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I have been against the hosting of the Olympics since the inception. It seemed a vainglorious waste of money, to enable politicians to wave the patriotic flag, even before they gave away all our money to the bankers. Now it is just crazy.

It is also scarey. It has been announced that 13,000 military personnel will be policing the event together with 8,000 private contractors and 12,000 police. There will be battleships on the Thames. Euronews has just quoted a British official as defending this as being in line with what was done in Beijing. But Beijing is not in a democracy. It also claims that London in 2012 will be the “safest place in the world”.

That is “safe” in the same way that Jean Charles De Menezes was safe with all those armed police around.

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121 thoughts on “Military Rule

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  • anon

    I see Hague’s boyfriend “Lord” Seb Coe has been telling the Guardian it’s ok about the soldiers and missiles and shit, and that he wants people to leave London thinking it was a nice experience. Why is he only concerned about the visitors? What about the people who won’t be leaving because they live here? Go fuck yourself, Seb Coe. He’s also defending taking money from the polluters of Bhopal, saying they’re not responsible for it because the company was taken over by another company afterwards. That’s a neat solution. Go fuck yourself, Seb Coe. Or go fuck little Hague. Just don’t try to fuck me.

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