    Tips for dealing with these people?

    'Don't delete their comments unless they really are particularly offensive. That just makes it look like you haven't got an answer to them. Leave their comments up so we can all have a good laugh at them.'

    It is not surprising to see them here as the links between Spicer et al and the Israeli gov are well established.

  • Don't Call Me d

    Who said anything about anti Semitism? Hamas has a policy of firing rockets indiscriminately into Israel and then hiding behind the civilian population. I don't hear anyone here condemning that.

    No country can be expected to put up with such attacks indefinitely and I hope that the IDF will, once and for all, root out the Hamas terrorists and give them a taste of their own medicine.

    Most moderate Palestinians support a two state solution. I believe the majority of Israelis also support this. Peaceful coexistence is possible – but not for as long as Hamas seeks the destruction of Israel. The inconvenient truth that you choose to ignore is that the Israeli bombing could have been avoided entirely if Hamas had listened to the moderate voices of the Egyptians and stopped their shelling of Israel.

  • Christo

    Yeah but the problem is that the Israeli government doesn't want peaceful coexistence. Duh.

  • ingo

    very well said, its a tragic massaker and it will create a new generation of terrorists, it has the capacity to leave Obama in a heap of steaming dung, because Syria and Iran are not going to have their lands stolen, indeed Syria wants the Golan heights back. Israel is our of order and its supporters all over the world, in every newspaper column and forum, are supportive to theirt Mossad masters and zionist fringe, still holding the israely public enthralled.

    Israel shoul;d be thrown out of the UN and put on the list of terrorist, rogue states, but thats just my opinion, we all know what will happen today in the security council meeting, a boot licking exercise par excellence. Thanks again Craig, your column shine's a bright light for human rights abuses right where it is needed.

  • Craig


    Brilliant Freudian typo. You questioned Bush as reliable authoritarian, not authority! Reliable authoritarian he is, of course.

  • Dr Nick Ashley

    Funny how the international usual suspects of the Left have been so quiet since the terrorist entity Hamas launched 5000 plus rockets into Israel. Hamas and its sponsor Iran have called for the oblioteration of Israel. So Israel, quite rightly, declares enough is enough and attacks Hamas to stop the rockets being fired. Cowardly Hamas places rocket launchers and munitions in civilian areas. Israel uses precision munitions to destroy these targets and of course some civilians, as always, get killed in these attacks. The whole situation is down to Hamas. If they stopped firing the Israelis wouldn't attack. The civilians voted in a Hamas government. they sowed the wind and now must reap the whilwind. There can be no ceasefire until Hamas is crushed. These spineless Western politicians are utterly pathetic.

  • spivver

    Of course it must not be forgotten that America, UK and Israel are the three most warmongering aggressive countries, which possess nuclear weapons, in the world. So much for 'democratic freedoms' and setting a 'western world' example to follow.

    Bliar, Brown, Bush, Cheney et al should be tried for war crimes, not held up as revered world 'leaders'.

  • keith

    The news as seen by brits is very sanitised.

    Al Jazerra and Press tv via sky have reporters inside. the pictures of small children covered in blood bring home the truth…..

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