A Good Day to Bury Bad News 9

I have just realised that the press release below, issued today, is being put out on the one day when you can be guaranteed that not a single political journalist in the country will look at it, when they are all swamped beneath thousands of pieces of material on the G20 summit.


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9 thoughts on “A Good Day to Bury Bad News

  • jak

    Am I missing something? I see no press Release or link to one. Is there a reference to a PR that has got lost?

  • jak

    Sorry – I thought you were referring to a different PR. Thanks for the reply. All power to you on 28th.

  • Tom Welsh

    Which is ironic, because the G20 IS NOT NEWS! Nothing that happens, or is said, there will matter at all in the long, medium, or probably even short term. The communique has already been written, and the assorted dignitaries could have done us all a great service by staying where they were. All they have accomplished is to pump many more tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere so they can disrupt normal working people’s lives in London, and (of course) have yet another super-sumptuous jolly at our expense.

  • Jives

    Same as it ever was Craig…keep on keepin’ on though…

    I just noticed the G20 Official logo…planet image…4 squares…and those 4 squares are coloured red…oh the debt to irony!

  • Anas Taunton

    Is it just me getting Pharaoh’s plague?

    I get Chechnyan blood coming out the gas cooker, Iraqi blood coming out the diesel nozzle and Palestinian blood out of the Lloyds TSB cashpoint. African blood keeps sweating out the copper pipes and English blood keeps pouring out of the news from the BBC.

    In comparison the bankers only stole money, which in a world of relative values, is a minor crime and so nice of them to put it back again in order to resuscitate the economy.

  • paul

    I was thinking days ago that its a shame this hearing is on the 28th. If it were now they would have a much easier time burying it. Anything major planned for the 28th Im not aware of?

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