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This German article about the Catholic Orangemen is interesting because it appears to focus on Rakesh Saxena, the financier of the blood diamond Sandline plot. Unfortunately I don’t understand German – can anyone enlighten me on why it takes that angle and what is the general focus of the site?


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  • Ron


    Just use the google or yahoo translation services. They seem to do a decent job until you can get a full translation.


  • George Dutton

    I think we can all translate what this is…

    "In her memoirs last year, Ms King boasted of her admiration for Mr Brown, saying: "No disrespect to my husband when I say that listening to Gordon at his best is better than sex."

    Where is my spew bucket.

  • Alan

    . Alexander of Paleske In this week two messages came over the Ticker, which has to do apparently nothing with one another: Rakesh Saxena is delivered for the time being not to Thailand and may further in Canada remain under house arrest, like already for 12 years. Thus it has the possibility, as before, on a large scale and unpunished internationally frauds commit.

    Craig Murray no publisher for its new book ,The Catholic Orangemen OF Togo and OTHER could find confliccts to I have known ".

    And nevertheless both messages have to do somewhat with one another, because it is Tim mirror-image cerium, boss of the British mercenary company Aegis, British ex Colonel, commander of all mercenary troops in the Iraq and friend of the international large cheat Rakesh Saxena that publishing the book of Craig Murray prevented, anyhow so far it therein seems.

    But not only it seems to Rakesh Saxena in the book, but evenly also.

    But in sequence

    Over the international large cheat we had Rakesh Saxena here already several times and reports in detail.

    Now again times a court in Vancouver/Canada with this gentleman was occupied in the past week, who for 12 years actually at Thailand have been delivered should, who creates it again and again however with a great deal legal tricks, to prevent its distribution. 12 years, that is nevertheless also in distribution procedures a long time.

    Saxena is to return to the will of the Thai government against the place of its allegedly largest frauds and place before court. Thailand accuses to him in the 90's frauds in billion height to have committed and thus with its alleged Mitbetruger Krirkiat Jalichandra, at that time boss of the Bangkok bank OF Commerce the asiatic bank crisis in the 90's to have released.

    Saxena fled then to Canada, into a country, which he marked before not too long time as "fully with unintelligent idiots ".

    But it does not only have these offenses in stock, but it continued to continue from Canada under house arrest international frauds, this time over Internet and over storage water heater Rooms, which verhokerten its worthless share scrap iron, even here in Botswana and also South Africa.

    Saxena supported Tim mirror-image cerium financially in the year 1998, when the tons of weapons with Saxenas money bought. Saxena wanted to approach in response at diamond mines – blood diamonds.

    And exactly at this time Craig Murray vice-Ambassador of her majesty, the British queen was, in Ghana.

    Who is Craig Murray

    Craig Murray belonged probably to the widerborstigsten and most upright diplomats, ever in the service your majesty, for who British queen stood.

    It occurred in the year 1984 the diplomatic service and completed different foreign stations, until it ascended relative to fast at the age of 44 years the Ambassador, in Usbekistan. A country, in that the human rights with feet to be stepped its head of the government however a friend of Germany, who was the USA and Great Britain and whose country serves as transit country for the Opiumtransporte from Afghanistan.

    Murray protested against it, on the official routine (without success) and then in addition, publicly and privately.

    The British government wanted it thereupon loose will.

    Finally one agreed in the year 2004 on a dissolution of the contract of employment against a compensation. He is meanwhile a rector of the university of Dundee, its Alma mould.

    Murray reported now on its betrublichen experiences in Usbekistan in the book ,Murder in Samarkand ", whose publication sought to prevent the Foreign Office in vain.

    The book was than 20,000 times sold more 20.000. It designates the innumerable violations of human rights including the murder of political opponents of the government.

    Murray describes therein the use of confessions of alleged Islam terrorists by the British foreign secret service Mi6, alleged confessions, which were made under barbarian torture. Also the Federal Information Service (Federal Intelligence Service) is itself gladly and plentifully from these erbarmlichen sources served

    African official travel

    Now Murray set to a further exposure report, which contains its service said of 1998-2002 as a vice-Ambassador in Africa, more exactly in Ghana.

    Also this report contains again explosive material. There it reports for the example on the state visit of queen Elizabeth, how the prince husband Philipp inquired about the number of the parliamentarians in Ghana and got as answer the number of 200 mentioned. Its answer: ,That' s about the right NUMBER, incoming goods have 650 and most OF them of acres A complete bloody waste OF time "

    And Murray ensured by untiring personal employment for the fact that the elections in Ghana were not falsified in December 2000, which the opposition candidate John Kufuor won. However but it would have earned a OBE ( comparable the Order of Merit).

    But it met another receiver of a OBE, the upper mercenary specified already and former Colonel of the British army, Tim mirror-image cerium.

    Mirror-image cerium wanted to receive official permission from Murray, to bring weapons, which it had bought with the money of the large cheat Rakesh Saxena, over Ghana after Sierra Leone, in order to bring there – against grant of mine concessions for its (mirror-image cerium) partner Tony Buckingham – the fallen president Kabbah power.

    Not only Tony Buckingham, boss of the oil company "Heritage oil" and the mercenary company "sand LINE" (meanwhile closed), but also Rakesh Saxena should get mine concessions, in values of 70 million the Pound of Sterling.

    Craig Murray white this unjustified demand infuriates as obviously illegal back, since a UN weapons embargo existed against Sierra Leone.

    Mirror-image cerium found however different routes of transportation for its weapons, with which it equipped the South African ex apartheid mercenaries of the company "Executive Outcomes ".

    When everything finally flew up, it became ,arm the ton Africa Affair "and was not only for weeks Top topic in the britsichen press separates brought Tony Blair, which had given obviously secretly its agreement to this enterprise, and its crew at that time into highest crash danger.

    Tim of mirror-image cerium futile attempt

    And now Tim mirror-image cerium wanted to prevent the publication of the book.

    His of him representative lawyer Schilling pressurized the publishing house ,to Mainstream " , which refused itself then bringing this book out.

    The shot went however to the rear loosely. Because Craig Murray published now the book in the Internet and the newspaper DAILY Mail veroffentlichete one week ago of excerpts of it. Thus Murray received more attention, than he could have reached her otherwise with the bare publication of his book.

  • Alastair

    "Unfortunately I don't understand German – can anyone enlighten me on why it takes that angle"

    It starts out concentrating on Rakeesh Saxena because his name had already made the newspapers this week in another connection – a Canadian appeals court judge was criticising the way the extradition proceedings were being dragged on indefinitely [1].

    The rest of the piece gives an informative and positive account of Craig Murray's career and two forays into publishing. He is described as the one of the most stubborn and upright diplomats to have served her majesty and is credited with almost binging down the Blair government over the "Arms to Africa Affair".

    The piece concludes by noting that Spicer's and Schillings attempt to silence Murray have backfired as the Catholic Orangemen of Togo has been put on the internet and excerpts have appeared in the Daily Mail.

    "and what is the general focus of the site?"

    The Impressum [2] describes the site as a platform for whistle blowers and journalists, often bringing stories this week to light that will next week make it into print.

    [1] http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Extradition+proc

    [2] http://oraclesyndicate.twoday.net/stories/623287/

  • Dr. Alexander von Pa

    I am the writer of the article.

    I have researched an written about Saxena quite a lot, you will find the articles, some of them in English, when you put paleske and saxena into the search engine.For example this one.

    or this one
    http://www.nriinternet.com/NRI_Fraud/ASIA/Thailan… .htm

    I have also extensively covered the Wonga Coup attempt in Equatorial Guinea with many articles, some in English

    for example http://oraclesyndicate.twoday.net/stories/2534432


    Dr. Alexander von Paleske

    Physician, Haematologist/Oncologist

    Senior Consultant and Head

    Department of Oncology

    Princess Marina Hospital


    Ex Barrister-at-Law, High Court Frankfurt (M) Germany

  • Tom Kennedy

    The title of the article translates as

    "Craig Murray: An author without publishing house. Rakesh Saxena: A man without punishment"

  • Craig

    Wow – I had no idea the Saxena extradition case in Canada was still pending twelve years later. I am lost for words.

  • ingo

    I second Alans and Dr. Paleskes article about saxena. That man is also linked to Kashoggi and his dealings during the late 1970's and during the 80's, a fier of internatiopnal reach, arms dealer and

    obfuser of international law.

    Btw. 'Nachrichten heute'is an excellent magazine, despite being in german it has some cutting edge stuff on there.

    Saw your request late and others have provided an adequate interpretation of the text.

    Saxena seems to have known Tim Spicer from the times of executive outcomes, their murderous campaigns fouhght for blood diamond rights in Angola.

    Spicer and Saxena must have known each other for quiet some time, what does one expect from such kind.

    I am sure that Saxena's exile in Canada could be made very uncomfortable, if one would to publicise his existence there amongst a few friends.

    Have been enjoying the lovely cool but sunny Norfolk day in the garden, my shallots are going in next week. best wishes to all.

  • Strategist

    I love the Babel Fish literal translation – a rich new seam of malapropisms to enjoy! My faves:

    Tim of mirror-image cerium (he of the futile attempt)

    Canada… a country "fully with unintelligent idiots"

    Craig Murray…the widerborstigsten and most upright diplomats, ever in the service your majesty.

  • Ruth

    One strategy used by the secret services is to introduce red herrings into blogs.

    I wonder what's so sensitive about Tim Spicer and Rakeesh Saxena.

  • George Dutton

    "What do you mean, Ruth ?"


    Ruth is correct in what she says.

    I remember reading on a blog a few years ago that the FIRST thing Bush done when he sat down at his deak in the White house for the very first time was to order a dept set up comprising of a few hundred people to blog around websites and destabilise them… Political websites a speciality.

    Looked a few times to find that site again but no luck…so far.

  • gerardmulholland

    Craig Murray: A writer without publisher

    Rakesh Saxena: A man without panalty

    This week two new messages appeared on the ticker, that – apparently – were not related.

    Rakesh Saxena will, for the time being, not be extradited to Thailand and may stay in Canada, although in house arrest as in the previous 12 years.

    Like this, he will be able to continue committing large scale international fraud without getting punished.

    Craig Murray was not able to find a publisher for his new book "The Catholic Orangemen of Togo and other conflicts I have known".

    And yet, both messages have a connection, because it is Tim Spicer – chief of the British mercenary company Aegis, former British Colonel, commander of all mercenary troops in Iraq and friend of the international large scale fraudster Rakesh Saxena – who prevented that Craig Murray's book is published, at least to the extend as he is mentioned (referred to) in the book.

    But not only he is mentioned in the book, but (peculiarly) Rakesh Saxena as well.

    But one after the other:

    We have already written extensively about the international large scale frauds of Rakesh Saxena. (links)

    Yet again, last week another (Vancouver) Canadian court had to deal with the Gentleman, who should have been extradited to Thailand for 12 years, but who has always been able to prevent his extradition with all sorts of legal tricks. However, 12 years is even for extradition cases a long time.

    Saxena is expected – on request from the Thai government – to return to the place of his alleged biggest frauds and to face trial. Thailand claims that he committed frauds reaching Billions, and with that –

    together with his alleged companion Krirkiat Jalichandra who was Head of the Bangkok Bank of Commerce that time – caused the Asian bank crisis of

    the 90s.

    Saxena fled to Canada, a country that he just recently described as "full of unintelligent idiots".

    But not only such insults are part of his repertoire; he even continued his international frauds from the Canadian house arrest, this time using the Internet and Boiler Rooms that hawk (sell) his worthless crap-shares even here in Botswana and in South Africa.

    Saxena supported Tim Spicer financially in 1998, when Spicer bought tons of weapons with Saxena's money. Saxena intended to get hold of diamond

    mines in return (blood diamonds).

    And at exactly that time Craig Murray was the vice ambassador of her majesty, the British queen, in Ghana.

    Who is Craig Murray?

    Craig Murray is probably one of the most cross-grained (untameable?, stubborn?) and honest diplomats that ever have been in the service of the British queen.

    He entered the diplomatic service in 1984 and served at several different positions in foreign countries, until becoming ambassador to Uzbekistan already at the age of 44. In a country where human rights are stepped on, but whose chief of government was a friend of Germany, the USA, and of Great Britain. And a country that was used as transit country for opium transports from Afghanistan.

    Murray protested against this through official channels without success; later as well publicly as well as privately. After that the British government wanted to get rid of him.

    Finally a solution was found to cancel his contract of service with a severance agreement. Meanwhile he is rector of the University of Dundee, his Alma Mater.

    Murray then wrote about his deplorable (distressing?) experiences in Uzbekistan in the book "Murder in Samarkand", which the Foreign Office unsuccessfully tried to prevent from being published.

    The book sold more than 20000 copies. It specifies countless violations

    of human rights, including the murder of political enemies of the


    Murray describes (in the book) the use of alleged confessions of

    Islamist terrorists by the British MI6 intelligence service that had been made under barbaric (crude?) torture. Also the Bundesnachrichtendienst (German intelligence service) is said to have used the information from those wretched sources.

    African business trip

    Now Murray started to come up with another disclosure report that covers

    > his time in service from 1998 to 2002 as vice ambassador in Africa, more precisely in Ghana.

    This report as well includes explosive material. He writes, for example, about a state visit of Queen Elisabeth, where Prince Philipp asked hoe many parliamentarians there were in Ghana. The answer was "200". His reply was: "That's about the right number, we have 650 and most of them are a complete bloody waste of time"

    And it was due to Murray's indefatigable personal effort that the elections in Ghana in December 2000, which the opposition candidate John Kufuor won, were not faked. Only for that alone he should have received an OBE.

    Instead he met another holder of the OBE, the already mentioned Principal mercenary and retired British army colonel Tim Spicer.

    Spicer asked Murray for an official permit to transport weapons – that he had bought with the money of the big criminal Rakesh Saxena – through Ghana to Sierra Leone in order to bring back to power the ousted president Kabbah. In return his (Spicer's) friend Tony Buckingham would receive mining concessions.

    And not only Tony Buckingham, head of the oil company "Heritage Oil" and of the meanwhile closed mercenary company "Sandline", but as well Rakesh Saxena should have received mining concessions, worth 70 million GBP.

    Craig Murray disgustedly refused the request as being obviously against the law, as there was a UN weapon embargo against Sierra Leone in place.

    But Spicer found other transport routes for his weapons with which he equipped the south African former apartheid mercenaries of the company "Executive Outcomes".

    When this became public, it became the "Arms to Africa Affair" and was not only the headline subject in the British media for weeks, but also brought Tony Blair – who obviously had given a secret approval for this undertaking – and his team close to being topped over.

    Tim Spicer's attempt in vain

    And now Tim Spicer wanted to prevent the book from being published.

    His lawyer Schilling put pressure on the publishing company "Mainstream", which then refused to publish the book.

    But that fired back. Because Craig Murray now publishes the book in the Internet, and last week's the "Daily Mail" published an extract of it.

    Like that Murray received more attention than he would most likely have received by simply publishing the book.

  • Dr. A.v.Paleske

    Thanks for this translation.It is correct. I should have done it myself, after the above comments werde made, however workload at the hospital prevented me from doing it timely.


    Dr. v.Paleske

  • David Llewellyn Smit

    Hello Craig, I have just started on the .pdf version of 'The Catholic Orangeman…', for which many thanks! I worked in two independant bookshops in the 90s and would recommend that you get in touch with the two big wholesalers, Bertrams and Gardners, who may well be able to get your book into many bookshops.

    Here are a couple of contacts I've gleaned from the web:


    1 Broadland Business Park


    NR7 0WF

    London & SE

    Richard Moss 07802 371 898

    [email protected]

    Gardners Books

    Philip Trump – Regional Sales Manager

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Mobile: 07768 394798

    Good luck, and keep up the good work!

    Best regards, David Llewellyn Smith

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