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I watched BBC World News for a timed hour yesterday. In that time I saw:

Pro-Israeli (including US government) speakers – 17

Pro-Palestinian speakers – 2

Mentions of Hamas Rockets as reason for war – 37

Mentions of illegal Israeli settlements – 0

Mentions of Palestinians killed by Israel during “ceasefire” – 2

Mentions of Sderot – 12

Mentions Sderot used to be Palestinian – 0

If you don’t believe me, try it yourself.

The Interpal facebook group, of which I am a member, was sending out information on demonstrations and on relief aid to Gaza. Facebook yesterday closed down Interpal, with the following message:

The group “Interpal” has been removed because it violated our Terms of Use. Among other things, groups that are hateful, threatening, or obscene are not allowed. We also take down groups that attack an individual or group, or advertise a product or service. Continued misuse of Facebook’s features could result in your account being disabled.

Now I frequently pull up people commenting here if I feel they are being anti-Jewish or supporting terror, but I received all Interpal’s messages and saw nothing at all that could be characterised as “Hateful, threatening or obscene”, except in that they are labels which the powerful continually manage to apply to anyone opposing Israeli military aggression.

It is Facebook’s closing the Interpal group which might more correctly be characterised as hateful, threatening and obscene, in view of what is happening in Gaza.

I strongly recommend this interview with Dr Mads Gilbert as a corrective to the mainstream media.


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  • Ron


    Facebook's actions are simply knee-jerk reactions. There is a campaign to undermine Interpal and they will have caught wind of this from the usual sources. Just do a quick google on Kettering Town's support for Interpal on their shirts. KTFC is my local club so I have seen this unfolding. I expect the smears against Interpal to get heavier. Mud sticks and these poor sods don't have the resources to keep fighting it and doing their humanitarian work.

  • kardinal birkutzki

    Exactly what planet are you on? You simply cannot possibly be serious about this! You may well be ant-Jewish and anti-Israel; you may well be pro-Hamas and radical Islam. I have no doubt both are defensible positions.

    However, the media, both written and other- is quite overwhelmingly ant-Israeli and (anecdotally) reflects the feeling on the street. To suggest otherwise is just disingenuous and makes

    the writer look ridiculously biased.

  • KevinB

    If Hamas Did Not Exist

    Jennifer Loewenstein ' Counter Punch January 1, 2008

    Israel Has No Intention of Granting a Palestinian State

    Let us get one thing perfectly straight. If the wholesale mutilation and degradation of the Gaza Strip is going to continue; if Israel's will is at one with that of the United States; if the European Union, Russia, the United Nations and all the international legal agencies and organizations spread across the globe are going to continue to sit by like hollow mannequins doing nothing but making repeated 'calls' for a 'ceasefire' on 'both sides'; if the cowardly, obsequious and supine Arab States are going to stand by watching their brethren get slaughtered by the hour while the world's bullying Superpower eyes them threateningly from Washington lest they say something a little to their disliking; then let us at least tell the truth why this hell on earth is taking place.

    The state terror unleashed from the skies and on the ground against the Gaza Strip as we speak has nothing to do with Hamas. It has nothing to do with 'Terror'. It has nothing to do with the long-term 'security' of the Jewish State or with Hizbullah or Syria or Iran except insofar as it is aggravating the conditions that have led up to this crisis today. It has nothing to do with some conjured-up 'war' ' a cynical and overused euphemism that amounts to little more the wholesale enslavement of any nation that dares claim its sovereign rights; that dares assert that its resources are its own; that doesn't want one of the Empire's obscene military bases sitting on its cherished land.

    This crisis has nothing to do with freedom, democracy, justice or peace. It is not about Mahmoud Zahhar or Khalid Mash'al or Ismail Haniyeh. It is not about Hassan Nasrallah or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. These are all circumstantial players who have gained a role in the current tempest only now that the situation has been allowed for 61 years to develop into the catastrophe that it is today. The Islamist factor has colored and will continue to color the atmosphere of the crisis; it has enlisted the current leaders and mobilized wide sectors of the world's population. The primary symbols today are Islamic ' the mosques, the Qur'an, the references to the Prophet Muhammad and to Jihad. But these symbols could disappear and the impasse would continue.

    There was a time when Fatah and the PFLP held the day; when few Palestinians wanted anything to do with Islamist policies and politics. Such politics have nothing to do with primitive rockets being fired over the border, or smuggling tunnels and black-market weapons; just as Arafat's Fatah had little to do with stones and suicide bombings. The associations are coincidental; the creations of a given political environment. They are the result of something entirely different than what the lying politicians and their analysts are telling you. They have become part of the landscape of human events in the modern Middle East today; but incidentals wholly as lethal, or as recalcitrant, deadly, angry or incorrigible could just as soon have been in their places.

    Strip away the clich's and the vacuous newspeak blaring out across the servile media and its pathetic corps of voluntary state servants in the Western world and what you will find is the naked desire for hegemony; for power over the weak and dominion over the world's wealth. Worse yet you will find that the selfishness, the hatred and indifference, the racism and bigotry, the egotism and hedonism that we try so hard to cover up with our sophisticated jargon, our refined academic theories and models actually help to guide our basest and ugliest desires. The callousness with which we in indulge in them all are endemic to our very culture; thriving here like flies on a corpse.

    Strip away the current symbols and language of the victims of our selfish and devastating whims and you will find the simple, impassioned and unaffected cries of the downtrodden; of the 'wretched of the earth' begging you to cease your cold aggression against their children and their homes; their families and their villages; begging you to leave them alone to have their fish and their bread, their oranges, their olives and their thyme; asking you first politely and then with increasing disbelief why you cannot let them live undisturbed on the land of their ancestors; unexploited, free of the fear of expulsion; of ravishment and devastation; free of permits and roadblocks and checkpoints and crossings; of monstrous concrete walls, guard towers, concrete bunkers, and barbed wire; of tanks and prisons and torture and death. Why is life without these policies and instruments of hell impossible?

    The answer is because Israel has no intention of allowing a viable, sovereign Palestinian state on its borders. It had no intention of allowing it in 1948 when it grabbed 24 per cent more land than what it was allotted legally, if unfairly, by UN Resolution 181. It had no intention of allowing it throughout the massacres and ploys of the 1950s. It had no intention of allowing two states when it conquered the remaining 22 per cent of historic Palestine in 1967 and reinterpreted UN Security Council Resolution 248 to its own liking despite the overwhelming international consensus stating that Israel would receive full international recognition within secure and recognized borders if it withdrew from the lands it had only recently occupied.

    It had no intention of acknowledging Palestinian national rights at the United Nations in 1974, when 'alone with the United States'it voted against a two-state solution. It had no intention of allowing a comprehensive peace settlement when Egypt stood ready to deliver but received, and obediently accepted, a separate peace exclusive of the rights of Palestinians and the remaining peoples of the region. It had no intention of working toward a just two-state solution in 1978 or 1982 when it invaded, fire-bombed, blasted and bulldozed Beirut so that it might annex the West Bank without hassle. It had no intention of granting a Palestinian state in 1987 when the first Intifada spread across occupied Palestine, into the Diaspora and the into the spirits of the global dispossessed, or when Israel deliberately aided the newly formed Hamas movement so that it might undermine the strength of the more secular-nationalist factions.

    Israel had no intention of granting a Palestinian state at Madrid or at Oslo where the PLO was superseded by the quivering, quisling Palestinian Authority, too many of whose cronies grasped at the wealth and prestige it gave them at the expense of their own kin. As Israel beamed into the world's satellites and microphones its desire for peace and a two-state solution, it more than doubled the number of illegal Jewish settlements on the ground in the West Bank and around East Jerusalem, annexing them as it built and continues to build a superstructure of bypass roads and highways over the remaining, severed cities and villages of earthly Palestine. It has annexed the Jordan valley, the international border of Jordan, expelling any 'locals' inhabiting that land. It speaks with a viper's tongue over the multiple amputee of Palestine whose head shall soon be severed from its body in the name of justice, peace and security.

    Through the home demolitions, the assaults on civil society that attempted to cast Palestinian history and culture into a chasm of oblivion; through the unspeakable destruction of the refugee camp sieges and infrastructure bombardments of the second Intifada, through assassinations and summary executions, past the grandiose farce of disengagement and up to the nullification of free, fair and democratic Palestinian elections Israel has made its view known again and again in the strongest possible language, the language of military might, of threats, intimidation, harassment, defamation and degradation.

    Israel, with the unconditional and approving support of the United States, has made it dramatically clear to the entire world over and over and over again, repeating in action after action that it will accept no viable Palestinian state next to its borders. What will it take for the rest of us to hear? What will it take to end the criminal silence of the 'international community'? What will it take to see past the lies and indoctrination to what is taking place before us day after day in full view of the eyes of the world? The more horrific the actions on the ground, the more insistent are the words of peace. To listen and watch without hearing or seeing allows the indifference, the ignorance and complicity to continue and deepens with each grave our collective shame.

    The destruction of Gaza has nothing to do with Hamas. Israel will accept no authority in the Palestinian territories that it does not ultimately control. Any individual, leader, faction or movement that fails to accede to Israel's demands or that seeks genuine sovereignty and the equality of all nations in the region; any government or popular movement that demands the applicability of international humanitarian law and of the universal declaration of human rights for its own people will be unacceptable for the Jewish State. Those dreaming of one state must be forced to ask themselves what Israel would do to a population of 4 million Palestinians within its borders when it commits on a daily, if not hourly basis, crimes against their collective humanity while they live alongside its borders? What will suddenly make the raison d'etre, the self-proclaimed purpose of Israel's reason for being change if the Palestinian territories are annexed to it outright?

    The lifeblood of the Palestinian National Movement flows through the streets of Gaza today. Every drop that falls waters the soil of vengeance, bitterness and hatred not only in Palestine but across the Middle East and much of the world. We do have a choice over whether or not this should continue. Now is the time to make it.

    Jennifer Loewenstein is the Associate Director of the Middle East Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She can be reached at [email protected]

  • Craig


    Actually, I am not anti-Jewish, pro-Hamas or pro- radical Islam. I am anti-Israel, in the sense I want to see it replaced by a secular race-blind state.

    The media plainly plays a role in creating public opinion. It does not merely reflect it. In this case, the remarkable thing is how comparatively little success it is having.

  • KevinB

    kardinal birkutzki

    What planet do you live on???

    The media is largely owned and controlled by Jews and they are obviously Zionist Jews at that.

    Through the banking system Jews and freemasons (who are crypto-Jews inasmuch as they also follow a religion [at the top] that is self-serving rather than other-serving, Luciferian and, obviously, Christ-hating [read Albert Pike who wrote their oaths])….Jews and Freemasons own just about everything of significance in this country. I would vote for any political party that promised to take this country's stolen wealth back from these fiends.

    Anti-Israeli bias……

    …..you fool.

  • kardinal birkutzki


    You are a blatant racist.

    I suppose you believe in the Protocols, as well!

  • jay Vos

    I didn't know anything about Interpal until I read this post. Craig, good post, which I've linked to on my face book profile! (I joined recently to network with other activists.) Cheers.

  • Roger Lancefield

    I wonder if kardinal birkutzki thinks that the "Posted by" info pertains to the following comments instead of the preceding? It might explain his comment about Craig being a racist and believing in the Protocols.

    Without wishing to be unduly pedantic or off-topic, the comment layout could do with an extra divider, just to make things crystal clear. The only current divider separates the comment from the commenter info, with nothing but whitespace separating that info and the following comment. It would be unfortunate if readers were routinely attributing comments to the wrong poster.

  • Neil Hoskins

    Craig, you don't think perhaps that the Israeli action is entirely predictable and part of Hamas strategy? Ever since the blindingly unsuccessful Tet offensive was turned into a major victory by Walter Cronkite, wars have been fought in the western media. So you provoke the mighty Israeli military into an entirely predictably bloody and genocidal response, publish pictures of dead babies and distressed Norwegian doctors, and gain "points" in the long-term battle for hearts and minds in Europe and the USA.

  • Craig


    I think Hamas and Israel feed off each other, yes. Extremists gain power and resources by promoting enmity. KevinB, I don't like general comments about Jews of that kind – it undermines your case.

    None of which makes what Israel is doing any less evil.

  • Craig

    In general, this blog is devoted to free speech. I have only ever deleted two comments, because they were about children. But I was called anti-semitic by David Aaronovitch in The Times because of a comment posted in my blog, even though I commented specifically to disagree with it.

    I suspect Kardinal has problems understanding the degree of tolerance here. To be perfectly plain, the only comments you can agree I presume with are the bits I have written.

  • George Dutton

    "Media Reform Information Center"

    "In 1983, 50 corporations controlled the vast majority of all news media in the U.S. At the time, Ben Bagdikian was called "alarmist" for pointing this out in his book, The Media Monopoly. In his 4th edition, published in 1992, he wrote "in the U.S., fewer than two dozen of these extraordinary creatures own and operate 90% of the mass media" — controlling almost all of America's newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, books, records, movies, videos, wire services and photo agencies. He predicted then that eventually this number would fall to about half a dozen companies"…

    "Information War: Strike a decisive blow"…

  • Ruth


    Perhaps because they couldn't get rid of your comments, the secret services are now disrupting it through their usual tactics of smearing, introducing irrelevancies and counteracting arguments with stupid comments.

    I think you should formally head a movement of people to fight torture, genocide etc.. This could be a charity in which you could draw a salary so you would be able to devote more time to what you are brilliant at doing. I would be the first to subscribe.

  • KevinB


    It seems to me that our problems are spiritual as much as political. We have forgotten the importance of the invocation of spirit.

    There are two directly opposing tendencies in humanity. The tendency to good (which I would call the Christ tendency….the service and, if necessary, sacrifice of self for others) and the tendency to evil (the criminal tendency….the sacrifice of others in service of self)

    There are only (to my knowledge) two religions that adopt the latter as an operating principle. The first is Talmudic Judaism, the Pharisaical Judaism that Christ condemned…a religion that characterises the rest of humanity as 'goyim' or cattle and positively encourages all kinds of wickedness as long as it is practiced on the goyim but not Jews.

    The second is Freemasonry that also in its writings treats outsiders as cattle and at the higher levels worships a composite Babylonian god, Jahbulon.

    The man who wrote most of the modern masonic oaths, Albert Pike, stated his position clearly in "morals and Dogma' (1876) that the aim of Freemasonry is to achieve total control of the world through a single government. He also praises Lucifer as "the Morning Star' etc…

    This information is not contestable. Go and study these matters for yourself.

    As a Christian I object to the fact that our society is effectively run by these people. Saying that the majority of the wealth and power in the UK is controlled by Masons and Jews is, again, surely little more than a statement of fact. Our elected politicians would not get anywhere near office without the approval of these people. How can it happen that the son of a Christian minister can call for a ceasefire in Gaza while instructing his UN representative to block a cearefire. Do you really think he is a vampire who would bathe in the blood of the dead of Gaza…..or is he a controlled asset that exercises much less control over his actions than we would like to believe.

    He could resign when faced with the unacceptable, of course, but he is obviously too far 'down the hole' (or up Satan's arse or whatever other moral universe he is lost inside) to consider such a thing.

    I am not really interested in taking anyone's property off them but it is, sadly, through their enormous (stolen, as all great fortunes are, in my view ) wealth that they exercise their control over our society. If these people didn't own the media we would not be fed on a diet of lies and more subtle deception…and….

    …..we would not be unwilling parties to the kind of obscenity we sit and helplessly watch on our TV screens today.

  • OrwellianUK

    Some people need to stop confusing Zionism which is a facist political ideology, with jewish heritage. The latter has simply been hijacked by the former as Nazism hijacked the german identity.

    On the subject of Hamas benefiting, it is clear that Israel had this planned long in advance along with the massive propaganda campaign to go with it. I suspect Hamas knew full well, but I can't see what they could have done about it. Israel want to destroy Hamas because they are determined to resist and are not corrupt and compliant like Fatah had become.

    Kardinal, if you think the relentless stream of 'Israel says….' and Israeli spokespersons in western media constitutes 'anti-Israeli' you must be living in a parallel dimension. This is now an act of genocide on the part of Israel.

  • Ron

    I have just seen this from the independent.co.uk website:

    "A ceasefire in the Gaza Strip is attainable within days if the smuggling routes which supply arms and money to Hamas can be shut down, international envoy Tony Blair said today."

    Words fail me.

  • writerman


    For what it's worth – I think you are doing a great job with the limited resources at your disposal. It could almost be described as 'heroic'! It takes courage, bordering on the foolhardy, to step up and criticise Israel in a public forum.

    Of course your 'heroism' and 'courage' are as nothing compared to that being shown by the shattered and beseiged civilians in Gaza. But of course you know all this as well as I do.

    You are not a racist. Being critical of the government and policies of Israel, doesn't make one anti-Jewish either.

    Your are perfectly right about the slanting and bias in the reporting of the 'news' relating to this terrible war. There is a massive anti-Palestinian bias in most Western media reports. There are notable exceptions, but one can almost count them on the fingers of one hand in the UK.

    Basically we accept the 'ligitimacy' of Israel and its actions, and its right to 'defend' itself against attack from terrorists and by the same measure we do not accept that the Palestinians have the 'right' to fight back against occupation, subjugation and displacement.

    Currently the media are bending over backwards to 'appear' unbiased and neutral in this conflict and are failing miserably. The entire concept of 'balance' when applied to a situation which is so obviously unbalanced is highly problematic in itself.

    Israel cannot be seen as the weaker part in this conflict as it is so overwhelmingly stronger militarily than Hamas, yet the media give the impression in the way they slant their reports that there is some kind of equivelance between the two sides in this 'war.' Is it even a 'war'? Surely it's something else? It's an attack by the forth strongest army in the world, armed to the teeth, against a prison/refugee camp, defended by a civilian militia with small-arms.

    Historically this 'battle' reminds one of the Nazi attack on the Warsaw Ghetto, and of course this is a vile and repelent, pervese, obscene, reversal of history. Now Jews have come to resmeble Nazis! How could such a thing happen? Are we incapable of learning from the past? Are we doomed to repeat the horrors of history over and over again, round and round in vicious circle of blood, gore, suffering and death for ever?

    What's tragic is that this attack on Gaza will not make Israel safer over the long term, on the contrary. It will undermine Israel's security and the historic scale of this ghastly crime against humanity, the sight of almost defenceless civilians being slaughtered by such a formidable military machine will be etched into the memories and conciousness of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims for gernerations to come. We make be able to rationalise this horror, the obscenity, this vision of hell as the super-powerful Israel stamps its jackboots onto the face of the Palestinians, stomping it to a bloody pulp, but the people on the receiving end will never forget this. This new disaster will become part of the culture of the region, part of its collective memory. So rather than Israel becoming part of and integrated into the region it will always be seen as an 'invader' a new version of the old, crusader kingdom and will eventually suffer the same fate.

    And Israel's brutality is not crushing the resistance, it's actually fueling it and undermining 'moderation' and 'pragmatism' in the region and beyond. The current political leadership of Israel are extremists who appear to believe they can impose a 'peace' on the Arabs on their terms, to beat, kill and smash them into total, abject, surrender. This is a very, very, stupid policy, which is doomed to failure.

    In reality Israel has no choice, it can choose to become part of the Middle East, just another ethnic, religious, group, or it can choose to destroy itself by waging war on its neighbours until one day it will start to lose these wars and then it will be too late to compromise, no one will be listening and no one will care.

    But of course Israel will still have its nuclear arsenal, so one can argue that it simply cannot 'lose' not ever. So is this the future for Israel? That some day it will be 'forced' to use its nuclear weapons and launch a holocaust and genocidal war of survival. What are the moral consequences for Israel and Jews, of all peoples, of such a strategy, because this is the logic of the road Israel is embarked on – nuclear war.

    Already Israel is becoming a tainted and corrupted society. The very essence of Zionism, or ultra-nationalist, ethnicity, is creating a state and culture that sees itself as superior and more advanced, modern and civilised than the primative natives around it.

    After the destruction of Gaza the policy of ethnic cleansing will eventually broaden out to encompass the Palestinians inside Israel and the West Bank. This is the goal of Israel's grand strategy for the future, driving the remaining Palesinians out, one way or an another, by war or by seige. Gaza is just another step on this ghastly and bloody road to hell.

  • Dodoze

    The Facebook closure of the Interpal group might well be a result of work by the expanding Jewish Internet Defense Force (Wikipedia listing and try "thejidf dot org"). Ther is also Internet Haganah – more focused on Palestinian sites. There will be others with an interest in silencing any voices of criticism, particularly intelligent or authoritative criticism, whether that is of Israel or of others.

    We face an accelerating form of censorship of the major community access websites through co-ordinated complaint, lobbying and too ready a capitulation to those complaints by the providers of such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube (YouTube recently censored an Israel Invades Gaza clip from the Sludgereport by way of one example).

    We can expect more such silencing of vehicles for collective exchange and dialogue. The JIDF also monitor Blogger, WordPress and Wikipedia.

  • Craig


    Thanks. I read that just as I was wondering whether it is coincidence that this afternoon a new customer review of Murder in Samarkand appeared on the Amazon website. It claims that my wife is a prostitute, is planning to leave me, and I am bankrupt and living in a friend's flat.

  • joe90 kane

    "… this afternoon a new customer review of Murder in Samarkand appeared on the Amazon website. It claims that my wife is a prostitute, is planning to leave me, and I am bankrupt and living in a friend's flat."

    – I bet you did it yourself just to get a bit more kudos and street-cred Craig.

    As regards the boycott of Interpal,

    here is the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campign –

    'Lloyds TSB helps to enforce the siege of Gaza'


    19 Nov 2008

    Leaflets and documents are available to download at the SPSC website.

  • KevinB

    Quote;"KevinB, I don't like general comments about Jews of that kind – it undermines your case."


    I understand what you say and maybe I should be more care. The same could be said about pejorative comments about Freemasons.

    Most Freemasons know nothing about the nature of the leadership of their organisation. Neither do most Jews, like Christians, take their religion even slightly seriously. Both typically regard the 'God stuff' as a load of old nonsense.

    But there is a problem….If one tries to address our calamities through principle rather than persons one is forced to look seriously at the spirit behind 'good' and 'evil'.

    Christians are and have been as capable of great evil as anyone else. It is not a matter of Christians or Jews or Masons, it is a matter of the LEADERSHIP that is driving and demanding this evil and how this LEADERSHIP really works and thinks. These people are criminals with a fully criminal mentality, philosophy and, at the very top, religion.

    This is not an issue to brush aside or look away from. It is at the very heart of our problems.

    We need to examine the spirit that drives our system and the system itself.

    Change all the personnel at the top for decent chaps like yourself and problems might disappear in the short term but they will sooner or later reappear because it is the nature of the system to attract the power-hungry into the highest positions of leadership. And those who live for power are the worst kind of human beings.

    It is a pyramidal, top-down world. We all (or most of us…with very few exceptions) submit to the dictates of our masters…..and they to their masters.

    The big game is creating a 'New World Order'. Kissinger sees 'good' coming out of the Gaza situation. He said so today:

    Does anyone doubt that this 'New World Order' will be anything other than a global tyrannical murderous Soviet Union?

    We know what the religion at the top is. This is documented. We know their God is Lucifer.

    It is difficult to speak out against Talmudism, Freemasonry and the 'New World Order' without insulting Jews and masons but it needs to be done.

    The 'holocaust' is our only fully accepted European religion today. This, the only god that must not be blasphemed against, is in our face all the time so that the Zionists can carry out their crimes with a minimum of opposition (everyone is terrified of being called an anti-semite). If the public promotion of the 'holocaust' was all about preventing the occurrence of genocide, then who could be against it….but we participate in genocide, don't we?… ..so it can't be about that.

    There have been millions of Muslims who have died over the last decades because of our policies in the middle east.

    The 'holocaust' in the context of Gaza today is a great enabler of a genocide.

    Isn't it?

    How the *uck did that come about?

  • OrwellianUK

    I've just flagged that one as defamatory.

    the review two places above was more amusing:

    "Serial adulterer, heavy drinker, attention seeker. A pain to his government, a thorn in the side of officialdom, a righteous upholder of justice. But enough about Oskar Schindler and John Stalker."

  • Jamie Murray

    Get you shoes ready to hurl at the American Embassy in London and their Consulate in Edinburgh this saturday 10th!

    Oh, and I've reported that review on amazon, mentioned above, as inappropriate. Do so as well and it should get taken off. If she'd said "it's alleged" at the end instead of "it's well known" then she would have been alright and Amazon wouldn't have had to take it off but as it stands she's got no leg to stand on.

    We need to do something about how the media are portraying the Gaza issue: even supposedly more "liberal" papers like The Guardian aren't telling us the truth, it's hardly even impartial; it's disgusting.

  • macshealbhaich

    I don't know how good people's French is, but since August 2008 – and particularly since the beginning of the Hanukkah Massacre – whenever I hear the "anti-semitic" abuse being thrown around I think back to this quote from Professor Shlomo Sand's article in Le Monde Diplomatique:

    "L'exil de l'an 70 de notre ere a-t-il, lui, effectivement eu lieu ? Paradoxalement, cet

  • D. Edmund Brady

    Craig. Thank you, you write the plain

    truth. As you are someone who is well

    aware of >what's what< this takes

    courage. However your evident Christianty will continue to provide

    you with both tranquility and courage.

  • F0ul

    What a mad post!

    When you go looking at the Biased BBC site, they also complain about the BBC's coverage of Gaza – but from the perspective of them being Pro Hamas!

    I guess the only thing this posts shows is that you are only noting your own biases!

    I still can't see why an organisation thinks a ceasefire means they are still allowed to send rockets over the border!

    These sort of questions are not raised by the BBC or any other media. Neither are the fact that all the news from GAZA is only coming from HAMAS approved sources – not exactly balanced is it?

    This does raise the question of how many of your biases show up in your other work!

  • StefZ

    "This does raise the question of how many of your biases show up in your other work!"

    Only if you're tedious little Zionist shill

    The tone of these troll comments seems pitched at someone with the intelligence of a 5 year old, or written by someone with the intelligence of a 5 year old

    So what is it little Zio brothers and sisters, do you think we Goy are that stupid or is it that you are that stupid?

  • OrwellianUK


    Perhaps the reason only 'Hamas approved' news is coming out of Gaza is because Israel wouldn't let any News Reporters in there.

    And let's face it – only Israeli approved news is coming out of Israel – no Hamas influence there.

    Who do you think has the greater resources for a propaganda war? The broken economy of Gaza or the multi-billion $US supported Israel?

  • Ed

    Craig, I hope you will delete the comment above Posted by: Tim at January 6, 2009 9:20 PM.

    StefZ's reaction to such trolls is understandable but unhelpful — better to just ignore them.

    On the topic of BBC bias, it is now easy to see that the corp has a duty not to accurate reporting but to UK and hence to US political aims.

    However, if you listen to the PM program on Radio 4 earlier today you will find that the tone was not one of support for the Israeli position.

    BBC Listen Again

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