A New Constitution 35

Constitutional Reform is in the air. I thought I might set out what I would wish to see. I could write a book – indeed I have been thinking about doing so – detailing the reasoning behind my prescriptions, but I thought that at the very least this should provoke some thought:

Independence for England, Scotland and Wales.

A United Ireland.

Each of them Republics.

Written constitution.

Bill of Rights.

International law automatically incorporated in domestic law.

Fixed term four year parliaments in the lower chamber.

100% elected upper chamber, one third elected every two years.

All elections by single tranferable vote.

Elected President for 7 years with ceremonial role.

Prime Minister chosen from lower chamber.

Powerful parliamentary committees which can compel witnesses and evidence.

Local Income Tax.

Minimum 80% of all local government spending to be be locally funded – 100% in wealthier regions.

Local government to decide local law on social issues (in conformity with equality provisions of national Bill of Rights) – eg alcohol and enternainments licensing laws, legality of drugs, euthanasia, prostitution.

No public money for any political party (ie no special advisers, subsidies etc).

Now I doubt there is anyone else who agrees with the entire prescription…

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35 thoughts on “A New Constitution

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  • Alasdair Cameron

    Personally i am in favour of a federal UK.. constitutionally strengthened, with PR…

    United Ireland? Only if the people in N.I. want it, which most don’t. (I lived in dublin for 16 years, before anyone goes mad)

    ‘Never asked us English’ – again you confuse England with the UK… this is why the unionists in northern ireland are so paranoid – they have always been afraid that the English and Welch (less so the Scots) view them as an incomprehensible colonial possession and will sell them out at the first chance


  • Zombie Disraeli

    Wow Craig, with a few tweaks you’re basically describing the American Constitution. I realize there’s probably a reason for that, we yanks /do/ get things right once every couple of centuries, but I think you’d do better either moving over here yourself or finding a way to work more within the system you have in the UK, because (as the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty have shown), it’s a lot easier to come up with a terrible Constitution than a good one.

  • paul

    Or you could go to the root of the problem that you forgot to mention, Q: WHY DOES THE GOVERNMENT NEED TO BORROW MONEY FROM A PRIVATE BANK? A: IT DOESNT!

    Scrap the BofE, Treasury issues all government money, no more borrowing, no more paying interest, no more taxes, no more inflation, financial crisis over.

  • George Dutton

    “Scrap the BofE, Treasury issues all government money, no more borrowing, no more paying interest, no more taxes, no more inflation, financial crisis over.”

    Hmmm…I don’t think so.

    The way to go is…No more ownership of anything by anyone.Take away the greed and fear and all the evils of capitilist elements.

    It is a straight choice for mankind…

    True Communism or Barbaric Capitalism.

    Your call.

  • giggi

    Look forward to seeing your election programme, please include electoral reform of the house lords and of of course the HP. wish you much success.


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