Ayesha Hazarika Embodies the Sickness of New Labour 12

Ayesha Hazarika is the epitome of New Labour’s contempt for the taxpayer. This former professional comedienne and PR specialist is being paid £53,882 pa by hard-pressed taxpayers to be Labour Party “Special Adviser” – or spin doctor – to Harriet Harman, Minister for Women and Equalities and Leader of the House of Commons.


That is just the comedienne’s slary. There are substantial expenses too, like the recent jolly of Harman and her delegation, including Hazarika, to look at gender issues in Ghana. If we accept that Harman needed the taxpayer to send her to look at gender issues in Ghana – which arguably has better gender equality than the UK – did Harman really need to be accompanied by her Private Secretary plus Hazarika plus her constituency secretary? How much did this jolly cost the taxpayer?


What benefit did the taxpayer get from the jolly in general and from Hazarika’s participation in it in particular? Is Harman going to claim her constituency secretary’s fares in her MP’s expenses?

Why does Harman need not just one but two female Labour Party hacks as Special Advisers in highly paid non-jobs funded by the taxpayer? The Foreign Secretary, for example, only has one position, split between two people on a job share. Harman has Hazarika and Anna Healey – any relation?

Salaries alone for Labour Party “Special Adviser” hacks like Hazarika and McBride come to over £6 million a year in salaries alone. That is up from £1.2 million under John Major, which was bad enough already.

They do nothing for the taxpayer. Their job is to burnish their masters’ image, and they are pretty lousy even at that.

New Labour takes the view that the taxpayer will fund unlimited numbers of these hack. We will keep people like Hazarika in her highly paid useless non-job as special adviser to Harman, who herself has a useless non-job. That is an example of just how out of touch New Labour really are. They care for nothing except their own power, positions and patronage. Which is why we do not care for them.

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12 thoughts on “Ayesha Hazarika Embodies the Sickness of New Labour

  • Grumpy Old Man

    “How much did this jolly cost the taxpayer?” Don’t lets miss out Polly. She was included as part of the entourage. Who paid for her? After all, todays’ article in the Guardian is a whole-hearted attempt at deflection.

  • George Dutton

    “Salaries alone for Labour Party “Special Adviser” hacks like Hazarika and McBride come to over £6 million a year in salaries alone.”

    Does anyone know do they get a pansion as well?.

  • JimmyGiro

    As a corollary to the “non-job” of HH, the culture of ‘equality and diversity’ is being wilfully used as cover for gross feminist job embezzlement and empire building.

    The link below contains a lot of simple equations on how to measure bias and prejudice in job selection, then at the bottom of the linked page is a link to an MP3 recording of my last 11 minutes of a 1 hour job interview at the local dole office (the DWP). The interviewers had quizzed me on how I had shown ‘equality and diversity’ in my life, so at the end I asked them how the DWP had shown the same:


  • David McKelvie

    I presume this Kelvinside woman, as her name is Ayesha must be a Muslim. If she’s a Muslim, isn’t she, by Neo-Labour’s own behaviour, statements, and campaigning, therefore ipso facto a terrorist? Seeing as they’ve been making a pretty good job of demonising the UK’s two million or so Muslims, are therefore the ones they say are OK OK?

  • mary

    Harperson has just put on a strident and slightly hectoring performance on Radio 4 PM when questioned about revolt in the grass roots and the state of the party, Alice Mahon’s resignation, and Georgia Gould’s parachute jump as a PPC and the irregularities in the voting.

    PS Did Mr Dromey and the children all go to Ghana for a nice Easter break?

    I haven’t forgotten about her Donorgate problems all nicely sorted since this was written.

    from the Times December 4 2007.

    ‘Ms Harman was alerted to her £5,000 donor by Mr Brown’s leadership team and maintains that she did not know that it was originally from David Abrahams.

    Ms Harman’s failure to declare a £40,000 mortgage extension taken to pay off campaign debts is under investigation by the Electoral Commission. Her campaign team admitted that a shortfall of £22,808, had “so far been met by a loan to the campaign from Harriet Harman”. The mortgage extension, taken out with her husband in February, had helped to pay off an earlier loan that had been properly declared, it added.

    The Times has learnt that Mr Brown put Mr Dromey at the top of a secret list of candidates to be given safe seats in the event of a snap election. Mr Dromey would almost certainly have joined Ms Harman in the Commons had Mr Brown held an autumn poll. The union official declined to comment last night. Ms Harman and Mr Dromey insist that they had no idea that Mr Abrahams was making cash gifts to the party.’

  • Richard Gadsden

    I’ve always thought that if I was made foreign secretary, then I’d want Craig as my SpAd. He might be the one person who could bring the bureaucracy to heel.

  • David McKelvie

    Isn’t Harriet Harperson one of the Pakenham Clan? What would she know about the plight of the common working man or woman?

  • Hugh Kerr

    Craig you will be amused to know that I met Hattie with the lovely Ayesha outside the STUC conference on Monday she had just been underwhelming the delegates deputising for her great leader.I said “Harriet how does the Scottish sunshine compare with the weather in Ghana!” she looked worried and then I introduced myself and she was even more worried as I reminded her the last time we had met.I had just been expelled from New Labour in 1998 for daring to criticise her previous great leader Blair and as a member of the Green group in the European Parliament and spokesperson for the Greens on the womens and equalities committees.Hattie was attending the Committee in her role as minister for women with her minister of state Joan Ruddock.I welcomed them both but explained to the Committee how Hattie had got her job, she had been appointed by Blair as Minister of Social Security and he then rung her up the day after and said “oh Harriet you are also Minister for Women” he had forgotten to appoint a Minister for Women! By then the Labour women on the Committee were jumping up and down protesting however I was stoutly defended by the chairperson of the Committee who just happened to be a fellow Green! I then inflamed then even more when I explained that Joan Ruddock would be uniquely qualified to speak about the pay gap as she was having to do the job unpaid since because Blair had forgot to appoint a minister of women there were no more paid government jobs!

    On recollecting this at our meeting on Monday Hattie smiled wanly so I said ” I hear you had an interesting trip to Ghana perhaps you ought to read Craig Murray’s blog on your visit you know he was our Deputy High Commissioner there” she said I gather Craig Murray is not to keen on me” so well done Craig you are getting through even to the top! Hugh Kerr

  • Peter Naughton

    It seems austerity measures only apply to low paid workers,pensioners and the disabled, who are struggling daily in a hand to mouth existence, whilst MP’s domestic and European feed from the public purse with impunity. This, I fel, is going to become a massive issue in the near future because, whether the media wish to admit it or not, the Brexit vote was more about waste than anything else.

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