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Quite interesting filming in Sky News on the situation in Pakistan, including an interview with President Asif Ali Zirdari, in which his slow-witted performance indicates why he so rarely gives them. The Pakistanis, Italians and Israelis are quite happy to elect crooks to lead the nation. The rest of us tend only to find out we have elected crooks after the event.

But Sky of course go on to hype the “Terrorist threat in the UK”, and mar their report by faking a discussion among “Community and business leaders in Rochdale” into which they introduce a spokesman for the Sufi Muslim Council, attempting to pass him off as a representative of the Rochdale community. This is quite simply fake journalism. Rafiq is now Rochdale based – which I strongly suspect is why Sky News chose Rochdale – but his accent and above all his jargon and use of language are totally different from the others, and the body language of the others when he talks shows he is not one of them.

The Sufi Muslim Council is a propaganda initiative of the Uzbek government of President Karimov and US Neocon foundations, embraced in this country by the Blairites and Blearsites. It had its genesis in cooperation between the CIA, German and Uzbek security services. It is the counterpart of a “Black” organisation the same security services set up, the Islamic Jihad Union. The Islamic Jihad Union was blamed for faked “Bombings” in Tashkent and remains a cover for agent provocateur operations, particularly in Germany.

Despite government promotion, and almost unlimited access to funds enabling it to start up its own TV channel,

the Sufi Muslim Council has had no success in attaining a mass membership in the UK, where its adulation of the Karimov regime is well understood. It represents nobody in Rochdale and Sky’s use of it to direct a conversation of the Rochdale community is highly reprehensible fake journalism.

99% of Britain’s Sufi Muslims have no connection to the Sufi Muslim Council.

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34 thoughts on “Sky News, “First For Faking News”

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  • Stevie

    Another great post Craig thanks. You really are doing a great service for the many, many people of this country who are sick of all the lies. Could you please put up a link so that people can donate (possibly through Paypal) to your work as everytime we buy your books you only get a small percentage. What about a general donation for the web-site and a special one to help you and Nadira set up with you new baby?

  • mary

    The link to the ‘piece’ by Mark White is

    This morning, John Simpson was on the BBC Breakfast sofa with Robin Knox-Johnston flogging their programme in which Simpson takes K-J and Ranulph Fiennes to the Torah Borah caves, the ‘haunt of the Taliban’ according to the urbane Simpson. We hear about the dangers of driving from Kabul, the 16 armed police who accompany them, meeting a ‘failed’ suicide bomber (very funny hA hA) and the meetings they had with the locals and some of the messages given out. Then Knox-Johnston finishes up by saying that tut tut exactly the same message was being given out in Luton at the troops’ marchpast. Shocking! Dangerous stuff old boy! Outright propaganda from these establishment types living off their pasts and doing very nicely by the looks of it. Do you remember how Simpson single handedly liberated Kabul BTW?

    You can see these old bores at 9 pm tonight on BBC 1 if you are interested. The other two parts are K-J going round Cape Horn and Fiennes somewhere icy.

  • researcher

    Did you see the documentary by Adam Curtis, BBC 2004,

    The Power Of Nightmares – The Rise of Politics of Fear, showing that

    al-Qaeda Does Not Exist ?

    (CIA-owned Google removes it from time to time and resets its visitors counter.)

    Also the UK police state is being steadily advanced:

    Now some 60’000 civil informers, selected by MI5 and the masonic police to be taught how to watch for ‘suspicious behaviour’,

    are being trained as equivalents to Communist Eastern Germany Stasi-Informers:

  • Anas Taunton

    Sufi comes from the arabic word wool, the original hair shirt worn by medieval British monarchs etc. Sufism pre-exists Islam and is a separate religious belief, which does not have by itself the moral characteristics of Christianity and Islam. Instead it focusses on opening up the inner eye, as they believe, to exceed even Allah’s vision.

    The infection, accompanied by grave worship, belief in reincarnation of saints/ avatars, special breathing and chanting etc occurs wherever Islam is found, including Uzbekistan. Its main attraction being that its leaders claim to have special knowledge/ powers.

    For anybody with a sensitive alarm system for reading about current affairs, the fact that Sufism downgrades the importance Islam’s moral teachings should set bells ringing.The cure for the disease is the Qur’an, but it serves the purpose of Western governments to edit, limit and attack the study of the Qur’an in order to deviate people’s knowledge of Islam.

  • Strategist

    Thanks for this useful info, Craig. I wasn’t aware that the Blears propaganda campaign to influence the British Muslim community “away from extremism” was funded by Karimov dirty money. That is a shocker.

    Thinking about that propaganda campaign, and reacting to the Manchester Evening News article you linked to – you read it and you think, who could be against a Rochdale businessman wanting to put his town on the map and give British Muslims all the soaps and trash TV they are entitled to in a free country?

    It needs real political education to understand that the Manchester Evening News (stablemate of the Manchester Guardian, we must recall, so it isn’t excused being naive about these things) is pumping out shite orchestrated by our secret services, allied with American neo-cons, funded by monsters like Karimov.

    The problem the Blears et al don’t seem to grasp is, how do they expect intelligent, peaceful, instinctively moderate young British Asians to feel when they realise that they are being pissed about with in this way? One of the “British core values” the government is so keen to push on to young British Asians (actually, they already have it) is supposed to be a distaste for lies, propaganda, cynicism, dirty money ?” and a certain bulldog defiance about accepting this kind of crap being rammed down your throat.

    Let’s look at an example. The amazing Viva Palestina convoy grew out of grassroots action in towns like Rochdale and including Rochdale . It was totally legal and peaceful, and a million times more heartwarming and affirming than Red Nose Day. Lads from Rochdale & the like actually made it to & through the Rafah crossing and they did it all by themselves.

    What coverage in the mainstream media did this positive story get? The story of making it through Rafah was spiked by the Guardian’s editor, and totally absent from the rest of the national media (can’t speak for the North West local media). The only story that made Sky etc was the dramatic arrest of four men in a van from Burnley on terrorist charges requiring the whole of the M65 to be closed on a Friday evening, police helicopters in attendance etc, media tipped off in advance by the police – a totally staged event for propaganda purposes. Guess what, the men were released with no charges whatsoever and are having to be compensated by the taxpayer.

    If I was a young British Asian immune to being radicalised by the likes of alMuhajiroun etc, I would become radicalised precisely by the Government’s efforts to discourage me from becoming radicalised.

  • Jon

    Echo the sentiments from Stevie earlier. I wonder if Tim Ireland, who I believe helps with the techie stuff here, would set up such a widget? I will happily dig my hand in my pocket and support this site (we can call it a “subscription”, rather than a “donation”, if you like).

  • sabretache

    I too was unaware of the Karimov connection so thanks a bunch for that.

    And a wholehearted endorsement of Strategist’s 12:03 comment. MSM Coverage of the ‘Viva Palestina’ project was, for all practical purposes, (except the ‘terrorist’ arrests, so clearly intended to discredit it) non-existent.

    My blogging is pretty desultory and ill-disciplined but funny thing, my latest offering was on the general point of systemic MSM bias and was being finalised when I read Craig here. For anyone interested it contains links to a superb John Pilger talk on ‘professional journalism’. Also to ‘Media Lens’, an organisation dedicated to calling our MSM to account for their systemic bias and wilful blindness to things threatening to the establishment narrative of our role, motives and actions in the world.

  • John D. Monkey

    Anas Taunton

    Please don’t use Craig’s blog to push your religious views (also you appear to know little about Sufism).

  • Faux Cul

    I smelled a stinking rodent this morning watching Sky News. It was wall to wall Pakistan and UK national security.

    There was a trailer yesterday in the Spectator, Coffee House Blog, leading to an article in the New York Times regarding Pakistan.

    Now GB is due to make some new announcement soon on terrorism and security.

    I am not normally a paranoid but with Brown I am beginning to suspect everything this apology for an politician says and does. He has form you know.

    What does the wretch and his professional civil service have in store for us?

  • David McKelvie

    “The Sufi Muslim Council is a propaganda initiative of the Uzbek government of President Karimov and US Neocon foundations, embraced in this country by the Blairites and Blearsites. It had its genesis in cooperation between the CIA, German and Uzbek security services…

    Despite government promotion, and almost unlimited access to funds enabling it to start up its own TV channel,

    the Sufi Muslim Council has had no success in attaining a mass membership in the UK,…

    99% of Britain’s Sufi Muslims have no connection to the Sufi Muslim Council.”

    The headman of the SMC in the USA and the UK is a Lebanese from Tarablus, Hisham Kabbani, who claims to be a Naqshbandi. He’s known among the Muslims of the USA as “the NeoCon Shaykh”.

  • Jon

    Does anyone think there may be some value in a quick web search for everyone plus a bit of strategic commenting on web stories such as the Manchester Evening News? Would be lovely to spike this particular Uzbek bubble, and it’s pretty easy to do.

    I am prepared in the case of local news outlets to believe that it is just lazy reportage, rather than something more sinister, that ends up with their printing propaganda material of this kind.

  • KevinB

    So you’re saying that because there is a “War on Terror”, the UK government and the financial oligarchy that control them are busy creating “terror” and “Muslim advocates of terror”?

    Thought so.

    Gordon Brown’s pathetic but worrying article on the subject(another false flag on the way?) in last Sunday’s Observer was followed by hundreds of ‘have your say’ comments.

    I was surprised and heartened that so many people agree with you.

    People are waking up.

    The enemy is within.

    Its days are numbered if we will it so.

  • Anas Taunton

    John D Monkey

    The relevance of my comments on Sufism will become clearer when the government brings out its legislation soon, dictating which aspects of Islam are and are not acceptable in the UK.

    I wish I could find a way to understand torture, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan etc without raising the possibility of a Jewish agenda against Islam.

    I would like to understand why it’s useful for the UK to do these things and to analyse why this government is intent on violence against a part of Islam that shares our British values while embracing a part of Islam that is essentially Eastern and strange to our ideas.

    From my perspective, I’m defending my British values against government aggression, not trying force my opinions on unwilling ears. I don’t want to cause offence to anybody so I apologise if offence is caused.

  • Ruth

    I reckon there will be another false flag operation soon probably at a local level so that the 60,000 informants can ease their way effortlessly into society to report any anti-government activities in the wake of the severe economic crisis.

  • MJ

    A shudder went down my spine when I heard that Obama was offering some kind of friendly rapprochement with Iran. Sounds like the cue for some terrorist outrage that can be pinned on Iran.

  • craig


    I am sorry, I have to tell you again that remarks about “Jewish agendas” are not acceptable. You can’t slur an entire people with the faults of Zionism – any more than you can identify all Muslims with terrorism. Consider this a yellow card.

  • Strategist

    “I wish I could find a way to understand torture, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan etc without raising the possibility of a Jewish agenda against Islam”

    Anas. Try the explanatory power of oil.

  • Khartoumi

    Anas is a rather well-known contributor to a number of Muslim websites in UK (under another handle, natch), who spends his time pushing his own very narrow Salafi agenda and caustic anti-Semitism (as well as, presumably, upsetting the population of west Somerset).

    Anas’ views on Sufi turuq are, of course, entirely irrelevant (as well as wholly scurrilous and innaccurate). Nonetheless, if the SCB is a dubious organisation, the sort of Saudi-backed bigotry being pushed by Anas is just as damaging.

  • nobody

    Thanks Craig, marvellous insights. And good comments too.

    As for Strategist’s wondering – “The problem the Blears et al don’t seem to grasp is, how do they expect intelligent, peaceful, instinctively moderate young British Asians to feel when they realise that they are being pissed about with in this way?”

    Um, no, they get it. In fact it’s the whole point of the exercise. Honestly, what a tremendous lot of bother it must be having to invent all this terror. So much easier for all concerned if Muslims could be pushed into doing it themselves. So far not much luck. To be honest, when Muslims declare that theirs is the religion of peace, I’m inclined to believe them. But sure enough, some of them will decide that if they’ve got the name they may as well have the game.

    As for ‘Jewish agendas’ perish the thought! Me, I call it a ‘banking agenda’. Banking blows oil to the weeds. The oil angle is a red herring. For the money spent on the Iraq War, we could have just bought all the oil outright. With billions to spare!

    How’s this for a thought – There are two systems of banking in this world. Firstly there’s ‘conventional’ banking otherwise known as usury. And then there’s Islam’s non-usurious system. One has interest, fractional banking, ‘independent’ central banking, and inflationary boom/bust cycles. The other merely provides a safe place to put your money (with bank runs impossible) and interest free loans. One suits none but the uber-wealthy, with interest flowing from the have-nots to the haves, and the other spreads the wealth in a responsible manner.

    But never mind me trying to squeeze banking into a single para, a superior explanation can be found in The Money Masters over at googlevideo.

    Otherwise, between these two systems, the illogic of usurious banking (which is essentially a complex pyramid scam, the obviousness of which is now becoming clear) is such that any other alternative, regardless of how sensible it is, must be crushed. And lo and behold we in the West, the subjects of usury, are now in the process of destroying those countries not subject to it. Sure enough, were we told that we must crush them because they subscribe to non-usurous, interest free banking, no one would be up for it. Instead we’re to destroy them because they’re towelheads who hate us for our freedom. We accept the illogic of this in precisely the same way we accept the illogic of paying interest. Thank you media, thank you ball boys.

    Anyway, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan have been dealt with, next Pakistan, Iran, and then all stops to Indonesia. We’ll teach those Muslims not to be subject to usury! On top of this, the beauty of a Sanctity of Banking Campaign (aka War On Terror) is that the more it costs, and the more we all have to borrow from the ‘independent’ Reserve banks, the better!

    Honestly, as scams go, this is a cracker! Ne plus ultra ain’t in it!

  • mary

    From Ms Smith this morning on the BBC website and in many broadcasts on radio and TV to saturation point:

    The plans include training 60,000 workers in vigilance for terrorist activity and what to do in an attack.

    Ms Smith said the threat is “severe” – meaning an attack is “highly likely” and “could happen without warning”.

    Continued threat

    The strategy also warns that biological, chemical, radiological and nuclear weapons could fall into terrorist hands.

    It says the al-Qaeda leadership is likely to fragment, but the threat from those it inspires will remain.


    Tanks at Heathrow any time soon and what will ‘happen without warning’?

  • mary

    ‘Maajid Nawaz, a former member of the Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, and now head of the counter-terrorism think tank the Quilliam Foundation, tells reporter Jack Izzard that militant Islamist groups pose a serious threat, even if they do not condone violence.’

    From Radio 4’s Today programme’s running order 24.3.2009.

    Does anyone know anything about Maajid Nawaz and/or the Quilliam Foundation. He seems to be a permanent fixture on the media.

  • Chuck Unsworth

    Self-appointed ‘spokesmen’ and ‘leaders’ seem to abound in Muslim communities. Are they democratically elected in some way?

  • anticant

    Brown, Smith, Blears et al. haven’t merely lost the plot – they’ve lost the audience. I really can’t be bothered to read/look at this hyped up stuff. Yawn.

    I’m old enough to remember the Blitz in WW2, when 40,000 people were killed in a single year. They [my parents’ generation] just got on with their lives and said “sod it” when a bomb fell. They didn’t scare themselves witless with phantom plots and plotters like this daft lot, who resemble kids at hallowe’en giving themselves cheap thrills with pumpkin bogies.

    Yes, there IS a threat – but this government doesn’t seem to have the least clue as to what it actually is. They can’t see that they are a large part of the problem, not the answer. That is what really scares me.

  • Anas Taunton

    Mr Khartoumi

    Maybe you’re the gentleman I saw praying to the prophet’s grave saw in Masjid Annabwi. How did you know all my other pseudonyms? It’s those special Sufi powers. Please don’t tell New Labour, or Salafis or any other despotic sects that don’t like the truth being heard what I am saying on my other blogs under my other names.

  • Anas Taunton

    Thanks for the second reprimand, Craig.

    It has taken the scandal of Gaza to show us the motive for Iraq. I am shocked and astonished that I did not see it before.

    Obviously the actions of a few do not reflect the intentions of a whole people. Similarly, I cannot blame UK state terrorism on the whole of New Labour.

    Most of my Muslim friends come under the category of sufis who do not know what the origins of Sufism are.

    I am hurt by the prejudice I receive at work, and the unfair dismissals because I am a Muslim. But that’s no justification for returning the defamation.

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