Politically Incorrect Thought For the Day 57

If I were married to Jacqui Smith, I would probably watch a lot of porn too. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

Meantime I see the police have arrested some teenage “Terrorists” in an “anti-terror raid” in Plymouth to foil “an attack on the G20”. They have discovered “explosives, weapons, imitation firearms and extremist literature”. Why do I suspect these to be knives in the kitchen, fireworks, a toy gun and something by Kropotkin?

By and large, it is better to protest without making anything go bang. It scares cats.

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57 thoughts on “Politically Incorrect Thought For the Day

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  • Jives

    LOL…poor Jacqui…she’s having a nightmare fortnight…knives are out for her..

    The thing in Plymouth’ll just be another load of utter bollox..timed to get a media-frenzy going…raise The Fear…and then the whole “story” will disappear just as quickly as it appeared.

    We should know the bull$hit pattern by now…

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant observation. Nearly fell off chair. But perhaps she was watching them too. Sounds like an Essex girl to me. It never did seem right having a Home Secretary called Jacqui (with a ‘q’).

  • MJ

    By the way, am I the only one who is finding that my name and e-mail address boxes are no longer retaining my details, even though the Remember Me button is checked?

  • James P

    “Beauty always in the eye of the beholder”

    Indeed, but Ms Smith would be attracting a lot less opprobrium is she wasn’t so keen to prevent people enjoying their own lives without state interference! A slight invasion of her own privacy is probably no bad thing, although one wonders whether she has the wit to make the connection.

    I do hope the films didn’t involve any torture, though…

  • mary

    I have never had any respect for Miss ‘Jackboots’ Smith and little for her boys in blue.

    Remember the Viva Palestina Nine who were taken off the convoy? The police cannot even say sorry.

    From the BBC website –

    Page last updated at 08:01 GMT, Monday, 30 March 2009 09:01 UK

    Apology call in M65 terror arrest

    Nine men were arrested by counter-terrorism police on the motorway.

    Police chiefs have been urged to give a public apology to the Muslim community in Lancashire over their handling of recent terror arrests.

    Nine men, from Burnley and Blackburn, were arrested on the M65 near Preston but later released without charge.

    At a meeting attended by 200 people on Sunday in Blackburn, Lancashire Police were asked to apologise.

    Cmdr Andy Rhodes refused to give a full apology but said the incident was “regrettable”.

    Ibrahim Master, a former chairman of the Lancashire Council of Mosques, said there has been disappointment about the way the men were treated.

    Mr Rhodes added that officers had done all they could to minimise inconvenience.

    Two vans and an ambulance were travelling in convoy to London last month when they were stopped by counter-terrorism officers.

    Although six men were later released, three faced extended questioning and several homes in Burnley were also searched.

  • Craig


    Now it isn’t necessarily her looks which put me off. And I hope I am only ever cruel in terms of using barbed words, directed towards the powerful and wealthy. They need it. If you catch me being rude to the vulnerable and downtrodden, your censue will be accepted.

  • Jon

    Seconded Craig’s comments just now regarding the powerful and wealthy. We should not start feeling sorry for Jacqui Smith. Instead, we should remember that she is in part responsible for the anti-terror legislation, and for the continuing disingenuousness about Iraq and Afghanistan, etc. The resulting social effects of these are the fear agenda, loss of liberty, ID cards, political disenfranchisement, corporatism, anti-Muslim racism and so forth – not a great deal of positive stuff.

    So, I might feel a touch of sympathy for her husband, who is probably feeling like a bit of a plonker even though he should be able to watch porn in privacy if he chooses to. But the evidence says that Jacqui Smith is a nasty piece of work, so I say she is not deserving of any sympathy. I hope that this episode – as trivial as it is compared to, say, the Tessa Jowell saga – ends her political career. We will be much better off without her awful populist authoritarianism.

  • ingo

    LoL, brilliant ribbing, deservedly to say the least. Her superfast comment ‘I was not at home that night’says it all. She ordered the video and tried to rejuvenate their second home sex life a little. Caught out, he had to take his own head tyo the chop and the media is revelling in it.

    So much for power, some say its an aphrodesiac, so how dare we are bemoaning her use of our taxes for a little thrusting invasion of her privacy? For some its a cold shower and a little barbed wire around their thighs, she is just an ol’fashion gal. When she gets her ‘spring afflictions, he has to perform and take the rapp, good boare.

  • technicolour

    The Jaqui Smith story seems to be more about (internal) political manoeverings than reality. Why should the Labour MP who fiddled his housing allowance to the tune of so many thousands slip so quickly off the hook, while Ms Smith suddenly dangles because of a legal pay-per-view film package?

    I seem to remember the police aren’t that fond of her (didn’t she try to cap their wages?) And, of course, there’s a leadership contest on the way. Where did the story come from, I wonder?

    I also think she should go: preferably when her government resigns en masse. Failing that, after suffering from a personal crisis of conscience, or, even, being beaten in a fair political fight at the next election. Whatever you think of Ms Smith herself(that sad comment about Essex can’t have been for real) it doesn’t make much sense to think otherwise. We want to live in a political climate where some silly man watching silly films gets an MP sacked? I think not.

    On the subject of the activist arrests in Plymouth: people are snorting with disbelief all over the country. Graffiti? Stoned hippies? Fireworks? Good lord, they patronise us with their very propaganda.

    This, on the other hand, is a nice quote from Assistant Chief Constable Paul Netherton. Asked to clarify the nature of the poltical material seized, Netherton said: “It’s political, it relates to political organisations, it’s not extreme but it’s a different political view. It leads to motives and things like that.”

  • Chuck Unsworth

    ACC Netherton is a paranoid prat if he believes that a ‘different political view’ ‘leads to motives and things like that.’ How did he ever rise to the dizzying heights of ACC?

    As to the arrests, yes this was almost entirely predictable. How exceedingly convenient for Smith and for Brown. Of course it will be many months before a Judge or the Magistrates dismiss the case – assuming that one will ever be brought.

    Perhaps the cops ought to consider a more important and clear case of fraud and theft of public monies a little closer to home.

  • David McKelvie

    “On the subject of the activist arrests in Plymouth:…”

    Is this another case of ‘reading while Muslim’?

  • technicolour

    Would be surprised if they were Muslim, for once, as the G20 seems to be the way to target that other well-known type of “terrorist” – you know, the “eco” terrorists.

  • Pete

    I suspect Jacqui Smith’s husband discovered the oft repeated link between pornography and violence on Sunday night.

    I gather his ears at least, were subject to a bashing.


  • Ruth

    The terrorist laws were always for the general public rather than the Muslim community to enable the government to deal with the mayhem when the UK implodes which isn’t far off.

  • Vronsky

    Speaking of correctness (he said, trying to make this seem on-topic) have a look at this brief comment from a philosopher on Obama’s gift of DVDs to Brown.

  • Anonymous

    It’s obvious Jacqui Smith’s husband has greater need of her than the UK population.

    But I must say there’s something odd going on. I wonder if the body that really makes decisions (the inner sanctums of the Privy Council?)is deliberately directing our anger towards Nu-Labour. When election time comes we’ll all be relieved and more pacified to have a resurgent Conservative party in power but they’ll be exactly the same because I don’t believe for one minute they will control important policy.

  • Anas Taunton

    Even in the U.S. there is a balance of hawks and doves, who remembered Vietnam.

    To achieve imbalance, add Blair’s babes to the hawks who wanted to kick Muslim male ass in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    We shouldn’t forget that the atrocities of Uzbekistan originated in Soviet times and that prior to Bush and Blair who picked up the cause of Zionism, the west was working flat out to destroy that evil empire.

    If I was Jacqui Smith’s husband I would have taken a second wife long ago, if I’d been allowed.

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